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What Is Keenow?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider allows you to protect yourself and your identity on the Internet. But every once in a while we manage to find VPN providers that have a different and more specific purpose. This one, in particular, focuses on unblocking content.
Keenow (or Keenow Unblocker) is a VPN service that does exactly what it says – it unblocks streaming content on the Internet. But what about other features that a VPN should definitely have in order to provide its customers with the best service?
This Israeli-based company focuses on users who are interested in streaming, offering both a Smart DNS and VPN access. But as a VPN, can it guarantee privacy and anonymity as well? Is Keenow good enough to compete with other big names on the market? Let’s find out:

Is My Privacy Protected with Keenow?

With Keenow you won’t get the full treatment in terms of privacy. Actually, you won’t even come close to it. Although they claim that you will be protected with their service, after reading their privacy policy we concluded that this is not entirely true. This VPN keeps logs, and the fact that it’s based in Israel, where the government conducts wide-scale online surveillance, means that we cannot fully trust it with our privacy. But given the fact that Keenow is an unblocking service, not a privacy service, we were kind of expecting this.
They collect users’ activity on their website, but not on other websites. They don’t track browsing activates, but they do collect and keep some personal information such as a valid email address, payment information, installation data, etc. Furthermore, they state “We record access logs of our DNS to find and handle technical issues while resolving different domains. Those logs are archived every midnight (UTC) and deleted after 7-days. We keep access logs for our Smart DNS API, to track which IP addresses require access to our Proxy servers and grant access. Those logs are archived every midnight (UTC) and deleted after 7-days”.
Keenow also keeps track of transmitted bandwidth usage log data (upload and download) during the VPN and Proxy sessions. When it comes to sharing all of this information, they state that the stored data might be shared with a third party only if they are legally obliged to.
So be careful when deciding, and if you want a VPN that will focus on privacy first, then we advise you to search for another one.

How Much is Keenow? Is There a Free Trial?

When it comes to buying their services, Keenow has interesting offers. You get to choose between two types of subscription, one that lasts for a month only, and the second one which is a yearly plan. Although the one-month plan costs $9.95, the yearly subscription comes with a discount, making it more affordable. You can buy it for $5.79 per month or less than $70 total. Both plans offer the same features, and what makes them more attractive is the refund policy. If you order a monthly plan you get 7-day money-back guarantee.,With the yearly subscription this goes up to 30 days. This is unusual but in a positive way of course. Keenow might not be the right choice for you, but at least this way you will be able to see it for yourself and you will have enough time to decide on this matter. Another great thing about Keenow is that it offers a free version as well, but it’s very limited, with no VPN access, limited data (512MB) and unblocking for U.S content only.
Needless to say, it’s not one of the cheapest VPN providers, but it’s still affordable.
For Keenow’s services you can pay with PayPal, Paymentwall (including Visa, Master Card American Express etc.) and CoinPayments, meaning you can also pay with Bitcoins.

Keenow Speed Test

When it comes to speed we need to clear some things up. First of all, Keenow incorporates both a Smart DNS and a VPN in one product. Although their Smart DNS service is fast, the VPN usually is not.
So if you want great speeds, you can use the Smart DNS service, without connecting to the VPN. But if you need privacy above all, unfortunately you will have to settle for a rather slow connection. The VPN showed low speeds in different servers, even the ones we expected to be faster, which was disappointing. Although they support P2P and torrenting, you will find this difficult with the speed for uploading and downloading.
However, on a more positive note, the VPN has DNS leak protection along with IPv6 leak protection, so you won’t face any problems of this type.

How is Customer Service at Keenow?

Keenow offers a few customer support options – from the FAQs available on their page to submitting a ticket.
Starting with the information that is handed to you by their website, we can safely say that they have a large range of information available. First of all, you have the FAQ page which is helpful to some extent, but for more detailed information you also have a “setup” tab, offering everything you need to know when you start using this provider.
If this doesn’t work for you, you are left with the ticketing option. When submitting a ticket you get to choose between two options: Technical Support and Billing Support. The reply is fast enough and it can vary from one hour to a few hours, which is not perfect, but it isn’t bad either.
Unfortunately, they do not offer a live chat, nor a 24/7-hour support.


We are going to start from the first thing you come across when searching for a VPN provider, their website. We were pleased to see that Keenow has a nice design, not too simple, but not too detailed either. It looks catchy, and although they can still work on it, it’s satisfying overall. Many providers overlook this problem, not realizing that this is the first thing that might turn potential customers into real customers. They have nicely placed the most important features on their front page and everything is easy to access.

When it comes to features, we have already mentioned some of them, such as the fact that the subscriptions offer both a VPN and a Smart DNS service.
Furthermore, you get to choose between 30+ servers in 14 countries, however P2P traffic is supported in New York and the Netherlands servers only. Even though the number of servers is rather small, they all unblocked Netflix without a problem, as one of the most restricted websites.
They use OpenVPN (TCP, UDP) and L2TP-IPSec protocols encrypted with 256-bit AES with 512Bit SHA2 packets authentication. Their bandwidth is unlimited, except for the free option “Lite”, where you get 512MB per day.
Keenow is compatible with devices such as Windows, Mac, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Apple TV, Kindle Fire, PlayStation, Xbox, Linux, and Router.
Fortunately, it offers a kill switch and has DNS leak protection along with IPv6 leak protection. There are a wide range of features that actually surprised us, and with them, this DNS/VPN provider can compete with other great VPNs.

Is Keenow Safe?

With Keenow you won’t have any leaks, because of its firewall level kill-switch and IPv6 and DNS leak protection that are included in the paid subscriptions. You won’t have to worry about your security either, not just because of this, but also because Keenow offers several VPN protocols (OpenVPN (TCP, UDP) and L2TP-IPSec protocols) along with different encryption options, and users are free to choose the protocol of their choice. One of the most secure features they have is the AES-256-CBC and auth SHA512 for HMAC. Considering the fact that they are primarily an unblocking company, this is pretty impressive. You can use their VPN service on public Wi-Fi networks, and we actually recommend it, because your privacy and identity will remain protected.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

Yes I expected that my data was not only available for my use considering what Keenow VPN based on but still my access logins should not be recorded for any other use. This is an infringement on my privacy.
Although Keenow VPN provides a free trial package I was disappointed when I tried it. It did not provide me with VPN access and gave data of only 512MB. I wonder why it is available yet it offers almost nothing.
The website looks catchy. I must say that my first impression about the website was excellent. The most important features are nicely placed and I found no difficulty in accessing anything.
The VPN has the DNS leak protection which is a plus for Keenow VPN. I must say this is a great feature as it prevents any problems when in the website.
I was pleased that Keenow VPN rejected none of my devices. Unlike other VPNS, It is compatible to all devices
Although I cannot entirely complain about Keenow VPN customer care services, I feel they should find a way of improving their customer service features by providing more exciting platforms like a live chat or 24/7 customer support base
I must commend Keenow VPN for this, although I disliked most of their feature s, I love the fact that i am able to get back my money if I don’t like their services. This eliminates the fear of the unknown.
I was denied access to P2P traffic in Australia as well as in Denmark. On contacting customer care about the issue I was informed that I was only able to access it in New York and Northlands. The company should try and reconsider at such issues.
Although Keenow VPN provides a free trial package I was disappointed when I tried it. It did not provide me with VPN access and gave data of only 512MB. I wonder why it is available yet it offers almost nothing.
Compared to all the VPNS I have used, Keenow VPN is one of the cheapest of all. For 12 months I paid $5.79 monthly which is relatively cheap compared to other VPNs. I would recommend it anytime when you operating on a tight budget

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