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UnoTelly VPN: Does it really protect your right to privacy?

Internet freedom, security, anonymity, data protection and unrestricted internet access are some of the prime benefits you get from a virtual private network. All the features we mentioned above cannot be obtained otherwise, so let us look at a VPN in detail.

UnoTelly offers both DNS and VPN together in one package, which is quite good for both beginners and advanced users. With these services together provide the ability to bypass all kinds of restrictions and also stream your favorite video content around the world.

Is My Privacy Protected with UnoTelly VPN?

UnoTelly VPN and DNS services together are not found to be top notch in terms of privacy. UnoTelly’s privacy policy states, “As a general rule, UnoTelly does not, and will not, actively monitor user activity or maintain direct logs to any customer’ s internet activities. We do, however, reserve the right to investigate matters we consider to be a violation of the terms of the Agreement or illegal.” This means that the company has a no log policy to a certain extent, which is better than nothing.
UnoDNS users should know that their IP address and data on requests made will be collected. Internet traffic through the DNS is not logged. Logs of the bandwidth usage, login and logout times are maintained. The same log policy applies to UnoVPN as well, so you cannot expect ground-breaking privacy features from this company. UnoTelly VPN also states in their policy terms that they do not use these logs for making money by selling it to third party ad and marketing companies, but we cannot be 100% sure about that.
All the data stored and maintained as logs will be used for enhancing the personal experience of the subscriber, service improvement, customer support improvement, protecting payment transactions and so on. This is what the company says on their official website. All the data and internet activity performed by the subscriber is transmitted through the highly secure SSL network, which makes the data totally secure. Even the personal particulars provided in the payment gateway during subscription will be encrypted and stored in a secure location. However, there is no kill switch on offer, which is provided by many leading service providers.

How Much is UnoTelly VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

UnoTelly offers premium and gold plans, but since we are discussing VPN, the gold subscription plan will be the most obvious choice of them all. The pricing plans are quite simple, which is perfect for new users, but some of you may find it limited. UnoDNS is the premium plan and is priced at $4.95/mo. It offers a 100% secure DNS connection and subscribers can choose to connect from any of the DNS servers located in 30 countries. The Gold plan is the best pick, giving subscribers both UnoDNS and UnoVPN.

The Gold plan is priced at $7.95/month and by subscribing for this particular plan, the user gets an opportunity to connect with any of the UnoVPN servers operating in the UK, Canada, Netherlands and US. Free trial is offered under the premium plan package, and in both these subscription plans, subscribers have the option of requesting a refund under the 14-day money back guarantee policy. You can review their service before committing for a long-term plan.

UnoTelly VPN Speed Test

Speed test was generally carried out in the US, UK and Netherland servers, which are the prominent servers operated by the company, and all our results and analyses are based on that. Connection speeds were pretty sluggish and average, which is a huge letdown. If you are planning on streaming HD content using this network, then you should think twice; even normal streaming would take time, and HD would be even more lacking might be.
DNS-leak tests turned out to be positive with no IP leaks. WebRTC leaks were also not found, which is another feather in the cap of UnoTelly VPN. Uno does not have its own custom VPN client, and as a result of this, subscribers would be forced to download a third-party OpenVPN software app to connect to that particular protocol. Manual tutorials for connecting to OpenVPN / PPTP protocols are provided by the company. Company-operated DNS servers make things a bit better than what the numbers suggest. Overall, performance is not up to industry standards, which is quite frustrating.

How is Customer Service at UnoTelly VPN?

In the customer service front, UnoTelly VPN does a remarkable job in providing the best technical support to its subscribers, and is the only saving grace for the service provider. Live chat support is offered for all registered users and you will definitely love the 24/7 support feature. There is no other contact information about the company even on its official website, so the live chat is the only form of communication you can establish with the organization. The knowledge base offered on the portal is really good but not exceptional, and the response times of the support staff is quite remarkable.
All the level 1 customer support tickets were resolved pretty quickly, which also indicates how efficient their customer support team is in delivering its service to the customer. The main page of the search function is quite cluttered, which might annoy some users. When you are looking to find your support ticket even on successive occasions, you must enter your email address repeatedly. New subscribers might find it difficult to use the site, but they have a reliable customer support.


Whenever we look for the best VPN service provider in the market, we always tend to check out their feature specifications and we are now going to do exactly that. UnoTelly VPN is a Canada-based DNS firm and is known for its excellent Smart DNS service platform. VPN service is just an add-on to the existing DNS service, so you cannot expect extraordinary VPN features to be present here. PPTP protocol was the sole protocol the network offered earlier, but now, due to huge complaints of insecurity, the company has started offering OpenVPN protocol connection.

Tunnelblick capability is also one of the highlights of this service provider. P2P sharing is not advised by the company and should not be tried either, which means you cannot reliably use it for torrenting and file download. As mentioned before, a custom VPN client software is not provided, which forces the subscriber to download third party OpenVPN software. This can be seen as an advantage too because most of the OpenVPN software you download come with DNS-leak protection.
On the downsides, subscribers cannot get exciting features such as a kill switch, stealth mode and so on, which are offered by some of the premium service provider competitors. Simultaneous connections are supported, which allows users to connect as many devices as they want. Also, you can connect a multiple number of source IPs to the server. 1 IP access on the smart DNS platform gives you the ability to access more than 300 channels. Smart DNS is provided for unblocking restrictions, and the VPN for achieving privacy and security.

Is UnoTelly VPN Safe?

PPTP and OpenVPN protocols are the two types of protocol networks offered by the UnoTelly VPN service. 128-bit MPPE is used in PPTP protocol, which is not so secure, and OpenVPN uses 128-bit Blowfish encryption, which should be the perfect choice. Encryption implementation with respect to data is BF-CBC with 128-bit key and authentication is via TLS with 1024-bit key. A 2048-bit authentication is the most secure but is not offered, which makes it not as secure as some of its rivals.
We have explained a lot about the logging policy maintained by the company and as you might know, there are some pitfalls, but they are not alarming. IP address, connection time and traffic usage are noted and stored, which can be an issue because Canadian authorities can ask for it and examine your confidential data. Time correlation attacks are one of the risks that would expose the sites you have visited. If you are looking for a VPN with strong security, then you must check out other, more reliable companies.

Bottom Line

UnoTelly VPN service is an excellent add-on feature for the already existing UnoDNS service and will be the perfect choice for all its existing customer base. It is marketed as a privacy and security add-on to the smart DNS service, but it is far from ideal. Robust security protocols and measures are lacking when compared to other leading services, but that is quite understandable considering the fact that it is just offered as an add-on to the existing smart DNS service. It provides a slow internet connection, which lacks in finesse, and subscribers would experience a stuttering internet network throughout. If your sole expectation is security and privacy, then there are other VPNs for you.

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User Comments

For the first year this VPN worked faultlessly for me but since my subscription last year I am unable to access websites, with the promise that they are working on the solution. In October last year I finally received a response s...Read More
At the affordable price of UnoTelly's Premium plan, I could pass through the firewall of China. And with allowance for multiple simultaneous connections, it was a fa,ily affair.
in addition to their less than adequate privacy features, they do not have a kill switch available. Similarly priced VPNs have this switch as well as true no log policies.
I tried the DNS premium plan and my IP address has never leaked. I think its quite impressive.
As far as privacy goes, UnoTelly delivers. As for speed, don't imagine you'll watch anything in HD using this.
UnoTelly has PPTP as well as OpenVPN network protocols. These have ensured my privacy as I carry out my journalism work.
Unotelly advertises itself as a VPN service, yet it is only available on the Gold plan. The gold plan is expensive.
I can access all the content I want with leak protection. With this VPN, my activities are kept private. Speeds are reasonable.
UnoTelly promises not to "actively" maintain logs or monitor activity. If they find anything suspicious, they might. Not my first choice for Torrents.

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