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TorVPN: A VPN provider you can trust?

As an Internet user, it is important that you understand the concept of and have access of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), because this tool can help you in more ways than you can imagine. From securing your Internet connection to helping you access regionally blocked content, a VPNs benefits are endless.

TorVPN is a UK based VPN service provider that has been catering to the diverse needs of users for several years now. Though the company is known for some of its great features, what it is popular for is the customizable VPN package that many users love.

Is My Privacy Protected with TorVPN?

When choosing a VPN, one aspect that users mainly look for is a no logging policy, which shows them how much the service cares about its users’ privacy. In the case of TorVPN, when asked about its logging policy, the company beats around the bush quite a bit before finally revealing that they, “never log, dismantle or interfere with data you send to or receive from remote hosts on the internet”. However, they do keep connection logs for some time, which they say is to, “be able to put a stop to mass scans, denial of service attacks and other abuse of the system”.
Although we are not happy about the fact that TorVPN maintains connection logs, the VPN service takes a step further and reveals that they collect and share user information and data as well.
“We may ask you for, or you may submit, certain personal and non-personal information and data to us through the website when you register or otherwise use the website or the connected services”, goes their statement.
They also state that they reserve the right to retain user account information and that they don’t allow users to “wipe all traces of information as it would impede our ability to prevent access with multiple accounts or help law enforcement in case of a criminal investigation”. This is something we can agree with to a certain extent, as it helps identify fraudsters using the service. However, TorVPN also says that they may disclose users’ personal information for the following purposes:

  • if we buy or sell any businesses or assets
  • if we are obliged to do so to comply with law, regulations or a court order
  • if it is necessary to enforce the Terms of Use or any other agreements to which we are a party
  • if it is necessary to protect our rights, property or the safety of our customers or website users

We are certainly not happy with this, and hence do not recommend the use of this service for your privacy needs. Also, TorVPN doesn’t offer a kill switch feature, which generally helps to protect your connection when the VPN connection suddenly drops.

How Much is TorVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

One of the best features of TorVPN is its pricing packages. Yes, we rarely say this, but it has to be mentioned that TorVPN is perhaps the only VPN service that offers its users the ability to customize their VPN package without imposing any restrictions, which they achieve with their Custom VPN package.

When it comes to pricing packages, the different options you get from this VPN service are: Cheap VPN (at £0.50 for 15 days), Pro VPN (at £1.90 for 30 days), Silver VPN (at £5.50 for 90 days), and Gold VPN (at £19.90 for 1 year). The features you are able to enjoy are the same for each of these packages. The fact that even the pricing is made affordable by TorVPN makes it one of the most widely preferred UK VPNs available on the market today.

In addition, to further optimize its excellent VPN packages, TorVPN also offers a free plan, called Free VPN, which you can use for 7 days without paying any money. While most VPN services completely limit the features available for their free users, TorVPN imposes only very few restrictions, thus allowing you to test its services to the fullest.

TorVPN Speed Test

The server network of TorVPN is limited. While this could impact the speed you receive from using the service, our tests revealed average to decent speeds from the VPN’s servers. The speed of some servers, like the one in London, was quite good, but there were other servers in other regions that performed poorly.
Regardless of the speed, as a user you need to know that TorVPN doesn’t support streaming; “we provide VPN services, not video streaming services”, is the company’s statement on the topic. Therefore, if your reason for using a VPN is to access the video streaming websites of your country from a different geographic location, you should look at other VPN options. However, they do mention that they support P2P and torrenting.

How is Customer Service at TorVPN?

Customer service is another area where TorVPN fails to make an impact. There is a Live Support link at the top right corner of the website. However, help seems to be offline most of the time, and the service requests users to contact their team via their contact form. There is simply no other option for you to contact the VPN service’s representatives.
The FAQs section, which can be accessed by clicking on the menu at the bottom area of the website, has minimal information about the service, and hence will not be sufficient to have your doubts cleared.


The TorVPN website is quite user-friendly and well-designed. Yes, the information that is made available seems to be sufficient; however, there are some details which could only be found after we searched through different pages on the website, and this could be frustrating for new users or visitors.

Signing up for TorVPN is an easy process. Choose a plan from the different packages available, enter a desired username and password and your email address, choose a payment type, make your payment, and you are done.
As mentioned before, TorVPN has only limited server locations, which include United States, France, Australia, Hungary, United Kingdom, Russia, Hong Kong, and Sweden. This number is definitely low for a VPN service that has been operating in the industry for quite some time now.

When it comes to supported platforms, TorVPN can be used on Android, iPhone, Mac OS, Linux, and Windows devices, only if you choose OpenVPN. If your device doesn’t support OpenVPN, the only option you have is to use PPTP, which is a less secure protocol.
Additionally, the VPN service offers SSH tunnelling and Onion access, which many other services don’t. It also allows P2P and torrenting. Other than that, the features offered by TorVPN are everything we would like to see from a reliable VPN service provider.

Is TorVPN Safe?

TorVPN supports different protocols like PPTP, OpenVPN, SSH, and Socks, of which OpenVPN is always the best and most secure option. When it comes to encryption, your options are AES-256 ciphers, 4096 bit RSA, and HMAC authentication. The fact that the VPN service supports OpenVPN and AES-256 bit encryption shows that it is indeed a secure service. However, if your device is not compatible with this protocol, you will have to go with the less secure protocol.
However, one downfall with the service’s security features is that we detected DNS and WebRTC leaks when testing the service, and this is not ideal for a VPN.

Bottom Line

TorVPN certainly does impress us in some areas, like its Custom VPN package, Free VPN offer, and affordable pricing. However, taking into consideration the most vital aspects like privacy and security, this UK VPN service lets us down big time. It is important that the company takes this into account and improve in these areas if it is to gain the trust of users and become a top contender.

Adam Dagan

User Comments

Despite their limited servers availability I cannot complain about their network speed. However speed varies depending on location. In Landon its speed was excellent compared to other regions.
This is one of the most disappointing things about TorVPN. Despite its relatively good speed TorVPN do not provide for video streaming. TorVPN should really think about this. I cannot pay for a network that will restrict my use.
It is only available in 8 countries which is a relatively small number of a VPN service provider. I was so disadvantaged when I visited Brazil and was not able to use TorVPN.
This is basic security component for any VPN. As I was testing its service I detected DNS and WebRTC leaks. This is an area I feel TorVPN should look to improve.
I must say I am not happy with how TorVPN handles the privacy of my data. Although I agree that they have the right to access my data in extraordinary cases, I should have more rights to my data compared to the site. TorVPN should try and review their private policy.
After I registered with TorVPN I was given a 7 days free plan. This gave me a chance to evaluate its efficiency before investing my money on it. This feature enables users not to waste their money if they will not like the network.
The prices offered for each package is relatively low compared to other VPNS. In addition to this, each package provides the same features, which makes it even better.
This is basic security component for any VPN. As I was testing its service I detected DNS and WebRTC leaks. This is an area I feel TorVPN should look to improve.
I loved how easy it was for me to understand TorVPN website. It has one of the easiest user friendly websites I have ever used. The website should however try to improve in making every detail about the website available. I struggled to find to find some important detail in the website
This is another area I feel TorVPN should improve. I have tried to contact them through a live chat provided at the top of the website but it’s always offline. TorVPN should try and improve their interaction platform with their customers.

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