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What Is Private WiFi?

The privilege of living in a time where technology is continuously upgrading, thus making our lives easier, is something that must not be taken for granted. What many of us do not know is that we face a great threat daily. Using the Internet can sometimes be dangerous, especially when it comes to accessing public Wi-Fi networks. Your personal information becomes an easy target for identity theft and hacking, but fortunately, there are ways to stop this from happening. We came across something that might just be the right thing for you.
Private WiFi is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) specifically created to protect your identity and private information, but does it really deliver what it promises?

Is My Privacy Protected with Private WiFi?

Given the name, does Private WiFi actually provide you with the right amount of privacy?
As many other VPN providers do, Private WiFi promises total privacy, saying that they “take seriously the privacy of your data” and that they “don’t monitor any of your online communications”. Although they don’t track the websites you visit, they do keep some usage logs. They will keep the total bytes that were transmitted by you, as well as the time spent on and off on their network. It’s the basic privacy policy that you can see in almost every provider. They claim that this information is needed in order to manage their server network. They further say: “We do not monitor any of your online communications. So if any government was ever to subpoena our server records, we have virtually no information to give them.”
Private WiFi in their privacy policy state that, until now, they have never received any kind of request from a government organization regarding any information about their users, however, if there is a need to do that, they will notify their users beforehand, unless they are prohibited to do so by law.
With them, you can spoof your Geo-location, meaning they offer a satisfying amount of servers around the world. A downside is that they don’t offer a kill switch in case an unexpected Internet connection failure happens.

How Much is Private WiFi? Is There a Free Trial?

The pricing for this VPN provider offers a big variety of choices, depending on your needs. There is a monthly pricing plan, and the prices start from $2.99 for one device, and go up to $12.99 for unlimited data on 5 devices simultaneously. The annual plan is $29.99 for unlimited data and only one device, $79.99 for 3 devices, and the highest price they offer is connecting 5 devices with unlimited data for a price of $99.99. An interesting option is to buy data instead of a timely subscription. So, you have the option “Pay-As-You-Go” where you can pay $1.99 for 1 GB of data, or $7.99 for 10 GB. The great thing here is that you are not limited when it comes to the number of devices.
While some of the prices might be a bit high, especially because this is a VPN that is particularly focused on a single thing, instead of the “whole package”, you still have a choice and don’t necessarily need to pay a high price. A positive thing is that they have a 10-day free trial with unlimited data and allow simultaneous connections on 5 devices.
The payment methods are a bit limited, allowing you to pay only with a credit card or PayPal.

Private WiFi Speed Test

Private WiFi is the prefect VPN designed for connection on the move. While we can’t say that it’s one of the fastest VPN providers, in terms of speed they did a fair job. They do not have the highest number of servers, but nonetheless most of them showed a decent speed, with only a few showing problems. If you are searching for torrenting or gaming, you will need to look for a better fit. This VPN is for protecting your privacy while using public connections.
As was previously mentioned, with most of the subscriptions you will get unlimited bandwidth, meaning you won’t have to worry about how much you download. However, these days almost all VPNs offer unlimited bandwidth, so this is not exactly an advantage.

How is Customer Service at Private WiFi?

The customer support at Private WiFi is rather weak, although they claim that they are committed to extraordinary customer service. If you need help, the only way to get it is by writing an email, and they will answer between 8AM and 12 AM EST, from Monday to Friday. They further state that their technical support comes at no price, which is something that we think should not have been mentioned in the first place.
However, you do get a “Quick start guide”, which is helpful when it comes to opening and activating their services, as well as managing your settings. Apart from this, you can also find the FAQ, in which they offer a detailed range of questions and answers that we actually found very useful.


The first noticeable thing when opening Private WiFi’s webpage was that it’s a bit messy and unprofessional. We had problems finding everything that we needed, but later we got the hang of it. They have all the information you may need on their website, but they could still make improvements on the design overall, as it’s the first thing every potential customer sees.

If you scroll down on their page, you will see the features they offer. Private WiFi’s focus is on keeping your Internet connection secure, therefore we didn’t have big expectations. And we were not wrong. They offer some basic features, nothing out of the ordinary. We might even say that for the price, this is a bit less than expected, because after all it’s a VPN service. They currently have approximately 30 servers located around the World in countries such as the United States of America, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, India, South Korea, and more. Some of them are temporarily out of service due to maintenance, but nonetheless, they increased the number of servers in the last few years. Additionally, they will provide you with an encrypted Internet connection, bank-level security which works anywhere in the world, easy to install services and automatic activation. As mentioned before, depending on which subscription you choose, you can get from one to five simultaneous connections, or an unlimited number of connection with the PAYG option. And that’s basically all. They do not offer a kill-switch, and there was nothing on the page for Smart DNS.
Overall, Private WiFI VPN is compatible on many devices such as Windows, Macs, tablets and smartphones, both Android and iOS. However, they do not support Microsoft Metro or Microsoft Phone.

Is Private WiFi Safe?

Even though Private WiFi is not the safest option, because it doesn’t use a 256-bit encryption, which in terms of security is a pretty solid standard, it’s still a relatively secure network.
The service uses a 128-bit OpenVPN SSL encryption to secure user sessions. OpenVPN is the industry standard protocol used by commercial services because it guarantees safety. Private WiFi refers to its security as “bank level encryption”, which is partially true.
So yes, it will keep you safe when connected on a wireless hotspot, and no one will be able to track your online activity. Moreover, they assign its users to a random private IP address, making it even more difficult for your identity to be discovered. You can easily switch through IP addresses yourself.

Bottom Line

Many people don’t realize how easy is to steal usernames, passwords, account details, or confidential information. Yet, 3 in 4 people have used public Wi-Fi hotspots in the last year, not realizing how easily this can happen to them. Private WiFi is a VPN that focuses on providing a secure connection to a public network, therefore it does not offer the best and most advanced features. However, in terms of what they offer, we were satisfied with the results.
Private WiFi is ideal for regular travelers or businessmen that want their personal information to be secure at all times. If you want to have a higher security and avoid identity theft, we highly recommend Private WiFi.

Adam Dagan

User Comments

The pricing for this VPN provider offers a big variety of choices, depending on your needs. This is just thrilling, I like this VPN very much.
Private WiFi do not offer a reliable customer support. I was disappointed to find out that if you have a burning issue, you have to wait till the week days to have it sorted out. They only respond between between 8AM and 12 AM EST.
At last I found a VPN provider with a variety of pricing packages I could conveniently ponder on. Private WiFi offers you different monthly packages starting as low as $2.99 and although the other packages are expensive, you can c...Read More
Private WiFi server speed isn't down there with the worst of them all but they aren't at the top either. I found that my speed could really go down sometimes but on other occasions I could browse at fairly average speeds. I wouldn't recommend it if you are searching for gaming or torrenting.
I was looking to try out the VPN before purchasing it and with Private WiFi, I was able to use the free trial with unlimited access to all its features. This was enough for me to decide if I wanted to purchase it.
I always like to know what am getting before I purchase anything. With Private WiFi, I was able to get access to the unlimited Private WiFi services for a period of time. That was enough for me to decide whether or not I actually needed their services.
I am always disappointed when I get a notification that the content is not available in my region. Thanks to Private WiFi, I was able to access all the sites I was geographically locked out from.
I was skeptical at first when I thought of using Private WiFi as my VPN. I wasn't really sure if they could guarantee my privacy but true to their no monitoring of online communications policy, I did not experience any leaks or privacy breaches the entire time.
I would't slam the support as absolute scam but I can say their reach-ability is quite limited. If you have a burning issues, you can only address it during the weekdays and what is disappointing is that the support services only work between 8AM and 12 AM EST
I have three different devices on which I was going to choose the one on which to install the Private WiFi VPN but when I realize the do support Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, I was quite impressed. I would suggest this VPN to any...Read More
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