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SpyOFF VPN: The best European VPN out there?

If you have been looking for a European-based VPN service provider for a long time now, then this is the one you must take a closer look at. VPN service providers operating from Europe tend to be some of the best, so let us look at SpyOFF and find out whether or not it belongs to the same list.

SpyOFF is based in the Republic of San Marino, and is one of the new players in the VPN business. The features package and server range on offer do not make the service look like a new entry, which is remarkable. From the outset, SpyOFF does look appealing in many ways.

Is My Privacy Protected with SpyOff VPN?

As far as data collection goes, the company’s policy is as follows: “This data includes your first name and surname, your address details, telephone number and payment details, as well as a valid email. Individual details can of course be corrected if your circumstances change over the course of time. Your data will be saved for as long as your account with SpyOFF exists and the data is required to be available within the scope of legal obligations to retain records or the obligations under the contractual relationship. If it is no longer necessary to store the data and the legal obligations to retain records are terminated, they will be deleted.” This is quite normal with VPN services, and we think there is nothing to be concerned about.
SpyOFF VPN also assures data security with the statement, “Data that is stored on our servers is protected by means of the continual updating of our data security software. Particularly sensitive data will be transferred with a high standard of security (TLS technology).”
After going through the privacy policy of SpyOFF, we are really happy to say that they have set the bar high in terms of privacy. Connection logs, activity logs, time logs, traffic logs, etc. are not maintained. The zero-log policy of the company makes it one of the desirable service providers around. Another important factor to note is the presence of an automatic kill switch, and this ensures 100% privacy even when your connection terminates. To top it off, they are not based in the US, so they need not abide by the tough Internet laws and restrictions that are otherwise imposed over there.

How Much is SpyOff VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

The membership plans offered by SpyOFF VPN are straightforward. The 3 plans are:

  • Monthly - $12.99/month.
  • 6 months plan - $10.99/month, with a one-time payment of $65.95 for 6 months.
  • 12 months special deal - Under this plan, subscribers get 16 months of subscription i.e. by paying for 12 months, you get 4 months’ worth of connection completely free. At present, users can sign up for this plan by making a single 16-month payment of $89.60, which relates to just $5.60/mo. This is a special promotion, and we are not really sure how long this offer will go on.

Subscribers of these plans get to utilize all the features offered by the company. There is no free trial on offer, but a 30-day money-back guarantee is still there. You can be sure of getting your money back 100%. Different payment methods like direct debit, PayPal etc. are available and they vary depending on your country. It has to be said that pricing is not one of the strongest points of SpyOFF.

SpyOff VPN Speed Test

During our tests, we were able to conclude that the speed and server performance of SpyOFF VPN were good; but, we also have to agree with the fact that they are not exceptional in any way. Performance was stable across multiple servers, and also during different times of the day. Long distant servers did not provide enough speed when compared to the closer ones, which seems to be quite the trend anyway. On average, download speeds were in the range of 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds were 0.2 Mbps. Leak test results were quite remarkable, with no leaks detected on DNS, WebRTC, IPv6 and IPv4.
The company advertises itself to be one of the fastest VPN services around and the test results turned out to prove the same. You will be able to experience glitch-free video streaming with the use of this network. Connection speeds are also good, so extensive users will have no problem connecting and accessing their favorite content.

How is Customer Service at SpyOff VPN?

Customer support is offered via a Knowledge base, Troubleshooting page, and ticketing system. The knowledge base includes all the articles regarding the VPN setup and other vital factors, which you can read to understand how efficiently you could set up the connection. Troubleshooting includes guides on solving certain common issues.
For a more specific problem, you can make use of the ticket system to raise queries regarding the connection. Response times on the ticket system are good, but you certainly cannot expect a lightning fast reply. You can even contact them through their social media handles on Facebook and Twitter. Live chat or 24/7 customer support is non-existent, which can be included to deliver high quality customer service. Considering the competition, we certainly feel that they should add such services.


SpyOFF VPN does pack a decent list of features, which make it attractive. You cannot expect some top of the line VPN features, but the ones that are available should be handy:

  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • High speed uncluttered connection.
  • Multiple connections.
  • Unlimited server switching.
  • Zero log policy.
  • 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • Excellent software interface.
  • P2P sharing.
  • Torrenting.

Apart from the list of features we have mentioned above, there are many more you can enjoy. The user interface is simple and easy to use across all devices and OS platforms. You can find all the options you need on the interface, to connect, disconnect, server switch, etc. SpyOFF VPN has around 395 servers spread across 25 countries, and this number is likely to increase with time. You can easily check the servers list to know whether the country you need features on the list.
The consistent connection speed is amazing, and to get the same speed even during peak hours is remarkable. Multiple protocol options are also made available for subscribers. TCP and UDP connections over OpenVPN protocol can be used for maximum security. You can connect as many devices as you want simultaneously, without any restriction. Unlimited data transfers are also permitted. Dedicated apps are offered across multiple OS platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and Ubuntu. DDWRT fully configured routers can also be purchased to make use of the SpyOFF VPN connection.

Is SpyOff VPN Safe?

A 256-bit SSL encryption level security is provided for all the data sent and received through their servers and web interface. SpyOFF VPN offers OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocol options to their subscribers. The use of third party servers is not ideal and knowing that our confidential data would pass through such unknown sources is quite frustrating. If you are looking to achieve a balanced network, then go for a L2TP/IPSec protocol. Extensive users can manually configure OpenVPN and L2TP. A PPTP protocol connection can be chosen for high speed network performance. If what you are after is high security, then OpenVPN is the best choice for you. The OpenVPN protocol combined with 256-bit SSL security ensures ultimate data protection. SpyOFF is certainly one of the best in terms of security.

Bottom Line

Overall, the impressions we have of SpyOFF VPN are certainly positive, but there are a few points to complain about. Network speed and pricing are two of the major cons of this provider. The company could have been more transparent with disclosing the encryption protocols, server accuracy, and other such features. There is definite room for improvement, which we feel the service provider will start to address in the coming years.

Adam Dagan

User Comments

The Company should think of expanding its payment modes. Accepting payment from only major credit cards is a major undoing. Consider accepting payment via platforms such as PayPal and Bitcoin.
I am given access to over 14,000 IP addresses for all packages. The fact that this service applies for all packages works well for me.
Compared to other VPN service providers I feel Sky OFF is relatively expensive. The company should think about reducing the cost of its packages considering services are similar to those of other VPN services.
It is available in only 21 countries. The company should think of expanding its servers to more countries. I have found myself not able to access SKY OFF in various countries I have visited.
I am given access to over 14,000 IP addresses for all packages. The fact that this service applies for all packages works well for me.
Although this might sound nice, I disagree with the fact that it offers equal access for all packages. The fact that I have spent some money gives me something better than the free trial subscriber.
With SpyOff VPN I was able to alternate servers without any restrictions. The beauty about it is that this applies even during the free trial period.
Even during my 15 days of trial I was able I was never restricted on the amount of data I can transfer. Unlike other VPN services I would recommend
Compared to other VPN service providers I feel Sky OFF is relatively expensive. The company should think about reducing the cost of its packages considering services are similar to those of other VPN services.
With Spy OFF VPN I was able to alternate servers without any restrictions. The beauty about it is that this applies even during the free trial period.
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