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Tvwhenaway VPN Review

TV When Away is a UK-based service. The company offers VPN, proxy and SmartDNS services to a UK-focussedUK-focused audience. It’s the SmartDNS element that we focus on here.


What is TVWhenAway VPN?

TV When Away didn’t get off to the greatest start because although they mention SmartDNS on their home page, they say nothing about it at all on their “About” or “FAQ” pages. We were almost led to wonder whether they actually offered SmartDNS at all.

SmartDNS is a service that does not encrypt your traffic. As a result, there is no enhancement in the online security aspect of this service. You only use it to unblock channels that are normally out of reach for you. If you are more concerned about hacking attempts and such, VPN is the one for you.

However, SmartDNS is cheaper and easier to use. It is fully compatible, and it does not require any download of software for setting up or configuring.and configuration

Is My Privacy Protected with TVWhenAway VPN?

TV when away does not discuss anything pertaining privacy on their website or anywhere else for that matter. In that respect it is practically impossible to figure out whether they keep logs or not. To be on the safe side it is better to operate under the assumption that some logs are being kept.

How Much is TVWhenAway VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

TV When Away make no distinction between their different services. Your subscription payment gets you everything that they offer, which consists of VPN, proxy access and Smart DNS.

On the face of it, TV When Away is rather expensive. A weekly “holiday” package is GB£2.99, and a monthly subscription costs £6.99. Taking into account current exchange rates, this is considerably above average.

However, the cost drops significantly with an annual package at £39.99, which reduces the monthly fee to £3.33, which is about average for a SmartDNS service. However, while you do get VPN and proxy too for the price, it’s very important to note that this is a UK-centric package which will only give you access to UK-based services.

TV When Away make it very clear in their FAQs that they don’t offer any kind of free trial, but state that they will provide a refund in the “first few weeks” if you are unhappy with the service or “change your mind.”

When it comes to payment types, there’s just one: PayPal! You can pay via credit or debit card via PayPal, as well as with an existing account, but if you want to use anything even slightly obscure, you’re out of luck.


TVWhenAway VPN Speed Test

SmartDNS services shouldn’t have any noticeable impact on download speeds, but we performed a “before and after” speed test to confirm this, which all checked out OK.

We also used a DNS “leak” test to get an idea of how the system worked “behind the scenes.” DNS requests bounced around a number ofseveral different Google servers, implying that TV When Away “piggy backs” on Google’s DNS infrastructure. While this isn’t a major problem, it arguably gives them less control over service consistency.

How is Customer Service at TVWhenAway VPN?

Help and support of TV When Away mainly offers an online ticket submission. No live chat or anything, but this is a rather immediate way of contacting support. Of course, you can choose to contact them via mail at their address in Macclesfield.

Other than that, the FAQ section does not include a lot of themany questions that are worthy worth answering – such as privacy issues and so on. In addition, there is no direct mentioning mention of the SmartDNS services provided. Setup guides for several devices are available, as well as a client area. Last but not least, the social media presence on Facebook and Twitter is quite active.


As I already stated clearly, TV When Away is UK-based and aimed at a UK market. Their SmartDNS offering is designed to give you access to solely UK-based streaming services and none from elsewhere in the world.

TV When Away comes across as a small operation, and their name gives away their intended purpose, that being that they are there so that Brits can access their UK TV services when they are away.

This is quite a fundamental point, and one worth exploring. Watching streaming media in countries where it’s intentionally “geolockedGeo-locked” opens a large “can of worms” in terms of legality, and TV When Away sidesteps the issue more by what it doesn’t state that what it does.

For example, the FAQ section steers away from legality, privacy and security issues, and leaves fundamental questions unanswered. If you’re worried about privacy, usage logging and other such things, this is NOT the service for you.

As you surely know by now, TV When Away is all about UK services, and the ones it highlights specifically are BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Netflix (UK), Demand 5, ITV Player, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and 4OD.

This is far from the biggest list I’ve ever seen, but it’s fair to say that it does cover all the main bases for UK users. However, it would be disingenuous not to point out that there are other services that give you plenty more options for your money. We also found, once we started testing, that not all ofall these services are available via SmartDNS (see later in the review for more info).

In terms of devices, any SmartDNS can, in theory, work on any device that gives you the ability to change the DNS server address, TV When Away provides instructions for a reasonable range of different products – more on that later.

Is TVWhenAway VPN Safe?

As a SmartDNS service user, you cannot hope for enhanced online security. There is no encryption involved in the process and therefore things are rather simple and blunt. However, you have got the option of using VPN and proxy as well – with VPN adding encryption and online security. Although the site website itself is HTTPS protected, there is lack of information in their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as to the data collected and other security issues.

Bottom Line

There are many other competitors worldwide that offer more affordable plans and a bigger selection of channels and sites websites to unblock.

The target group of TV When Away is the UK market and this is perfectly understandable, of course. The payment method is too limiting, offering only PayPal as an option. There is no information as to the different services provided in the FAQ section or at a knowledgebase. The help and support is restrictive, tooas well, even though there is the online support ticket submission to use.

Generally, this is a service that has got fans who only seek to unblock British channels everywhere in the world. For all the rest who want to get a plethora of channels unblocked regardless of location and enhance their online security via the VPN or get the chance to enjoy super-fast and easy services from SmartDNS, there are better options out there!

Max Ostryzhko

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