The Best Netflix VPNs in 2020

There was once a time when watching Netflix could be made even greater with a simple browser extension. It took nothing more than adding a free app like Hola and you could connect to the Netflix of any country it had servers in. If you were already using a premium service then it was even better -- the number of servers with a paid subscription would make Netflix available in more than 150 countries. But after a while, Netflix cottoned on and shut it down, and it meant that no VPN could bypass region-locks initially, especially not the free services.

Since Netflix introduced geo-spoofing prevention tools, VPN providers upgraded their tools to be able to keep offering users wide access to Netflix, but not all are able to. Netflix has only improved the strength of its region-blocking technology since it was implemented and there aren’t that many providers that can get around it anymore. Some might claim they can but it’s not always true.

Keep reading to learn the three best providers that can get around Netflix blocks, based on our expert recommendation. We regularly review our articles to make sure the information remains accurate.

Best VPNs to Unblock Netflix in 2020

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Why Does Netflix Restrict Content Based on Location

We might not like the way Netflix chooses to block content based on region but they have just cause to do it. Most of the movies and shows they stream don’t belong to them, after all. The licensing agreements they enter into to be able to host the content come with stipulations, like how long movies can be played for and where they can be streamed from. Not adhering to these agreements would mean Netflix breaks their contracts and they’d potentially lose the content. In some cases, they may even have to pay penalties for such errors.

Using a VPN to geo-spoof Netflix and other services like it caused them to substantially breach these copyright agreements. If they hadn’t implemented their region technology then we probably wouldn’t see their libraries develop the way they have. In a way, it’s a good thing that most providers can’t get their users past Netflix restrictions. It separates the best from the worst but it means those who choose the right VPNs can still get around the blocks.

Choosing the Best Netflix VPN

First and foremost If a VPN provider isn’t able to get around Netflix’s VPN blocker then it’s going to be useless to you. Be sure that when choosing a provider that it can give you access to Netflix content from abroad

It takes a high-quality VPN to be able to get around Netflix’s sophisticated blocking technology. To do so, they need to tick the boxes on a couple of important areas.

  • Performance: Performance is key when it comes to using a VPN for Netflix. You should look out for how many servers it has, where they’re based, and which of them can actually access Netflix.
    If it has plenty of servers worldwide and offers unlimited bandwidth and server switching then this will be the right provider for you. Be sure to make use of a provider’s free trial or money-back guarantee to ensure you can get the Netflix access you need.
  • Security/Privacy: The level of encryption that a VPN offers matters whether you use your VPN for streaming, torrenting or gaming. Security and encryption tools are what keep your activity anonymous. They’re what prevents your ISP, governments, and hackers from being able to track your activity, and they’re also what allows you to access blocked streaming services like Netflix.
    The best providers will offer tools that are designed to evade censorship and region locks. They’ll use military-grade, 256-bit AES encryption, and tools like Onion over VPN, Double VPN, malware protection and an automatic kill switch. Be sure to check a provider’s exclusive security features before choosing a subscription.
  • Customer Care: If you’re having issues and are struggling to resolve it with your VPN’s customer care team, it might mean you’ve bagged a bad one. Though a responsive support team isn’t necessarily essential to a VPN, you’ll regret not choosing one with this feature if something were to go wrong. It’s always good to have a team you can rely on for questions about the service or problems you need to be handled.
    Any decent provider will offer 24/7 support and can help you resolve your issues over the phone, email and live chat. If the VPN you choose doesn’t follow through on it’s Netflix promise, you’re going to want a refund with as little effort as possible.

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN

A free VPN might have been able to cut it back in the day for Netflix but not now. Their VPN-blocking protocols are way too strong for poor-performing free VPNs. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they can’t offer the level of performance you need to access Netflix. They don’t invest in their infrastructure beyond the most rudimentary tools, like rented server space, and they don’t come with any level of encryption for keeping your activity private. In fact, the majority of them store logs on user data which they then sell to third-party advertisers. If your VPN provider isn’t helping you stay private on the internet then who is?

If a free VPN will sell your data then they’ll most likely give you up to government pressure too. One of the most attractive elements of a VPN is its ability to prevent your ISP from tracking your activity and potentially handing it over to governments for prosecution. If your VPN is storing this data then you should know not to trust it. If they’re not charging for their service then they’re certainly not investing in new encryption technologies or expanding their server network. If you insist on a free VPN, only use the ones that offer their whole premium service with a bandwidth cap, like TunnelBear.

Our Recommendations

Along with our community of VPN users, we regularly review VPNs based on what it takes to access Netflix and what makes them stand out from competitors. Our best three choices can be found below.


VyprVPN is one of the few providers that owns and operates its own infrastructure and can get around the Netflix block. Users can access servers around the world for the UK, US and Canadian streaming services. They have more than 1000 servers in 70 key server locations, making connecting on the move just as fast as at home. It’s available on all platforms and comes with unlimited bandwidth on up to five simultaneous devices, so that means unlimited Netflix streaming and more.

VyprVPN comes with privacy protection while streaming and doesn’t keep logs on its users’ activity. It has 256-bit encryption and thanks to its Chameleon technology, users get an even greater chance at bypassing a site’s restrictions. VyprVPN also works on sites like Hulu, HBO GO, and MLB.TV.

VyprVPN Subscription Cost:

Standard Membership - $60 per year
Premium Membership - $80 per year


With more than 3000 servers and unlimited bandwidth, ExpressVPN is one of the favorites for streaming. It’s also one of the ones that can get through region blocks on streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. ExpressVPN can only be used for US Netflix, but it is the largest library of content available and is updated much more regularly than anywhere else.ExpressVPN can be trusted when it comes down to privacy too. Besides 256-bit military-grade encryption, it’s based on the British Virgin Islands, a place without data-retention and lax copyright laws compared to the rest of the world. It also uses a zero-knowledge DNS, split tunneling and an automatic kill switch.

ExpressVPN Subscription Cost:

1 Month - $12.95
6 Months - $55.95
12 Months - $99.95 ($155.40 w/o offer)


NordVPN can access more Netflix libraries than any of the other providers. It can open up American, Canadian, Japanese, German, British, French and Italian-specific content. To see which servers to use for each library, click here. NordVPN houses more than 5000 servers in 60 countries and has unlimited bandwidth for non-stop Netflix streaming. Its super-fast network comes optimized for streaming and P2P and no logs are stored on user activity.

NordVPN comes just as equipped with security protocols as the other two VPNs. It also uses military-grade encryption and protects against DNS leaks. But NordVPN uses a few extra tools for protection, like Onion over VPN, Smartplay, and an automatic kill switch.

NordVPN Subscription Cost:

1 Month - $11.95
12 Months - $83.88 ($143.40 w/o offer)
36 Months - $107.55 ($430.20 w/o offer)