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VPN.ac is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider, operated by the Romanian IT security company Netsec Interactive Solutions. After launching back in 2012, this company has gathered a fair share of experience when it comes to privacy and security on the Internet. They are much more than just a VPN company, providing all kinds of services, such as consulting. They offer a great set of features, for a fair price, while also promising professional security.
With all this said, VPN.ac seems to be the perfect fit if you are looking for a secure VPN. But is this entirely true?

Is My Privacy Protected with VPN.ac?

Even with all this bragging about security, VPN.ac does not have the best privacy policy after all. They collect somewhat more information than the usual VPN providers, and we found this disappointing. However, they do not keep the logs for a long period of time, which makes the problem easier to overlook. According to their policy, they “keep connection logs for 1 day to help them troubleshoot some problems the customers might encounter. These logs include source IPs and timestamps (connection start/end time)”. Apart from this, they also keep bandwidth usage statistics for servers and customers. The good thing is that all of the connections are transferred to a secure, full-disk encrypted server in an undisclosed location. They also keep website access logs for a month, claiming they need this information for various purposes, including the need to identify website hacking attempts. Furthermore, they collect billing information, as it’s required by law.
When it comes to dealing with authorities, VPN.ac won’t share your information unless they are required to do so by court order. However, they are based in Romania, which is a great location for VPN due to its data privacy protection that was approved by the Romanian High Court. They also have an encrypted proxy system, which can help you avoid regional restrictions.
Another advantage is that this provider offers a kill switch, meaning you can easily browse the Internet without being worried about unexpected identity identification.

How Much is VPN.ac? Is There a Free Trial?

This VPN provider comes at a decent price. With the features it offers, it’s safe to say that their offer is almost a bargain. Starting from the lowest price, just $4.8 per month, they go up to $9 per month, depending on the length of the subscription. So if you want their service for one month only, you get the most expensive one. For a quarterly offer, you have a small discount and you get to pay $24 in total, or $8 per month. The next option is the 6-month subscription, which comes at a price of $36, or just $6 per month. The last one is the yearly subscription that has an almost 50% discount. For this one, you will pay $58 in total, or just $4.8 per month. We are aware that these are not the lowest prices that we have encountered, but considering everything they offer, this certainly is affordable.
One downside is the lack of a free trial or free plan, but on the other hand, they have a 7-day money-back policy. So, you can try VPN.ac’s service, and if you are not very fond of this VPN, you can get your money back.
When it comes to payment methods, you can either pay with PayPal, Credit Card, Cryptocurrencies, BitPay, Perfect Money, etc.

VPN.ac Speed Test

VPN.ac passed all speed tests, which means you can completely rely on this provider for torrenting, streaming, and even gaming. Many of the biggest VPNs have only one issue, and that’s speed. It depends on many things, whether it’s the number of users connecting at the same time, or a limited number of servers.
Luckily, VPN.ac had no problems whatsoever with this. It offers a decent upload and download speed and has a relatively stable connection. It connects to around 80 servers in 21 countries, and almost all of them worked perfectly. This VPN has proxy servers in 32 countries as well, which is an advantage when it comes to its competition.
All in all, we were satisfied, but they could still do a bit more work on their servers, in order to develop an option where they can connect to more servers than they have now, and developing an even better speed.

How is Customer Service at VPN.ac?

At first, we thought that their customer service was a bit limited, because all we could find on their page was the ticketing system and a knowledgebase. However, we later discovered that in order to reach them you can use 4 options, an email, by submitting a ticket, a group chat, and Skype.
The staff is friendly and helpful, and regardless of the seriousness of your problem, they will help to fix it. You will not have to wait long until that happens, making this experience even better. If you are facing a less serious problem, you can always turn to their informative part of the website, like the FAQ, or the knowledgebase. If your problem concerns installation, you can find tutorials that will make configuration much easier even if you are a beginner.
VPN.ac is a very transparent brand that shares all information about their company on their page.


We mentioned the price and already said that when taking into account the available features, this VPN is almost a bargain. Now, we will explain why. Needless to say, all subscriptions offer the whole package of features that include some basic and other very advanced options.
Starting with numerous servers in around 20 countries, including proxy servers in 32 countries, VPN.ac has you covered in terms of locations. Although it’s still a lot less than many other VPNs, the advantage is that it’s available in China as well, because it has the right software to pass through the Great Firewall of China, a feature that many VPNs don’t even come close to. Furthermore, you will get up to six simultaneous connections, P2P and torrenting is allowed, and they included encrypted proxy browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.
As we mentioned before, VPN.ac has a kill switch, a necessary feature that for us is one of the most important things when searching for a reliable VPN. They also have strong encryption, a private DNS server, IP leak protection, and a shared IP address service.
Features aside, when we first visited their website, the No.1 thing we noticed was the simplicity of the design. However, they are simple in a good, professional way. Their page is very informative, and you can find everything with ease. The download and setup process is also simple, and you have guides that will make it even easier.
VPN.ac supports all modern Operating Systems and devices such as Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

Is VPN.ac Safe?

Here comes the best part. VPN.ac has some advanced features when it comes to security. They really do deliver what they promise.
You can select your preferred VPN protocol, choosing from OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP with IPSec. Furthermore, for the OpenVPN protocol, you get to choose the encryption type, and you also have the option to choose the 256-bit key, which is the most recommended one when it comes to security. This protocol uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) system. They also have a 4096-bit RSA encryption, which is something that only the best providers have. This is particularly important for China.
Thanks to their private DNS server and IP leak protection there were no problems in this area. We can conclude that, in terms of safety, VPN.ac is the perfect option for you.

Bottom Line

Overall, VPN.ac surprised us with everything it had to offer. We were expecting the basic VPN provider, which delivers more on paper than in reality. But this was not the case. From high-security levels and excellent service to some of the best features, and all this for a very decent price, VPN.ac is definitely a service that we would recommend. Romania is a good location for VPN providers, maybe this is the reason behind such a good offer. Nevertheless, they have a few small issues that need to be checked and changed, but we have high hopes and believe that one day this VPN will reach the top of the list, as it’s already a very decent competitor.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

This is nice compensation for not providing a free trial package. The seven day refund policy gave me a chance to try the website without the fear of wasting my money, since it would have been refunded in case I was dissatisfied.
I was impressed by the response VPN.ac customer service. They have various customer service options including Skype, group chat, email and submitting a ticket which I feel is adequate for customer service.
I am able to browse without the worries of unexpected identification which is common in many VPNS. This is a great feature considering the insecurity the internet offers these days.
The fact that the company keeps my logins for one month is a big undoing for the security of my data. I understand that the purpose is to monitor any hack attempts. The company should look for other ways of preventing this not at the expense of their customers.
I think you've a typo on the duration of the data they do keep - 1 day not 1 month

RE: https://vpn.ac/faq

"When you connect to a VPN server, the server (VPN daemon) will log your real IP address, connection start/end time, a...Read More
I can confidently say there e prices are a bargain considering compared to other VPNs. I am able to pay as low as $4.8 dollars a month. I recommend it especially when you internet access is limited
Network speed is a problem i often experience with most VPN; this was the case with VPN.ac. I am entirely satisfied with its speed and I would recommend it to anyone who looks at only speed when choosing a VPN.
Although this works well for the company, it is an infringement of the user’s privacy. As long as I have, made my subscription, how my usage should not concern the company.
A VPN without a free trail does not really work well for me. It was only after a recommendation from a friend when I tried it. The company should look into providing a free trial for new customers.

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