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They have servers in 58 countries. 57% of user reviews who used OneVPN are positive.
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What Is OneVPN?

OneVPN is a relatively young competitor on the market. It is a Virtual Private Network that is the product of Unravel Technologies, a security consultancy firm, based in Hong Kong. Even though Hong Kong has been under Chinese control for over 20 years now, the region enjoys a high level of autonomy, so it’s safe to say that this is a good location for a VPN provider.
OneVPN’s job is to protect your online privacy and keep you anonymous, but does it really deliver? Many customers have had complains about this provider, some even stating that it is nothing but a scam business that only cares about their customers’ money. So, should you believe their promises or start searching for another VPN provider?

Is My Privacy Protected with OneVPN?

The first thing we did, before subscribing to OneVPN, was read their Privacy Policy. It’s easy to find, but quite short and without many details. We were not convinced at all, even though they claim that they “collect minimal data, which is basically your name and e-mail address. This is about all we keep”. The last sentence kept us wondering what OneVPN was trying to say. However, they further explain that they do not track physical addresses or locations, numbers, or any other personal information and they “do not store or keep records of your IP and details of your payment process”. When it comes to sharing your information, OneVPN state in their policy that they strictly refrain from sharing information with third parties and other entities “whosoever it may be”. They also state that they do not keep track of online activity.
When you sign in only a name and an email are required, but you can use a disposable email address, and your safety and anonymity is further provided with the possibility to pay with Bitcoins or US gift cards.
Unfortunately, they do not offer a kill switch button, meaning your anonymity might be endangered if an unexpected connection failure happens and all your information is exposed.

How Much is OneVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

When you click on the “Get started” button at the top right corner, you will be redirected to the payment plans that OneVPN offers. They currently have three options: monthly, 6-month and a yearly subscription. They also have very nice discounts. If you want to use their services for a month you get to pay $7.95, for half a year you get this for $4.99 or less than $30 total, and the largest plan is their yearly subscription that you’ll get for only $4, or $48 in total.
Compared to other VPN service providers the prices are lower, but if we take into consideration that OneVPN is a relatively young company they could’ve gone even lower.
Unfortunately, they don’t offer a free trial, sort of. They have a 7-day money-back guarantee.
You can pay for their services in various ways, either with a credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Paymentwall, or gift cards. And no matter which plan you choose, they all include free OneVPN apps, 24/7 customer support, and high-speed unlimited bandwidth.

OneVPN Speed Test

When it comes to speed, we were not expecting much. However, we were surprised because the speed that OneVPN offers was actually impressive. It’s perfect for streaming and torrenting. Even some of the best providers sometimes have serious issues regarding speed.
If you want the best experience, we advise you to use OpenVPN as it delivers much better speed, while using OpenConnect was slightly slower, and not as good as the OpenVPN protocol.
Unfortunately, regarding leaks, we were far from satisfied. The provider does nothing to prevent leaks, but it offers a guide to install DNS leak protection, which was not simple, so users with basic knowledge would face difficulties when installing it.

How is Customer Service at OneVPN?

This is the part where we started having some issues with this VPN. OneVPN is a relatively new and unpolished provider, but we were expecting much more from this company. However, they became somewhat unprofessional after some time. Some of the customers’ complaints were related to this exact issue. Many of them received a great service, until they started facing difficulties, and it was then when the page stopped responding and giving support.
On paper they have everything covered. OneVPN has many options, from an email and submitting ticket, to a 24/7 live chat. We had no problems with the live chat, and their employees were very friendly and fast, however they only offer basic information. If you are facing a more serious problem, it’s very hard to receive a reply. It looks as if they are only available for a limited period of time, and then they disappear.
Many customers were left with nothing and they couldn’t even get their money back. Overall, they have a lot more work to do until they become good enough to compete in this industry.


When you open OneVPN, the first thing you will notice is that they try to keep it as professional as possible, which of course is a good thing. Every information you need can be easily found in the top menu, or at the bottom of the page. They are nicely arranged so you won’t have a problem with whatever information you are looking for, regarding policies and features. The thing that was a bit disappointing is that we had difficulties loading their page sometimes, because it was buffering all the time.
When it comes to features, you will immediately see the typical VPN bragging such as “the fastest VPN”, “zero logging policy” etc. on the front page. But nonetheless, they do offer some nice features besides the usual ones. OneVPN supports PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and OpenConnect protocols, all SSL secured encrypted with a 256 bit AES. With this provider you will also receive an Ad-Blocker, Anti-Malware protection, and a NAT Firewall which creates an additional layer of protection around your Internet connection. Besides, they offer unlimited server switches, 24x7 technical support, unlimited bandwidth and easy-to-use OneVPN apps. The download and setup are fast, so you shouldn’t face any problems, but if you do, they offer tutorials on their page, including videos for each device. OneVPN is compatible with Windows, macOS X, Linux, and Android Apps.
This VPN offers a decent number of servers around the world, however, currently some of them are under maintenance, so roughly only half of them work. Nevertheless, you are still left with more than 150 servers around the world that are functioning properly.

Is OneVPN Safe?

As mentioned before, OneVPN supports PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and OpenConnect protocols. This means that you are basically covered for security. Furthermore, all of their protocols are SSL secured as well as encrypted with 256 bit AES. When you add the NAT Firewall, you will get a nice experience and we were very satisfied as well.
However, they do not cover the problem with the kill switch completely. They have it as an option, but it’s up to you to install it, with the guides they provide you with. It’s similar with the DNS leak protection, and sometimes both can be very problematic, meaning that in some cases it’s possible that they won’t work at all.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, with so many VPN providers on the market promising all kinds of things, it’s very hard to distinguish the good ones form the bad. All in all, OneVPN has a long road ahead if they want to become a more transparent and trustworthy VPN. Even though they have almost everything you search for in a VPN on paper, the fact that they sometimes are hard to find and contact, makes them look like an unprofessional company and service. We wouldn’t fully recommend OneVPN, but if you are still willing to give it a chance, be careful, as they might only be after your money.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

Despite the fact that it is easy to find.It is also quite short and without many details. It was quite a challenge to understand very many things in their privacy policy. You have to make improvements.
I discovered that all of their protocols are SSL secured as well as encrypted with 256 bit AES. Besides, they have also added the NAT Firewall, I got a nice experience and I was very satisfied as well. It is just fabulous.
I think this is the most important aspect and feature of any leading VPN. To the contrary, OneVPN did not offer me a chance to enjoy this. If you cannot get your systems up to par, then you are left behind. Not good.
OneVPN Offered me the widest range of servers. With more than 150 servers around the world that are functioning properly. I think this one of the reasons for their fast speed. Great work done, please keep it up.
I have 4 SecureVPN,Windscribe,VPNUnlimited and OneVPN. OneVPN is the worst because even thought they advertise more than 60 countries, if you test on any of the non-european, non-american servers like India, Pakistan, Chile etc it...Read More
When it comes to speed, OneVPN offers are actually impressive if not good. It was perfect for streaming and torrenting. It was just amazing, I like it.
I was surprised that OneVPN did nothing to prevent leaks. The only thing I was offered was a guide to install DNS leak protection. Inadition, the guide was very complicated, hence giving me a rough time.
The organization of their page is unproportional and unimpressive at all. I regreted having chosen to use their servise. It is not encouraging site.
I was on the site with of my friends whom I know. We found out that we were complaining about the same issue. What annoyed me most was when the page just became unresponsive at once. More so, we never received any apologies or solutions to the issues.
I think this is the most important aspect and feature of any leading VPN. To the contrary, OneVPN did not offer me a chance to enjoy this. If you cannot get your systems up to par, then you are left behind. Not good.
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