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I’m not sure what to say when it comes Zero VPN. I’m somewhere in between with my thoughts about this. There are some good things, like the security and the speed but I think there are some improvements that are needed. I also don’t like the fact that it is available for the Android users only
I have a good experience with this VPN since it is unlimited and free but sometimes I have a problem with their speed and then I try to have a support from their team but I can’t reach them.
Since I come from a poor country this is good to me because I don’t have much money to waste on things like this but sometimes I really need this. Of course, compared to other VPN providers this is not so good but based on the price it is okay to me.
I started using it a couple of months ago and it was all good but now it’s not working. First, I thought that the problem is with my mobile phone but now when I have another phone it is not working, again. Is there someone else who has similar problem to this?
I can definitely compare this VPN with lightspeed because the speed is freaking good.I enjoy using it. The only thing I would recommend is a PC version of the app in near future if possible.
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