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They have servers in 22 countries. 71% of user reviews who used Perfect Privacy are positive.
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What Is Perfect Privacy VPN?

Perfect Privacy is a Swiss Virtual Private Network (VPN). Founded back in 2008, this company has successfully been running for a decade now, and it looks as if it has a bright future ahead. It’s a truly unique provider offering many premium features that will equip you with some of the most advanced levels of online anonymity and security. It sounds perfect, yes, but there is one downside after all. Perfect Privacy VPN has everything you need, but it’s not everyone’s choice. So will it be yours?

Is My Privacy Protected with Perfect Privacy?

It would be ironic and very disappointing if you didn’t get the full privacy treatment with Perfect Privacy. But you have nothing to worry about because this VPN will, in fact, keep you protected, and you can read more about this in their privacy policy.
The only data they store is your login credentials, meaning your username and password, the email address and the expiration date of your account. All of your other data will be protected, as Perfect Privacy does not keep any kind of logs of your connections, server logins, nor IPs. They further state that they collect the total usage of the servers, or how much traffic is being used, and this can also be seen on their page. Their network consists of premium servers that are running in RAM-disk, ensuring no data is ever stored. With all this said, if Perfect Privacy receives a warrant, they won’t have any kind of information to share with authorities that might incriminate you. They also included a kill switch in their offer, making your online activity an even safer experience.
However, they do have one request, and that is to obey their rules and use this service individually.
“Your account is personal, for your exclusive usage only. Sharing of login credentials, whether with a third party or publicly is strictly prohibited, and may lead to immediate account termination. As a private citizen, you may, however, use your account on different devices you own.”
You will also see a list of prohibited actions, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary, as long you use this VPN ethically you won’t have a problem.

How Much is Perfect Privacy? Is There a Free Trial?

With everything said, Perfect Privacy is too good to be true. But, as we mentioned already, there is, in fact, one disadvantage, which is the price tag. If you want Swiss service, you need to expect the Swiss prices as well. Not so long ago, the prices were even higher, but now with all of the competition on the market, Perfect Privacy lowered them. They are not perfect, but at least they are slightly more affordable than before.
Starting from the highest price, you can get the one month plan for $16.05, or €12.99. The next is the quarterly plan, where you pay $14.80 or almost €12 for the same services, then the 6-months subscription which costs less than $14 or €10.99 per month. You also have a yearly plan that’s cheaper than the 6-month plan for €1. The lowest price that you will find is the 24-month price plan, where you get Perfect Privacy’s service for around $11 or €8.95.
If you are not satisfied with this VPN you have the opportunity to get a refund, but only if you do it within 7 days of subscribing. You can choose how to pay for their service, and the options include PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoins etc.

Perfect Privacy Speed Test

With Perfect Privacy, you get an almost perfect speed. The tests we ran showed results above average, so this VPN, fortunately, excels at speed as well. The connections were reliable, consistent and speedy. Although Europe and USA servers showed the expected high speed, what surprised us was that even more distant servers, such as the ones in Australia, were fast enough for torrenting. If you are facing a speed drop, it’s probably because you enabled a stronger encryption, which is completely normal.
What’s even better is that you get unlimited bandwidth for torrenting, and P2P is supported on almost all servers, except those in USA and France.

How is Customer Service at Perfect Privacy?

Perfect Privacy offers four types of customer support, but none of them is a 24/7 service. Unfortunately, they don’t have a contact phone for support, or a live chat. Nonetheless, they have a detailed FAQ which can be very helpful in answering your questions, and a forum that’s even more detailed. The other two options are to contact them if you need further assistance. You can do that by sending an email, or by filling out a contact form which can be found on their website. They compensate for the lack of a 24/7 service with their fast response regardless of whether you use the form or the email support.
Overall, we were satisfied, although Private Privacy could afford to have more types of support, and hopefully we will see that in the near future.
Besides this, we noticed that they are a very transparent provider, and you can find all information about their company in the Imprint, which is something that makes you want to put your trust in them.


Perfect Privacy has one of the longest lists of features we have seen. They offer all kinds of services and you can find detailed information and explanations about everything on their website. Additionally,, it’s important to mention that their page is nicely designed. It’s simple and modern, and yet you can find everything you need neatly listed there. It might need a few adjustments, but overall it looks great and it’s certainly an advantage when it comes to convincing potential users to choose this VPN.

Their features, as we said, have a whole variety to them. From perfect security and privacy, as all basic VPN features have, to some very unique options, such as the Multi-VPN. With this you can cascade your VPN connection with up to 4 OpenVPN servers plus Proxy and SSH tunnels. Not many VPN providers offer this, and those that do usually offer cascading with no more than two hops. Additionally, they also offer IPv6 addresses on most servers, torrent support, port forwarding, multiple layers of IP leak protection, and much more.
One of the less appealing features is their server number. Perfect Privacy has servers in only 23 countries, most of them located in Europe. Regardless, they overcompensate with everything else, and all of their servers offer great speed with unlimited bandwidth. You get to upload and download content as much as you want without any problems. Also, there is no restriction on the number of simultaneous connections, while with many other providers it’s usually restricted to 3-5 connections. As long as you are the only person using their VPN, you can connect as many devices as you want/need. They have an integrated Firewall protection, DNS leak protection and a Kill switch.
The VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and also routers.

Is Perfect Privacy Safe?

The first two things we look for in a VPN provider are privacy and security, and with Perfect Privacy it’s safe to say that you get both. We already mentioned the multi-hop VPN concept, which is one of the best ways of ensuring online security. But going one step further, they also have NeuroRouting – their unique system which dynamically routes all traffic through their VPN network, based on machine learning algorithms, taking the multi-hop concept on another level.
On their page you can read all about their protocols. They use a few, and one of them is the OpenVPN protocol which is one of the most secure ones, especially when encrypted with AES-256 bit key. SSG2 tunnels are available as well.
When conducting leak tests we were satisfied, because the results didn’t show any signs of DNS, WebRTC and other leaks.

Bottom Line

We already said everything there is for Perfect Privacy. It has pretty much everything you need in a VPN provider. The only thing it lacks, in terms of features, is a much higher number of servers and locations around the world. But even with this, they have still managed to locate their servers strategically, providing you with some nice coverage.
Needless to say, this is not a VPN for everybody. Due to its high prices not everyone decides on buying Perfect Privacy VPN. So if you don’t have high requirements, and want the basic features in a provider, you can find this for a much lower price. Perfect Privacy is for the more needy users that will be more than willing to pay a higher price for impeccable service.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

I have used a number of VPN providers and I think Perfect Privacy is costly. They are too expensive especially for a person that would be subscribing monthly. This is one thing that I didn’t like about the VPN provider.
If you are looking for a VPN provider outside Europe, then I would not recommend the Perfect Privacy VPN simply because there are a few servers and most of them are located in Europe.
I was really disappointed with the fact that I couldn’t get the support I needed when I wanted it most. The Perfect Privacy provider does not offer for 24/7 support. This is something that they should look into. Otherwise, they have great speeds.
One thing I liked with the Perfect Privacy VPN was the fact that it was compatible with different platforms including Android, Windows and Mac. I could easily use the services without worrying about the devices I am using.
With the opportunity that I got in testing the Perfect Privacy VPN, I easily got my refund in a week. Their speeds are great and that the provider also offers for the best security so far.
regardless of the good security that Perfect Privacy offers, the price tag is something that scared me a lot. I only benefited after making a yearly subscription. As such, I would advise users to also switch to yearly subscriptions if at all they want to take advantage of the discounts offered.
This is the first VPN provider that I wouldn’t have to complain about its speeds. The provider guarantees consistent speeds that would surely not disappoint.

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