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ProxyServer: How extensive can this be?

VPN services have taken online privacy and security to a whole new level. Today, people use these services to access the Internet without fears of identity theft, or detection and this has given rise to the introduction of numerous new providers on the market.

Based in the United States, ProxyServer is a VPN service provider which has gained quite a reputation for its user-friendliness and good performance. However, the brand is also known for its drawbacks. So, how extensive can ProxyServer really be right now?

Is My Privacy Protected with ProxyServer VPN?

ProxyServer doesn’t have a no logs policy. In fact, the service admits to collecting user data and using the same for a variety of purposes.
“Among the types of Personal Data that this Application collects, by itself or through third parties, there are: Cookies, Usage Data, first name, email address and various types of Data”. The company has also made it mandatory for users to provide all of their data in order to utilize its services.
That said, there are numerous ways that ProxyServer uses the data collected. These purposes include, “Advertising, Analytics, Contacting the User, Content commenting, Content performance and features testing (A/B testing), Displaying content from external platforms, Handling payments, Heat mapping and session recording, Hosting and backend infrastructure, Infrastructure monitoring, Interaction with external social networks and platforms, Interaction with online survey platforms, Managing landing and invitation pages, Registration and authentication, Remarketing and behavioral targeting, RSS feed management, Social features and User database management”. Yes, this statement alone makes it evident that your data can and will be used for anything and everything the company wishes to do.
Although we always support VPN services which have a no logs policy, the fact that ProxyServer has gone a step further in using users’ data for varied purposes takes us aback, and we do not recommend this service for those looking for online privacy.

How Much is ProxyServer VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Although ProxyServer offers a Free Proxy plan, it is basically of no use because all you get from the plan is the ability to change your IP and no additional features, and the speed is also limited to just 100 MBPS.

The next plan offered by the service is Proxy Server Pro, which is priced at $12 per month, $60 for 6 months, and $72 per year. You have no other option but to choose this plan, because even the simplest of features offered by ProxyServer can only be utilized with this paid plan.
ProxyServer has a money-back guarantee, which means that if you are not satisfied with the services, you can request a refund within the first 30 days of your subscription. For some reason, the proxy service doesn’t mention this transparently on their website.
When it comes to payment methods, the service accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Maestro, Diners Club, and PayPal.
The services or features offered by ProxyServer are very limited, but the amount they charge is certainly high.

ProxyServer VPN Speed Test

We are not sure about the total number of servers operated by ProxyServer, because when we tried to access their Server Network page, it was inaccessible, and the only thing we received was an error message. However, what we do know is that the service has more than 25 browsing locations, otherwise called server locations.
One thing we like about ProxyServer is that they deliver above average speed. Yes, our tests of the company’s servers revealed decent speeds in almost all areas. However, we did find that their US servers performed better than those in other countries, and we had no problem unblocking streaming websites either. One more plus is that currently all servers of ProxyServer provide P2P functionality.

How is Customer Service at ProxyServer VPN?

When it comes to customer support, the first thing we noticed is that the service doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support. There is something that looks like a chat box at the bottom right corner of their website, but there was no one available when we tried to contact them, and included the message “Typically replies in a few hours” right on the pop-up box. So, yes, that’s unimpressive.
Coming to other means, you can contact the team via email, and the response to this will also take time, typically between a few hours and few days, which again is not ideal. Additionally, there is a Knowledge Base with a section for FAQs, guides to get started, and some general categories. It must be mentioned that this is not the most comprehensive knowledge base we have come across.
However, one positive is that the company has its physical addresses clearly mentioned on their Contact Us page, and we do appreciate the transparency.


The ProxyServer website is simple in terms of design and layout, and we quite like it. However, there isn’t a lot in terms of menu, and we had to search for some time to find the topics we were looking for.
The Sign-Up process, however, is quite easy. Enter your email address and preferred password, choose a ProxyServer Pro subscription plan you like, choose your payment method, and you’re good to go.
In terms of features, as was already mentioned earlier, there is not a lot that you can expect from the service. You get to use the available features only with the Pro plan, and some of those include, 1 GBPS+ speed, 25+ browser tabs and browsing locations, VPN, encrypted connection, and 10x speed.

Currently, ProxyServer is compatible only with Mac and Windows devices, and it doesn’t support Android or iOS, which is once again disappointing, especially considering the price they charge. Also, the features offered by the service are very meager.

Is ProxyServer VPN Safe?

ProxyServer supports TCP and UDP connections and offers AES 128 and 256 bit encryptions, which we know are the most secure standards at the moment. The fact that the service doesn’t support VPN protocols like L2TP, etc. could be a disappointment for users with devices which support only those protocols. The service doesn’t offer any leak protection, as a result of which you could encounter leaks when using it; during our tests, we, however, did not see a leak of any sort.

Bottom Line

ProxyServer lacks in most aspects where a VPN/proxy service should excel. The company must work on their privacy policy and features offered, which could make a big impact on how they are perceived on the market. Their speed and security features are their saving grace. However, we still wouldn’t recommend the use of this service as of now.

Adam Dagan

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