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TrilightZone VPN Review

Trilight Zone VPN was first discovered in 2004 so it has been around for a long time. However, there are still some unanswered questions about this company which you might find interesting especially if you are looking at them for their VPN choice. Now, for a start, Trilight Zone VPN may have been around for years but there is no specific location regarding where the company is based or even its originals which is a little unusual especially for VPN but don’t hold that against them.

Is My Privacy Protected with TrilightZone?

In their Privacy Policy they state that they do not sell any of their users’ information to third parties neither do they keep any logs. This is really encouraging to users who value privacy and anonymity while browsing.
Privacy Policy
We do not sell or give personal information. Our website does not use cookies or anything equal. Protecting our users is what makes us differ from many other Internet (privacy) service providers. Our services exist to increase the privacy and security of people. We support freedom of speech and a world where people are able to express their views even if we ourselves do not agree with some of them. We are very flexible and can go a long way in standing up for our clients, but we cannot tolerate abuse like spamming, racism, child porn, terrorism, scamming, phishing and related. In such cases we will launch an investigation to find the responsible account and take further measures to the full extent possible by law. That said, as of this writing we are now more than a decade helping people and organizations from all over the world with our services. We praise the good work of many people we were lucky to meet and exchange thoughts with. There are more ups than downs in keeping TrilightZone running and we are looking forward to the next decade.
It's in the world of today already hard enough for many people to do something simple without prying eyes or their own Internet providers logging every move under recent laws.
As your privacy provider we do not copy, backup or track content which is generated by our clients. Therefor, it is important that you as the client backup the data you feel is critical for you. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason in our sole discretion. For new clients we might offer a list of specific payment methods to choose from. If we determine together with a new client that our solution for some reason does not work within 3 days then we always offer a full refund or alternatives depending on the wishes of the client.

How Much is TrilightZone? Is There a Free Trial?

Trilightzone offers both metered and unmetered plans to its customers. The fixed bandwidth plans with 50 GB monthly bandwidth limit start from 30 Euro per quarter whereas the 100 GB monthly bandwidth plans are available from 50 Euro for 6 months. The company offers unlimited bandwidth for its annual VPN plans which start from 80 Euro per year. If you want access to multiple servers then you can go for multiple country VPN plans which start from 150 Euro per year. The company does not offer a monthly payment option which is indeed a surprise. On the positive side, the company accepts anonymous payments through Bitcoin, Pecunix, Cash by Mail and Moneyorder. Although the company does not provide a free trial, it does offer a 3-day money-back policy.

TrilightZone Speed Test

The high speed and bandwidth are some of the main feature why people have started using Trilightzone VPN. Users are given both metered and unmetered options for bandwidth, so they can easily enjoy HD streaming movies, play games, and download large files. Their services also include P2P sharing and downloading from all servers excluding the US.

How is Customer Service at TrilightZone?

The company offers support through email and dedicated forum. It is worthwhile to go through forum entries since solutions to many common VPN problems and connectivity issues have been discussed there. The support staff is extremely knowledgeable and responds to most queries within a reasonable time.


  • Utilizes OpenVPN technology
  • Multiple plans available
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Custom plans available
  • Works with routers

Number of Server Locations (countries)             6
Does VPN keep logs                                                 No
Includes Kill Switch                                                 No
Devices per license                                                   1

Trilightzone is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Since OpenVPN is known to work with Android, FreeBSD, Solaris, OpenBSD and NetBSD, it is possible to use the service from computers and mobile devices running on one of these operating systems. While the lack of support for iOS based devices like iPads and iPhones is indeed disappointing, you need to understand that the service is designed for maximum security and not maximum compatibility. The setup is easy and anyone with the bare minimum knowledge of computers should be able to configure the service within minutes. The company even offers custom VPN deployments with dedicated servers and high speeds for small businesses and customers with special needs.

Trilightzone has VPN servers in 6 countries – United States, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Russia and Hong Kong. The service offers a good anonymity solution for those who want to access GEO-IP restricted services from the above countries or are looking for a way to circumvent censorship imposed by governments, ISPs, organizations and schools. Once you are connected to Trilightzone’s VPN servers you would be able to unlock websites and services like Facebook, Netflix, ABC Player, Hulu, NFL, Gmail, Eurosport, MTV, CBS, Spotify, Twitter, Rara, HBO On Demand, YouTube, NBC, Amazon Prime, Xfinity, Vudu and Skype regardless of your current location or the restrictions imposed by your ISP and network administrator. The company allows unlimited server switching for those who purchase a multi-country VPN plan.

Is TrilightZone Safe?

Trilightzone offers a very high level of security through OpenVPN protocol. The company does not support low encryption protocols like PPTP because they want to deliver only the highest level of privacy and anonymity to their users. Unlike proxies, Trilightzone’s VPN solution secures all online activities like FTP, VOIP, emailing, messaging and browsing. The service even protects your vital data such as social accounts, credit card numbers, IP address and passwords while you are using low security Wi-Fi networks at airports, malls, public parks, book shops, hotels and libraries. The company has a no-logging policy so your browsing habits and the details of the websites that you visit remain completely private. The company does not sell customer data to third parties or advertisers.

Bottom Line

Overall, Trilightzone mostly delivers on its promises. While the company does not support all devices and does not have servers in several important VPN markets, it makes no compromise on speed and security. So if you are looking for an anonymity solution with highest level of security then you can check the VPN plans from Trilightzone.

Max Ostryzhko

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