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UrbanVPN Review

UrbanVPN was founded by Urban Cyber Security in 2018. This VPN provider offers products for Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone devices. Browser extensions are also available for Firefox and Google Chrome. UrbanVPN services are available for personal and business use. Personal users can access all VPN services for free.

Is My Privacy Protected with UrbanVPN?

Privacy issues are covered in detail in the privacy policy of UrbanVPN. This VPN provider indicates that personal data is protected at all times with DNS/IPv6 leak protection, encryption of information and obfuscation of client IP addresses. Closer examination of the privacy policy indicates what type of information is collected, stored, maintained, and shared with third parties.

Based on company policy, UrbanVPN collects a combination of personal data with individually identifiable information and non-personal data. This information includes the URLs of visited websites, a user's IP address, name and email address information when clients communicate with UrbanVPN.  However, the concern with UrbanVPN’s services is that they will share client information to comply with regulations and laws to defend the company, and its users by cooperating fully with law enforcement agencies. They may also share your personal information if a corporate transaction takes place.

The company also states that they may share personal data with trusted service providers at their discretion. Various online identifiers such as IPs are immediately deleted after use and contact details are deleted immediately following the completion of a customer's request. Technical information is kept for as long as required to perform services for the client. The updated privacy policy (March 26, 2019) does not explicitly mention ‘user logs’ whatsoever.

UrbanVPN is regarded as a leading provider of free and secure VPN services to personal clients. Enhanced privacy is available by installing Urban VPN free products for use on Instagram, Netflix, as browser extensions, and for Windows. Anonymity is assured, thanks to a large global network of servers in 81 different VPN locations. UrbanVPN offers fully encrypted traffic, Wi-Fi protection, and the ability to access content in location-restricted areas.

How Much is UrbanVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

UrbanVPN differs from the vast majority of other premium VPN services. It is 100% free to download, install, and enjoy for personal use. Urban VPN is free for personal users since it is a P2P-powered VPN provider. This means that all users on the peer-to-peer network help one another by sharing all resources. There are currently 81 UrbanVPN locations around the world, with multiple servers in each country. Business users can simply contact UrbanVPN customer support for information about premium VPN services.

Other top brands like NordVPN and VyperVPN offer limited-time free VPN services. However, you can expect to pay $11.95 per month with NordVPN, or cheaper if you opt for a long-term contract. VyperVPN offers a free trial for 3 days, but the premium service is priced at $5 per month billed annually for 3 devices, or $6.67 per month billed annually for 5 devices. Compared to other VPN providers, UrbanVPN cannot be beat.

UrbanVPN Speed Test

UrbanVPN’s services are free to clients. All that's required is a download and installation of the VPN software. Since the entire network runs on a peer-to-peer (P2P) system, users in the community help one another to unlock content on the internet. Through network sharing, users get to anonymously access online content for free. Several users complained of problems with software compatibility on iMac devices, with error messaging stating that ‘This program cannot be run in DOS mode.’

Our experts opted for a speed test of the Firefox browser extension. The browser extensions are quick and easy to install. We ran a speed test before we installed the UrbanVPN on our iMac and the results indicated a 9.87 Mbps download and a 3.48 Mbps upload with a latency of 6 ms. Then we turned on UrbanVPN to an anonymous US server and checked our internet speed once again.

The results are were astonishing. Our internet connectivity was faster from the New York-based server than it was with our local ISP provider in Miami. The download speed was 10.1 Mbps and the upload speed was 3.47 Mbps with a latency of just 1 ms. Based on the speed test, UrbanVPN is a great option for streaming HD video, although multiple connected devices may slow down the internet connection.

This curious result prompted us to turn our attention to a remote server in a different country with UrbanVPN. We connected to Brazil and ran another speed test. The results were congruent with what we were expecting – a significant slowdown in download speed and a marked reduction in upload speed.

How is Customer Service at UrbanVPN?

Unfortunately, customer service is difficult to get hold of at UrbanVPN. We scoured the website from top to bottom in search of links to live chat, telephone numbers, physical addresses, or email options. We finally found information in the privacy policy under section 8. Data security. The email address is [email protected] We contacted this email address to learn more about the responsiveness, professionalism, and knowledge of the customer service team. It takes a while for customer support representatives to respond to clients. This is to be expected, given that this company offers a free VPN service to its users and likely operates on a shoestring budget. There is a New York-based address for questions or comments about the company's privacy policy:

Urban Cyber Security
501 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10036.

Transparency is lacking in this regard, and customers will do well to research the holding company ‘Urban Cyber Security’. Customer support is responsive to clients at the Chrome Web Store, the Google Play Store, and the App Store.


UrbanVPN features servers in 81 locations around the world. This free VPN service is made possible by the P2P community of users. Products are available for Instagram, Netflix, free proxy services, browser extensions, Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone devices. Based on a thorough reading of services provided, UrbanVPN offers unlimited connections of unlimited duration on servers in different locations. We were unable to ascertain whether kill switches are available with UrbanVPN. The absence of such technology means that a disconnect could reveal your true IP address and jeopardise your online information.

Browser add-ons are quick and easy to install for Firefox and Chrome. Best of all, the free VPN extensions load up without any problems. In some cases, your connectivity is enhanced by using the UrbanVPN extension. There is no need to sign up for any services if you are a personal user since you simply click on the UrbanVPN for Firefox or Urban VPN for Chrome to download and install the browser add-on. For Urban VPN on Windows, simply download the application, right-click on the UrbanVPN from the taskbar and then choose your preferred location. Presently, there is no Mac VPN option available with UrbanVPN.

The main thing that sets this VPN service apart from others is that it's free. It's hard to believe that there is no time-limited free trial, or 30-day money back guarantee option. Provided the privacy, security, and anonymity issues are to your liking, this is a great option.

Is UrbanVPN Safe?

Our limited experience with UrbanVPN revealed no security concerns. A close reading of the company’s security policy indicates that Urban Cyber Security complies with personal data protection as stipulated under the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and the Data Protection Regulation measures. Security is further enhanced by way of DNS leak protection and IPv6 leak protection. Full encryption is in place at all times to hide your true IP address and replace it with an anonymous IP address from one of the servers at UrbanVPN. With respect to vulnerabilities on Mac operating systems, Windows operating systems, and WebRTC leaks, no known instances have been reported. In fact, objective user reviews attest to the high quality and stability of these secure VPN connections.

Bottom Line

UrbanVPN is a surprisingly high-quality VPN service. It is fully compatible with a wide range of options including Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone devices. This free VPN offers privacy and security, anonymity, and fast speeds. It is possible to stream movies, sports, and live feeds anywhere in the world. UrbanVPN offers unlimited connections and unlimited bandwidth. Speed tests yield favourable results with this VPN service. You don't need to input personal information such as your name, email address, and credit card information to download and enjoy this VPN. This enhances privacy, security and anonymity.

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Best Free VPN found on internet! I use it for watching netflix like country specific video providers.

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