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VikingVPN: Is it really the most secure?

The internet that was once considered open and free is no longer so, and it has become difficult for users to be brave online. There are just so many things that can go wrong when you use the internet, especially from a public connection. Hence, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is now considered extremely helpful and essential by many.

VikingVPN, like any other VPN service, claims to deliver “the fastest, most secure, anonymous” VPN service to help internet users protect themselves from various online threats. But can the service live up to its huge claim?

Is My Privacy Protected with VikingVPN?

VikingVPN is based in the United States. As we already know, the country is known for its infamous privacy laws and data retention policies, which is why many VPN users tend to stay away from those providers that are located in, or operate under the jurisdiction of the US. However, there are VPN services that, despite operating from the US, have strict no logs policy, and VikingVPN is one such VPN provider.
The company states on its website that the information it collects from its subscribers are email addresses and billing information. The former is used for “account management” and “to contact you about payment or service issues”. It is also mentioned that subscribers’ email addresses “will never be given away or sold”.
When it comes to billing information, VikingVPN mentions that the information is stored “by a third party payment provider who is contractually obligated to keep all data confidential”. Also, all of your billing information remains “encrypted and secured”.
In addition, the service collects Google Analytics data to improve customer experience, but it also gives users the ability to opt out of this. Furthermore, there is a clear statement, “we do not collect information on user activity, user IP addresses, user bandwidth usage, or user log-in/log-out times”, which clarifies that VikingVPN aims at providing its users with the best level of privacy possible.
On the whole, despite operating from the US, VikingVPN manages to offer great online privacy to its users and is clear and transparent on the issue.
Although it does bother us that there is no information about the company itself on the official website, which shows us that they are not comfortable disclosing their identity. A company’s jurisdiction, especially that of a VPN service, shouldn’t be a secret from its customers. Additionally, there is no mention about the existence of a kill switch. Hence this is reflected by our privacy score for VikingVPN.

How Much is VikingVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

When it comes to pricing, the plans offered by VikingVPN are quite standard and straightforward. There are three different subscription plans you can choose from: Monthly, 6 Months, and Yearly.

The Monthly plan is priced at $14.95 per month; the 6 Months plan at $71.70 semi-annually (at $11.95 per month); and the Yearly plan at $119.88 annually (at $9.99 per month). Each of these plans also include a $1 donation to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), “to fight for user privacy and net neutrality worldwide”, the company says.
Though each of these plans include unlimited usage, no throttling or manipulation of traffic, and allow up to 5 simultaneous connections, the pricing is really expensive when compared to the other VPN services we have come across. As a matter of fact, there are many other VPN service providers that offer more refined features for lower prices than what VikingVPN offers.
The company doesn’t offer a free trial because they say that they “cannot give the high speed premium experience away for free without severely limiting user activity”, being a “premium VPN provider”. As opposed to this, we do know that there are indeed top end VPN providers that provide a free trial to enable users to try their services at its best. VikingVPN, however, offers a 14-day money back guarantee.

VikingVPN Speed Test

Among all the VPN services we have come across so far, VikingVPN is perhaps the only one with a decreased number of server location. The company has servers operating in a total of 8 locations around the world. However, despite this limitation is server locations, it manages to deliver great speeds.
The DNS lookup time was decent and connection speed was solid. We didn’t experience a drop in connection either. With VikingVPN, you will be able to stream HD videos on all your devices without any lag or buffering time and you will see that the service delivers excellent speed throughout. Since the VPN service has servers located only in the US and Europe, you will not be able to access UK-based content if you are outside the country. However, you will not have problems streaming content on US websites.
It is fair to say that VikingVPN meets our expectations in terms of speed.

How is Customer Service at VikingVPN?

Customer service is not exactly a strong point for VikingVPN, at least not in terms of the support features offered. The VPN service offers support only via a ticket system, for which you will receive and email response within 24 hours. This is because the company has decided to “not have to hire, train, and vet additional staff just for support purposes”. They mention that customer support is handled by the founders themselves, and therefore promise “accuracy in getting issues resolved”.
Whatever the reason behind this decision, the fact that they don’t put in that additional effort to help their customers is definitely a weak element. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, there are no details about the company, not even a contact number, on their website.


The official website of VikingVPN is quite decent. It is well-designed, with all the menus and links easy to find. Navigation around the website is also uncomplicated. Signing up for the services of VikingVPN is also an easy process; all you need to do is enter your details, make your payment, and download the client for your device.

One of the amazing features of VikingVPN is that it is available for any device you would expect your VPN to be compatible with. The VPN service can be used not just on the usual Windows PC, Mac, and Android devices, but also on Ubuntu Linux device, iPhone, and iPad as well.
When it comes to server locations, VikingVPN currently has servers located in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, New York City, and Seattle in the United States, and in Bucharest and Amsterdam in Europe. As discussed earlier, though the server coverage is limited, there is no lag in the performance or speed of the VPN service. The VPN service allows the connection of 5 devices simultaneously, and there is no limit on the bandwidth you can use.
On the whole, the list of features offered by VikingVPN is short, simple, straightforward, and delivers exactly what it is meant to. Though there are not a lot of exclusive or fancy features offered by the service, it manages to excel in what it does offer.

Is VikingVPN Safe?

Online security is one of the main reasons why people started using VPNs. From making it easy for you share files, to giving you the confidence to use a public network for various online transactions, VPNs play a key role in helping you attain online security. For this, what really matters is the level of encryption used by a VPN service.
VikingVPN uses AES 256 CBC bit encryption, which is known to be the highest level of encryption in the industry. Furthermore, the service also uses a 4096-bit RSA encrypted handshake during the start of your connection to make it completely secure. And to prevent unwanted connections from jeopardizing your security, VikingVPN uses advanced 2048-bit HMAC firewalls. In addition, the VPN service also excels in leak protection, as we weren’t able to detect any IP or DNS leaks when testing the service.
As you can see, the level of online security offered by VikingVPN is excellent, and therefore would be a perfect choice for those of you with extensive security needs.

Bottom Line

VikingVPN is certainly a robust option available today for prevailing and to-be VPN users. By offering a simple yet effective set of features, incredible levels of security, great privacy, and amazing speeds, the VPN service stays true to at least most of its promises. If the pricing were brought down a bit to make it more affordable, and a feature to provide immediate customer support is included, VikingVPN will be strong enough to compete with the crème de la crème of the VPN industry.

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Viking no longer works. It hasn't for months. You can't log in. You can't get a hold of customer support. The only way to cancel is through customer support, which means you can't cancel. The Twitter account has been dead for a ye...Read More

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