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They have servers in 44 countries. 75% of user reviews who used WiTopia VPN are positive.
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WiTopia: Does it really encrypt the planet?

When you know that VPN is the online solution for various internet related problems, the next major roadblock ahead of you is to find the best and most reliable service provider. For that, each and every single feature of the service provider should be analyzed and evaluated.

WiTopia personal VPN service provider is known for its super-fast and professional services, and they have been in the business for years, and it is part of an elite group of experienced VPN companies.

Is My Privacy Protected with WiTopia VPN?

WiTopia states that they are one of the most dedicated service providers in the market, and that they strive to provide only the best and excellent service for all. The privacy policy statement mentioned by the company on their official website is pretty straightforward. Customer data such as email and payment information are collected. Website data such as Google analytics, apache web-server logs, web portal submissions, live chat data, temporary cookie data, etc. are also collected. The reason and purpose for collecting all these user data are also mentioned clearly.
Email information is collected to send promotions, offers, service, etc. Payment data is collected for customer registration management. Google analytics is used for the company website performance improvement, customer portal logins are managed through temporary cookies, etc. VPN session log policy as stated by the company is “As a service dedicated to internet security and privacy, we, by default, absolutely do not capture or store logs of a personalVPN user’s internet activity, browsing, websites or servers visited, including any IP address(es), timestamp(s), DNS queries, or metadata.” As you can see, WiTopia takes the privacy and security of its subscribers seriously and thrives to maintain them.
These are the connection and usage logs that WiTopia collects. Knowing this, one can be fully aware of the data that they are sharing with the service provider and the potential expose of such data online. The addition of a kill switch would have been excellent considering this privacy policy, but users should be able to access the websites they want without worrying about background effects.

How Much is WiTopia VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

WiTopia VPN offers 4 different subscription plans, which are: personalVPN Pro, personalVPN Basic, CloakBox and CloakBox Pro. There is no free trial, which might be a disappointment for some of you. Let us look at each of these plans in detail:

  • personalVPN Basic - This particular plan is the only monthly membership on offer and is for all the customers looking for a basic subscription plan. Monthly subscription can be cancelled anytime and there is a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee as well. Monthly price is $5.99, Semi-annual is $28.99, yearly is $49.99, 2-year plan costs $79.99 (20% discount) and 3-year plan is $109.99, which is 27% off.
  • personalVPN Pro - Semi-annual is $39.99, yearly is $69.99, 2-year plan is $119.99 and 3-year plan is $159.99. All of the basic plan’s features are offered, along with an exclusive OpenVPN connectivity and loads of other perks.
  • CloakBox - Yearly membership is $249.99 and 2-year plan is $339.99. This plan is perfect for small businesses and home routers where there is a need for multiple connections. For this price, the subscriber will get the hardware, play setup, plug, customer support and 1-year service. Support and service after a year is charged $129/yr.
  • CloakBox Pro - This is the ultimate subscription plan offered to businesses and individuals who are looking for a limitless service. Priced at $349.99/yr and $429.99 for 2-year subscriptions, subscribers will get a more powerful processor, hardware and Wi-Fi dual band.

You can subscribe for a service that suits your needs and get all the features that are offered by WiTopia VPN service.

WiTopia VPN Speed Test

Internet speeds were the Achilles heel for WiTopia, which turns out to be slower across all their major servers. Even if you disconnect from the slow-speed OpenVPN and opt for a high speed L2TP or PPTP protocol, you’ll still experience a slow speed connection. Speeds of both US and UK servers were found to be pretty average. Leak test results were the saving grace, with no visible leaks. DNS, IPv4, IPv6 and WebRTC leak tests were positive, which is a good sign.
Subscribers of the ultimate membership plans seem to enjoy a higher network speed compared to the personal subscriptions. Even some video streaming websites were found to be slower using WiTopia servers. With an average download speed of just 7Mbps and upload speed of just 0.4Mbps, the benchmark set by the company is very low. The performance results were varying from one server to another. Our tests were mainly based on the US servers of the company.

How is Customer Service at WiTopia VPN?

WiTopia personal VPN service provider scores very high on the customer service features that it offers and is rated to be one of the best in that regard. Live chat support is offered on the official website of the company 24/7/365, which delivers excellent support round the clock. Expert customer professionals are at work, so you can find a solution fairly quickly. Just enter your email address, name, query category like billing, sales and technical support, and after that, write your complaint and click start chatting to get expert assistance.
Support ticketing is also available through the email assistance platform, which can also be utilized if you are experiencing more of a complex problem altogether. Self-server support section with information on VPN support, fixes, setup guide, speed and CloakBox guide is also available. A FAQ section with an extensive knowledge base is also available for customers to get all their questions answered. The support on offer is exceptional, which makes WiTopia a top-rated VPN service provider.


Feature specifications might be slightly different from one membership plan to another, but we are going to discuss in detail about all the different features on offer. Check out the features list of the membership plan you are looking to sign up for before making a payment.

  • OS support for Windows, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Android, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Blackberry and HP WebOS.
  • Multiple protocol connections including the secure OpenVPN.
  • 5 simultaneous connections for all subscribers.
  • 256-bit AES encrypted connection for superior security.
  • IP and location customization feature.
  • WiTopia secure DNS servers.
  • SMTP Relay.
  • VoIP service support.
  • 70+ servers operating in 50+ countries.

These are the top features provided by the company, apart from a long list of basic features that you get from most VPN companies.
SSL level encrypted internet connection is assured, so you need not worry about security threats and risks anymore. No limits are set on bandwidth range and transfers, so you can enjoy a high-speed website access and HD streaming all day long. P2P sharing and torrenting are two features that are prohibited by WiTopia and the company does not support illegal file download and sharing using their network. Varying speeds of the servers operated by the company does not do the quality of the service justice.
An automatic kill switch, malware blocker and other modern VPN features are still nonexistent, and the company must work on offering them really soon. You cannot use this VPN across all routers because it only works on the router manufactured and marketed by the company via its CloakBox subscriptions. The addition of a cryptocurrency payment method would have been good.

Is WiTopia VPN Safe?

As mentioned earlier, WiTopia VPN offers a wide range of protocol options for its subscribers. The personalVPN basic plan subscribers can make use of PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 and super-fast optimized IPSec. Furthermore, pro plan subscribers get the addition of an OpenVPN protocol connection which uses 4096-bit certificate 256-bit AES encryption with 65,000+ port ciphers and TCP/UDP.
4D Stealth modes that come with TOR technology makes the subscriber of the WiTopia server look like a normal internet user to the eye of an internet activity monitor. The military grade 256-bit AES is supported for even IPSec and IKEv2. The non-ISP controlled smart DNS service provided by WiTopia will hide your IP and ensure ultimate security. Although the company does not maintain usage and connection logs, it does maintain a trailing log in order to check whether the user is following the terms and conditions set by them.

Bottom Line

Pro and router-based packages come with a lot of features and excellent security. Customer support is one of the main pros of WiTopia, whereas there are several minor drawbacks which bring down the ranking of the service on the whole. You can still try out the personal plan and opt for the 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service quality. The final verdict of this review on WiTopia is that, while the company has years of experience under its belt, it still needs to improve a lot in order to reach the top.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

When I tried to use this across a variety of routers I suffered a lot. It only works on the router manufactured and marketed by the company via its CloakBox subscriptions.
Some of the video streaming website services are slower than others. More so the average download speed of just 3Mbps . More should be done to make it better.
When I used the WiTopia SSL Level encryption connection worked very well on my pc. It also did not have limits on the bandwidth range. It is awesome.
Their military grade 256-bit AES is one of the best. It worked so well with both my Mac and Windows devices. Wow, this is a great deal.
When I used this VPN while in the US, the speed is too slow. Especially the PPTP protocol was just too hectic.
The fact that the the speed was slow in the US. However, when I changed from the personal plan to pro, there was an improvement.
Their military grade 256-bit AES is one of the best. It worked so well with both my Mac and Windows devices. So far so good, but I don't know why it has not work on my Linux device.
WiTopia vpn also offered me a FAQ section with an extensive knowledge base. All my questions were satisfactorily answered.

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