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TorGuard VPN Review

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) establishes an encrypted tunnel between a VPN server and your device, making it impossible for snoopers to monitor or track your online activities when you use public Wi-Fi networks. With numerous instances of identity theft and online frauds around the world, a VPN has become the quintessential tool.

TorGuard is an anonymous VPN and proxy service that has been known to provide above average services in the industry. Aimed at providing users with maximum security, does this VPN service meet its goals?

Is My Privacy Protected with TorGuard?

TorGuard as a VPN service provider is registered in the United States. What does this mean to its users? Well, there are chances that your personal data are provided to the authorities when the company gets forced by the government for the same, without your permission. After all, the US is not really popular for its privacy laws.
However, in its privacy policy, TorGuard VPN states that it “does not store or log any traffic or usage from its Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy”. In addition to their strict no logs policy, the company also features “a shared VPN setup for increased anonymity”, which is ideal for any VPN user.
TorGuard does specify that it collects “personally identifiable information” from its users for the purchase of products and services. This information, the company states, is used “to contact users regarding products and services offered by TorGuard and its trusted affiliates, independent contractors, and business partners, and otherwise to enhance users' experience with TorGuard and such affiliates, independent contractors and business partners”. They promise that users’ personal information will not be sold or transferred, except when they are obligated to do so under applicable laws.
The privacy policy is quite similar to what most other VPN service providers have, and the level of privacy offered by TorGuard VPN is as good as any leading VPN service.
TorGuard VPN offers a kill switch feature. What’s even better is that the service offers this feature in two formats: a VPN App Kill Switch and a VPN Connection Kill Switch. The first one is application specific and the second is a full connection VPN kill switch. This is perhaps the only VPN service we have come across that offers such an extensive kill switch feature.

How Much is TorGuard? Is There a Free Trial?

First of all, TorGuard offers four different service plans:

  • Anonymous Proxy
  • Anonymous VPN
  • Anonymous Email
  • Privacy Bundle

Since our focus here is on the VPN service, let’s move on to its pricing plans. There are four different Anonymous VPN Plans brought to you by TorGuard VPN: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly.


  • The monthly plan takes a straightforward pricing of $9.99 per month
  • The quarterly plan requires you to pay $19.99 every 3 months
  • The semi-annual plan will cost you $29.99 every six months
  • The yearly plan will cost you $59.99 annually

All these plans carry the same set of features. The pricing is quite expensive when compared to many other VPN services offering the similar set of features.
TorGuard VPN accepts payments from more than 80 different payment methods, including Visa, Amex, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, and gift cards.
Sadly, as far as we researched, the company neither offers a free trial nor a money back guarantee, which is highly disappointing. However, it does allow users to cancel their account within 7 days without any penalty.
For businesses, on the other hand, the pricing plans are as follows:


Most features vary between these plans, and you can also contact the VPN service directly to have a plan tailor-made for your business needs.

TorGuard Speed Test

When it comes to speed, though TorGuard VPN promises amazing speeds, especially with its vast coverage of servers, it however, stands in the middle of the pack. While there are some factors, like your internet connection, distance to your server, etc., that can impact the overall speed, from our speed tests, however, TorGuard VPN delivered only above average upload and download speeds. As a result, though the service supports P2P file sharing and helps bypass geographic restrictions, there isn’t much you can do when it comes to playing online games or streaming videos.

How is Customer Service at TorGuard?

Customer service is an area where TorGuard excels in its services. The VPN service boasts FREE 24/7/365 Support, which typically means that the company’s representatives are available around the clock, every single day of the year to answer your queries and solve your issues. You can contact them via the Live Chat feature and the representatives on the other end are highly knowledgeable and friendly and are able to solve problems quickly and efficiently.
In addition, TorGuard VPN also has a ticket system, where you can submit your queries and receive an answer via email. For this, though, you need to have a TorGuard account. You are likely to receive a response within 24 hours of ticket submission, which isn’t bad at all. There is also a toll-free number given at the bottom of the page, so users can call the team any time with their questions.
Apart from these contact methods, TorGuard VPN also has exclusive pages for Knowledge Base, Setup Guides, VPN Forum, FAQ, and more for those who wish to try and solve issues on their own. All in all, customer service offered by TorGuard VPN ranks at the top among the very best.


The website of TorGuard is one of the best we’ve come across so far. It not only looks great, but everything is laid out clearly, without the need for visitors to search extensively for what they came there for.
Signing up for TorGuard VPN is also a simple and easy process. The service allows you to sign up by providing some basic details, such as your name, email address, etc., and choose your mode of payment. If you wish to be completely anonymous, you can, of course, use false information and sign up using Bitcoin.


When it comes to features, the range offered by TorGuard VPN is highly extensive. Some of the outstanding features offered by the service are:

  • Unlimited speeds and bandwidth.
  • Over 3000 VPN servers located across 50+ countries.
  • Multiple protocol support.
  • Stealth VPN – to bypass even the most strict firewalls in countries like UAE, China, etc.
  • Private VPN encryption.
  • 5 simultaneous connections.
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy (TLS).
  • Multiple OS and device support.
  • Advertisement and malware blocking.
  • Protection against leaks.


For businesses, TorGuard VPN offers features such as the following:

  • Encrypted email accounts.
  • 24/7 dedicated account manager.
  • Dedicated VPN management portal.
  • Multiple user packages.
  • Multiple dedicated VPN IP addresses.
  • Stealth VPN service.

TorGuard VPN certainly has features to cater the varied needs of different types of users.

Is TorGuard Safe?

TorGuard VPN supports many VPN protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IPSec, and IKEv2. As always, the most recommended protocols is the OpenVPN protocol because it is known to be the most secure option of all.
The TorGuard software is powered by OpenVPN, and the company supports the following encryption options: AES-256 CBC mode, AES-128 CBC mode, and Blowfish 128-bit CBC mode.
Of course, the highest level of security can be attained by using the AES-256 encryption option, which is exactly what the VPN recommends. However, if speed is your top priority and you also need some level of online privacy, you can choose the AES-128 encryption mode.
TorGuard VPN also allows users to check for WebRTC and DNS leaks right on its website, and also makes sure that those leaks don’t happen when using its services.

Bottom Line

With its zero logs policy, stealth servers, multiple protocol support, amazing business-related features, and wide network coverage, TorGuard VPN, without a doubt, belongs to the top tier of VPN service providers operating today. The security features offered by the service are extraordinary, and you also have the option to use proxy and VPN in combination for increased security and privacy. The two aspects where the service should improve are its pricing and speed. Other than that, this is one strong and reliable VPN or proxy service you can find

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User Comments

The speed of the vpn is not too fast or too slow. I can download stuffs and upload a good number of things. Working with Torguard Vpn is not dissapointing but Myb the prices should be reduced just abit.
I believe it’s a well know fact that all service provided a free trial to test the services offered. TorGuard doesn’t provide for one. There is a higher chance that I can invest on something I ain't sure about. The good thing is t...Read More
The speed of the vpn is not too fast or too slow. I can download stuffs and upload a good number of things. Working with TorGuard VPN is not disappointing but maybe the prices should be reduced just a bit.
My first time operating this VPN was quite simple. I didn't sweat a bit while trying to operate through it. I love that I have variety of payment options that I can even choose to remain completely anonymous.
This vpn bypasses geographical locations and also allows me to share files here in china. I can blog without any restrictions and also access google docs.
Live chat and the free 24/7 support are responding very quickly and are very knowledgeable about the services. They are friendly and they make sure that the person understand more about the website.
Working with this vpn for my business is very effective. I can use multiple user packages, encrypted email account. Highly priced.
Why is this VPN so expensive while it offers almost the same features with other vpns? I am a student and cant afford these services.
Torguard is one of the best vpn ever createdIts offers an application specific vpn which I can use for a specific app and also a full connectivity vpn kill switch which can be used for my entire laptop. This feature is so amaizing.
TorGuard is one of the best VPN ever created. Its offers an application specific VPN which I can use for a specific app and also a full connectivity vpn kill switch which can be used for my entire laptop. This feature is so amazing.
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