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SwissVPN: The best VPN choice for German audiences?

Regardless of the purpose, performing safe and secure financial transactions over the Internet is now a dream for every Internet user, because you never know who is monitoring your activities. A VPN service providing the highest levels of security can help eradicate this issue.

Established by a Swiss telecommunications company, Monzoon Networks AG, SwissVPN has long been a preferred choice among the German-speaking crowd. The VPN service has gained a reputation for providing high quality and reliable services over the years. Is it currently the best VPN choice for German audiences?

Is My Privacy Protected with SwissVPN?

One thing we know about Switzerland is that it is a country which gives importance to protecting users’ data. Our focus here is on the privacy policy of SwissVPN, and we say this in utter disappointment that we did not find one on their website. Yes, this is probably the first VPN service we have reviewed so far which doesn’t have a privacy policy displayed for users. Also, there is not even a single point on their website about the maintenance/non-maintenance of user activity or connection logs, which further adds to the agony.
Upon researching on the Internet, we read on different sources that the VPN service maintains connection logs for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes. However, we are not sure how reliable the information from these sources is. Also, we did not find anything about a kill switch feature on the SwissVPN’s website.

How Much is SwissVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Unlike almost all other VPN service providers, SwissVPN doesn’t offer standard subscription plans. Instead, the VPN service allows you to choose a fixed contract to access its services. This is priced at CHF 6 per month, which is equal to $6 or €6 approximately. It requires no registration, no subscription, and can be used for as long as you like. You can choose the number of months you wish to pay for in advance and auto renewal of the plan.
This plan comes with 15’000 kbps/5’000 kbps bandwidth. However, SwissVPN also offers another option where you can choose to get 30’000 kbps/10’000 kbps bandwidth for an additional charge of CHF 2 per month. Also, the price indicated is for a single connection, and there is an option for you to go for 3 connections, which again will require you to pay an additional CHF 2 per month. You can choose to include a firewall option in your plan as well and this will cost you the same extra amount.
SwissVPN accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PostFinance, Twint, and PayPal.
The VPN service doesn’t seem to offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee.

SwissVPN Speed Test

Although not clearly mentioned on their website, we understand that SwissVPN has servers located only in Switzerland. What this means is that your access to VPN locations and IP addresses is extremely limited, and you can only access Swiss-based content. Being a German speaker, even if you wish to access your favorite American or British streaming website, you cannot do so with this VPN service. However, with the available servers, the speed we encountered was fine.

How is Customer Service at SwissVPN?

At present, SwissVPN extends customer support only via their online Help Form. To submit a message, you need to enter your name, username, email address, country, and the actual message. You will receive a response to your email, and responses from the team seem to take a few hours, which we think is decent when compared to many other VPN providers that take days to respond.
Other than that, there is a FAQ section, where you can find answers to some general questions, and also an Instructions page with usage instructions for various devices or operating systems.


The SwissVPN website is simple and the content is laid out decently. The website and its content are available in five different languages, including German, perfect for German-speaking users. The overall layout of the website is clutter-free, everything is in place, and we didn’t find it difficult to access the information we required.

Signing up for SwissVPN is a relatively simple process as well. Because there is only one plan on offer, you need to choose it, choose a payment type, select your preferences on the next page, and finally make your payment to start using the service.
The VPN service is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux Mint, Fedora, Ubuntu, and DD-WRT devices, and we find this listing quite extensive.

SwissVPN supports different types of protocols, allowing you to choose the one that is compatible with your device. The VPN service, unlike many other VPN providers, also gives users the option to go for a speed upgrade, use a firewall, additional device connections, and also automatic extension.

Is SwissVPN Safe?

SwissVPN uses PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, and OpenVPN protocols. The service recommends the use of a PPTP protocol only if you need a Swiss IP address, since this is known to be the least secure protocol option available.
When it comes to encryption, Swiss VPN uses: 128-bit MPPE encryption for PPTP, with MS-CHAPv2 authentication protocol; 128-bit AES/RC4 for SSTP; AES/SHA1with DH and 128-bit AES/SHA1 with PFS for L2TP; and, Blowfish 168-bit encryption for OpenVPN.
As you can see, although the VPN service supports the OpenVPN protocol, which is the highest in today’s standards, it doesn’t use the highest level of encryption for the same purpose. Therefore, the level of security you get to enjoy from using the service may not always be the best.

Bottom Line

Overall, SwissVPN is just an average VPN service provider. With no privacy policy on display, no proper VPN server network, reduced encryption standards, average speeds, and less customer support options, this VPN service does not belong to the list of VPN services which we would recommend our readers to use.

Adam Dagan

User Comments

I had to take a gamble with my money to pay for a service I was not sure of its efficiency. Many customers will not pay before trying the use. SwissVPN should try and give a free trial for new customers.
When I paid my first subscription, I was so disappointed when I realized that was for only one connection and I was supposed make more payments to add my connections. This SwissVPN’s major undoing considering other VPNS offers multiple connections for one deposit.
Most VPNs I have used offer its customers different subscription packages. I fail to understand why SwissVPN offers only one fixed contract.
I recommend you to try SwissVPN if you hate tedious registration processes. It took me a short time to register with the website. Their requirements are few and readily available.
What if I deslikes your services?, please try and offer money back quarantee like most VPNS.
SwissVPN is user friendly. I love how its website since content is laid out decently. In most VPNS I have used, it usually takes quite some time to understand the website.
My experience with SwissVPN customer service was fine. I submitted my inquiry through their platform and within few hours I received a satisfying feedback. Compared to other VPNs has a decent customer care platform.
Although its servers are only available in Switzerland, its network speed is fine. I have not had any problem in streaming HD videos.
The fact that SwissVPN not restrict its payment modes is perfect for me. I was not required to register any new payment mode I choose the most convenient payment mode; PayPal which I used in paying for my subscription.
Apart from German I like that SwissVPN is also available in five different languages. Considering that most VPNS only provides two languages in their websites.

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