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IVPN is a robust offering to say the least. They particularly emphasize on security. Although that sounds a little redundant, as any VPN would be focused on security, IVPN takes it to the next level.

Here's what they say as a kind of mission statement:
Your Privacy; Security is our top priority. Not all VPN services put your security first. Let us tell you why we do.

This is a great VPN for security. In all my reviews I have not come across a more security-minded VPN.

Is My Privacy Protected with IVPN?

The simple answer is, your privacy is protected. IVPN prides itself on security, and every aspect of the company is geared to fulfilling this promise.
IVPN is a registered private company in Gibraltar and is prepared to relocate should laws ever change that may affect the privacy of our customers. IVPN operates the largest Multihop network for customers with advanced security and privacy requirements. Our servers don’t store any personally identifiable information and, if seized, cannot be used to identify our customers. Nor do we log any usage stats or data associated with your account. See our simple privacy policy to understand how seriously we take your privacy.
And that's just the beginning. The company was built by a group of security experts.
The IVPN team is made up of security professionals who met whilst studying Information security at the University of London (Royal Holloway). Each has decades of experience in government and enterprise security and have now built the most secure VPN service available using only proven open-source technologies. We’ve been around since 2009, far longer than most VPN services so you can rely on our hard-earned reputation for the security of your VPN service.
That's impressive. Every single security consideration a company could entertain has been addressed, and some that even an advanced technical user might not have considered.

How Much is IVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

IVPN is more expensive than most VPNs. That needs to be said at the outset.

Some users may consider this a downside, but the informed consumer knows to ask why, and the answer is superior security, and at the end of the day is that not the whole reason a person gets a VPN? Sure, there are a few who just want to stream television from another Geo-domain, and that's fine. I would say this VPN is not for them. They know they're a little pricier than other VPNs and address the situation head on.
You will find cheaper VPN services but you won’t find a better one. Others charge a little less, then make up the difference by overselling their servers, severely impacting your performance.
By charging a little more, IVPN can provide you with better security, faster servers and awesome support from IT professionals. The difference is only a few dollars a month for a service that will affect your online experience every day.

So, there you have it. To the point then. IVPN offers up to five devices for $15.00 per month. They offer an 11% savings quarterly (every three months), coming in at $13.33 per month, and their only other option is an annual plan for $100.00, which comes out to $8.33 per month.
As stated by this reviewer and the company itself, there are many, many cheaper VPNs, but with IVPN you get the security of true professionals that is a cut above everything this reviewer has seen on the market. You would have to look at the Department of Defense and other government networks in the public sector to find security superior to IVPN.
If security is your main concern, then this is the VPN for you.

IVPN Speed Test

IVPN is fast. Not the fastest network, but very fast. They sell their service as secure and fast, and they explain that they maintain their speeds by not over-selling their service. They keep a ratio between hardware and users which maintains their commitment to efficient and fast VPNs.
They maintain 22 servers as of this review, all of them, as they say, carefully positioned to reduce latency, increase speed and bypass geo-restrictions.
This is great news. Even the server distribution is not arbitrary, but chosen for speed and efficiency, again confirming the company's commitment to security and speed. They are consistent in pointing out that of the three pillars in the VPN world, speed, security, and price, a company can only commit to two. And therefore they are a little bit more expensive.

How is Customer Service at IVPN?

Customer service is good. They have a nice FAQ. They have installation instructions for every operating system they deploy onto, and they have a chat box at the bottom right of the support page for quick emails to the company. The emails are returned very quickly, sometimes almost immediately, depending on what time of day or night you send the message, but in any message, at any time of day or night, expect a response within three hours, and no more.


At the risk of sounding repetitive, the key feature of this service is security. It is the best security system this reviewer has come across in the VPN world, second to none. The next point to repeat is speed, which is more than enough for high definition streaming and gaming, and their speeds are consistent 24 hours a day, 12 months a year, because they do not oversell their service and maintain a ratio between servers and customers.
They allow peer to peer (P2P0) connections; however, they add the following caveat when addressing torrents in their FAQ:
Yes, however our upstream providers in the USA have threatened to disconnect our servers on multiple occasions as a result of the high number of DMCA notices we receive. We kindly request that customers avoid USA based servers for P2P (including USA exit servers on multihop).
If you follow their rules you should be safe. And please do follow the rules, because when you join a VPN you join a community, and not following the rules might create problems for the company and other users.
They do offer a three-day trial, but you must provide a PayPal or other billing information. If you cancel in the three days, you will not be billed.

Is IVPN Safe?

This is perhaps the safest, or at least one of the safest, VPN services in the private sector. It comes close to military grade protection, or another comparable public sector which requires world class privacy. They are located in Gibraltar, which has great privacy laws, and they have stated that if this policy of Gibraltar ever changes they will look for a new location with a comparable privacy law. They do not log any online activity, and the company itself would be hard pressed to identify your activity on their network, so complete is their commitment to privacy.

Bottom Line

Well, if you have not adduced it yet, this is a security minded VPN. If security is your thing, then look no further. This is the VPN for you. It's a bit expensive compared to the typical offerings out there, but they rationalize that by what they offer. Their speeds are good, too.

Max Ostryzhko

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