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ItsHidden VPN Review

There are numerous VPNs out there, each claiming to be the very best in the services they offer. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this VPN in particular because many users are under the impression that like other free services, it trades your personal information for affiliate and advertising revenue to pay for the service. The result being that you have less privacy and security and your personal information is at more risk than if you were not to use this service.
According to critics, there is no software with this VPN; you must use your own OS for the VPN connection which means there are no features whatsoever. The server network is small and practically unusable at any hour because the network is constantly busy. The Privacy Policy is designed to give your personal information away to third parties. If you want a secure VPN, this is not for you.

Is My Privacy Protected with ItsHidden VPN?

ItsHidden has got to be the VPN with the briefest Privacy Policy among all the VPNs. The policy states very clearly that ItsHidden does not collect or log any traffic which is what all users want to hear, but how practical is it? Seems like VPNs nowadays just put that statement in their Privacy Policy just to put users at ease but couldn’t be bothered to add any more information or to explain how exactly they go about ensuring user privacy. Its hidden could have done a much better job on the policy because from the look of it, the policy was slapped on the website for optics only. But that’s just my honest opinion on the matter.
Privacy Policy

How is my privacy maintained?

When you connect to we create a 'Tunnel'.  This is another word for a connection between us and you.  All data in this 'Tunnel' is encrypted so that only you and know the contents of what is being sent.  The data is encrypted to 128 Bits.  This is an excellent level of security whilst maintaining good levels of performance, even on older machines and lower powered devices such as Phones and Netbooks.

What information do you store?

We do not store any information and we are not required to do so.”

How Much is ItsHidden VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

There are five different plans available for all users on the ItsHidden VPN website. There is the $2.99 recurring payment for a month. The second one is a $3.00 payment for a month. The third plan is a $10.99 one-time payment for three months. The fourth plan covers a period of six months in which you will have to pay $18.99. Lastly, there is the twelve months plan that goes for $31.99 available for those that are ready to enjoy the services of ItsHidden VPN software for an extended period.

It is unclear whether or not ItsHidden provides a free trial or a money-back guarantee. Not that you should base your decision on that aspect alone, but it is also very important in deciding whether or not the VPN works for you. So, if it is among your priorities to test out a VPN before you sign up for a longer period then this could potentially be a deal breaker.

ItsHidden VPN Speed Test

How good is your bandwidth?

Our bandwidth is 1:1 contention ratio. What this means is that on some services they may claim to have 2 Gigabits of bandwidth, which in theory they do, however they are sharing this with up to 50 other people which at peak times makes it slow.  We however buy bandwidth for our exclusive use only and therefore the connection is as fast during peak time as it is off peak!”
When it comes to speed, ItsHidden does not disappoint either. The speed is relatively fast according to my tests, giving download speeds of about 30mbps, which is great.

How is Customer Service at ItsHidden VPN?

ItsHidden customer support was fortunately responsive. There is no live chat so you cannot chat back and forth with someone, meaning that you will have to send them a detailed email and wait to hear back from them. This wait fortunately was not excruciating. The support system responded within a reasonable amount of time. A free chat however would be great because nobody wants to wait a couple of hours nowadays for a simple response. Again, in a live chat the customer support is able to give you a step by step guide on how to go about the problem.


• Dedicated IP servers
• Full access to blocked sites
• Supports PPTP and OpenVPN
• No logs Privacy Policy
• More than 15gb of Bandwidth
• Full money back guarantee
• Number of Server Locations (countries) - 3
• Does VPN keep logs - No
• Includes Kill Switch - No
• Devices per license - 1

Is ItsHidden VPN Safe?

ItsHidden VPN recently announced that their service now supports the OpenVPN protocol, a development that already registered ItsHidden VPN clients will find encouraging. With OpenVPN protocol, users will find it easier to securely engage in substantial online tasks and activities like streaming live TV, online gaming and unblocking of VOIP websites. Furthermore, this shows that the developers of ItsHidden VPN are willing to make their service better in every possible way to be able to rub shoulders with the best VPN providers around today. ItsHidden also uses 128bits encryption to keep their users secure so you are guaranteed a lot of cyber security.

Bottom Line

ItsHidden sounds great on the surface but when it comes to putting matters into practical shape this might not be the best VPN for you. There is very little information about how this service is provided. Their security protocol is very unclear, and the website provides very sketchy information about everything and this is very discouraging for users who want a serious VPN. This VPN probably won’t be very helpful for me but feel free to give it a shot.

Max Ostryzhko

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