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RusVPN offers a cost-effective VPN solution to customers on PC, Mac, router, smartphone and tablet devices. This virtual private network offers free VPN services, secure communications, and superior speeds. Products include mobile, desktop, extensions, and network options, complete with 24/7 responsive customer support.

Is My Privacy Protected with RusVPN?

RusVPN touts itself as a VPN service which provides anonymous browsing, 100% secure connections, access to any website, and premium streaming speeds. In terms of privacy, RusVPN states that all online traffic is fully encrypted and transmitted between servers via secure connections. The encryption technology used by RusVPN ensures that sensitive personal information, including all online communications are encrypted at all times.

The privacy policy provides in-depth information regarding how personal information is managed, stored, and shared. The company uses Google Analytics to aggregate data about site visitors. To this end, RusVPN uses a fraction of user IP addresses. The collection of minimal information (such as email) is preferred over other personally identifiable information such as utility bills, physical address, telephone number, and IP address. Whenever customers communicate with RusVPN, non-permanent logs are maintained and deleted every couple of hours.

In the event of a subpoena from law enforcement authorities, this Commonwealth of Dominica-based company will comply with court orders. This means that your personal records (to the extent that RusVPN maintains logs of your browsing activity) will be provided to the authorities. If law enforcement requires RusVPN to provide details of user activity, users will be notified immediately of such requests. Fortunately, privacy can be upgraded by way of anonymous payments such as Webmoney, QIWI and Bitcoin (BTC), as well as burner emails.

RusVPN features a kill switch (immediately disconnects the user from the internet if the connection drops), unlimited server switches, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data, and DNS leak protection. There is no IPv6 leak protection as part of the VPN features. Geo-spoofing – the process of hiding your true IP address by using a VPN server – is fully possible with RusVPN. With servers located in multiple countries, it is possible to seamlessly switch locations and access geolocation-based content easily with the service.

How Much is RusVPN? Is There a Free Trial?


RusVPN advertises its services with a 30-day money-back guarantee, at just $4.99 per month. Various pricing options are available to customers, including the following subscription plans:

  • 1 month at a price of $9.99 per month
  • 1 year at a price of $4.99 per month ($59.88 for one year) with savings of 50%
  • 6 months at a price of $6.99 per month ($41.94 for 6 months) with savings of 30%

Each of the subscription plans comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Customers can also enjoy free VPN services for Android, iOS, and smartphone devices. The VPN services are compatible with Windows, Mac operating systems, LINUX, browsers including Firefox and Chrome, and various other configurations such as Routers and OpenVPN. It should be noted that RusVPN is designed for home users, not businesses. This VPN service is priced relatively well for the features it offers. However, other VPN service providers such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost VPN offer far greater protections, privacy and product options to users.

RusVPN Speed Test

In terms of speed and performance, RusVPN is regarded as mediocre. This VPN service operates at slower speeds than ranking VPN providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, however it’s certainly not the slowest service out there. RusVPN users are bound to experience a degree of throttling (reduced speed), but speed tests indicate varying download speeds (82.94 Mbps) and upload speeds (8.86 Mbps) for countries nearby on recommended servers. Speed tests on servers located in remote regions are typically associated with greater throttling. Speeds will usually be slower for downloads (80.92 Mbps) and uploads (6.09 Mbps). In terms of P2P traffic, RusVPN does not indicate whether illegal torrents are blocked, therefore the assumption is that all traffic is facilitated.

Speed reductions are to be expected with any VPN service. A speed test is first conducted to ascertain the baseline speed without any VPN. Then nearby servers are tested and remote servers are tested. With RusVPN, speed reductions in the region of 43.9% – 45.2% have been reported. The average speed reduction is 44.5%. This VPN service fits snugly in between the fastest and the slowest VPN providers. Expert tests of RusVPN have not revealed any DNS leaks, indicating that this VPN service maintains data safely and securely, including your IP address. This VPN service works well with BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Hulu among others, and can also be used to unblock content in jurisdictions where government censorship exists.

How is Customer Service at RusVPN?

RusVPN customer support is available by navigating to the ‘Advantages’ category and scrolling down to ‘Support 24/7’. This VPN service provides customers with an online contact form (name, email, and question) as well as an email address, [email protected] Additional assistance is available through the dedicated Facebook page. RusVPN does not maintain an active presence on Facebook, with just 20 people following this VPN provider online. Support does a fine job of responding to customer queries in a timely fashion.

This VPN service provider does not offer the highest levels of transparency, with limited data about specific company contact information. The footer of the page provides clients with additional information about the company. It is owned by Iron Media Group Limited, an LLC which is regulated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The company’s registration number is 2017/IBC00023. A land-based address is also provided for customers. We could not independently verify the company registration details online, due to technical difficulties.


RusVPN is available to customers at the App Store, the Google Play Store, the Chrome Web Store, and for Mozilla Firefox. The features provided by this VPN include guaranteed secure connections, above-average streaming speed, access to all content, and anonymous browsing. The privacy features ensure that all online communications are transmitted through a secure tunnel with end-to-end encryption. This means that personal data and online communications are safeguarded from prying eyes. RusVPN features servers in 27 countries. With the exception of Russia, France, the US, and Germany, each country on the list hosts only 1 server. This means that websites with geolocation-blocking technology may easily block RusVPN traffic.

It takes a couple of minutes to download and install RusVPN for your platform. Downloads are available for desktop (Windows, MacOS/OS X, LINUX) and mobile devices (Android and iOS). Configurations are also available for Routers and OpenVPN.

The safety features ensure that user IP addresses are obfuscated by the VPN tunnel provided by RusVPN. Multiple servers around the world ensure that users can easily change their IP addresses and remain untraceable while communicating and transacting online. Features allow for auto connectivity to the last server that was used, or customers can hook up to ‘recommended’ locations. The kill switch is a useful feature which automatically disconnects from the internet if the VPN connection is interrupted.

RusVPN offers free extensions for Chrome and Firefox. To get started, simply download the extension from the Chrome Store. The extension will automatically be added to Google Chrome browser. Users can then pick a server and instantly connect to the VPN. The Mozilla Firefox extension can be downloaded from the Firefox add-ons. Like Chrome, it is automatically added to the browser. Users can then pick a server and instantly connect to the VPN service. Apps are readily available to users at the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS. Be advised that there is only one review at the App Store.

Is RusVPN Safe?

Safety is always the primary concern for users with VPNs.  RusVPN utilises various encryption protocols including PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and 2048-bit SSL (secure socket layer). Safety is also a function of the company’s logs policy. To this end, RusVPN maintains only partial, anonymized data from Google Analytics. The security will suffice for home-based users, with no DNS leaks and generally strong encryption protocols. This VPN provider is based in the Commonwealth of Dominica which espouses privacy rights. According to the Protection of Personal Data Act of 2013, full transparency is required of companies operating within the country i.r.o. the way data is used, stored, and shared.

Various safety features such as DNS leak protection, a kill switch, unlimited server switches, unlimited data, and unlimited bandwidth are available to clients. However, it does not support IPV6 which means it is somewhat lacking in advanced protection features. No mention is made of split-tunneling and ad-blocking, and it does not offer antivirus protection. In terms of safety and security, it's always better to pick a VPN service with thousands of servers across dozens of countries. This allows you to always get the best connection in your chosen location. With just 1 server per country for the most part, RusVPN struggles in that department.

Sometimes, too many users will be logged onto the same server which impacts speed and performance. Fortunately, the current load limit is visible on every server. This makes it easy to pick a server with the lightest load for the best performance. Given that this is a relatively new VPN provider, no vulnerabilities have been reported on Mac operating systems, or Windows operating systems. Windows connections include PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP.  Many VPNs use AES-256 encryption, but not RusVPN. The 2048-bit SSL encryption is secure enough to prevent personal data from being exposed.

Bottom Line

RusVPN is not a natural first choice for home-based users given the wide range of top-tier VPN services out there. That being said, it offers a basic VPN service with adequate security protocols and fair pricing. The free VPN option is a great way to evaluate the performance of RusVPN, and anonymous payments processing via Bitcoin and burner emails are also available. Given that only limited, anonymized information is maintained there should be no concerns regarding subpoenas for personal records. Speed and performance are moderately impacted by this VPN, with notable slowdowns in download and upload speeds. RusVPN is based in a jurisdiction which protects privacy rights. The software is quick and easy to download and install, but it is short on servers and features.

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