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They have servers in 39 countries. 73% of user reviews who used Ironsocket VPN are positive.
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IronSocket VPN Review

This VPN is a straight-up, middle of the road offering that seeks to gain newcomers and experienced VPN user, who know a good bundle and a good price when they see one.
IronSocket does not suffer immodesty. Here is a text splash from their landing page:
IronSocket is the Best VPN and Proxy Package In the Industry. Get multiple simultaneous VPN connections and unlimited use of Smart DNS, HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies.
It is a bold offering and deserves to be brazenly flaunted, although the best claim is a tad hyperbolic. Their core offerings represent a great bundle.

Is My Privacy Protected with Ironsocket VPN?

IronSocket knows what you are looking for. Here's the opening of their privacy policy.
We DO NOT LOG or record in any manner the content you access while using our Services. We DO NOT USE your information for purposes other than those to which you have consented. We DO NOT SELL or trade personal information for commercial purposes.
I think it's fair to say your privacy is protected.
As for information disclosure, look how subtly they let you know you're okay:
Legal Process. The company cooperates fully with law enforcement agencies but only discloses user information when required to do so subject to subpoenas, warrants and legal processes valid under Hong Kong jurisdiction.
Hong Kong has great privacy laws for global citizens.

How Much is Ironsocket VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

IronSocket is reasonably priced for the robust offering.

One-month risk free sells for $6.99 a month. One year grants a 40% discount, adding up to $4.16 a month. Six months boasts a 14% discount and works out to $5.99 a month.
This is a middle of the road offering as far as pricing is concerned, not too high and not too low. All of the plans have a seven-day money back guarantee, which amounts to a free trial of seven days, however they do not market any free trial.

Ironsocket VPN Speed Test

IronSocket is not particularly fast when compared with other players on the marketspace.

How is Customer Service at Ironsocket VPN?

Customer service is cold and distant, with a few sections to read, like the IronSocket FAQ, setup guides, and support tickets. Direct contact with the company is by email only, hence the distant characterization. It seems like another stumble for IronSocket, as if they would rather go with the open source OpenVPN client than code one themselves.


The bullet point feature list on the offerings are as follows:

  • Encrypted Private VPN Services
  • Unblock Geo-Restricted Content
  • Public Wi-Fi / Hotspot Protection
  • Global Access to Netflix, Hulu & More
  • P2P Optimized - Download Privately
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, & PPTP Support
  • HTTP, SOCKS5, & DNS Proxy Included
  • 3+ VPN and Proxy Connections Included
  • No Activity Logs for Any Service
  • 24/7 Customer and Technical Support
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.

The IronSocket VPN deploys on just about every operating system and device.

They market their device limit as 3+, which is a little ambiguous. Is it any number over three?
Installation instructions are super clear and concise.

The sheer number of devices, from television application to game consoles, is quite impressive. IronSocket has put a lot of time and effort into cultivating this level of distribution. Sadly, Linux is ignored, without so much as a browser extension. However, they do not provide their own client, opting instead to use OpenVPN. This makes for a more complicated installation, especially for newbies.
IronSocket is in nearly 50 countries, with 36 servers at last count. They also package a smart DNS service in their bundles, which is a much better bet for getting at Netflix content outside the geography of the content licensing. This is a huge deal for most people who want a VPN or smart DNS for streaming while traveling.
Their speeds are not stellar, but you can stream high definition and game, although downloads are not super-fast.

Is Ironsocket VPN Safe?

Users must download config files by server location, and users get a choice between strong, light, or none for encryption. I guess the assumption is that encryption is not for everyone, and of course they are right. You don't want encryption for gaming or streaming.
The recommended strong encryption is the AES 256-bit encryption, which is secure. Cut it in half for light encryption.
The connection is OpenVPN, and IronSocket prefers to use the OpenVPN open source client as opposed to building their own proprietary client. This throws newbies in the deep end and makes installation a little techie in a marketspace that should take note of competition which eases installation and configuration for beginners. Not a plus for IronSocket. And from this poor decision comes DNS leaking and the lack of a kill switch.

Bottom Line

This is a decent VPN service that, unfortunately, makes the VPN experience a little more complicated than it should be for beginners. The speeds are pretty much acceptable but not stand out exceptional. The security from the open source OpenVPN client is a little lacking and this must be considered by anyone, no matter what they want a VPN for. It might be better to take a pass on this VPN service.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

Streaming on Netflix was enjoyable. The speed was okay but not the best that I have seen compared to other VPN providers. Needs some improvement on that but there isn't much to complain about.
They offer a 7 day money back policy that helped me to check out the VPN first without being worried if I had put my money to good use. It helped me to erase my doubts which I am so grateful for because some VPN do not have the mo...Read More
They only provide an email as contact information. I wrote to them and it took so long for them to write back. I would not recommend this VPN because of the simple fact that they do not provide good support for their clients. A lot of my questions went unanswered.
I was really excited when I found this feature because it makes it possible for me to unblock websites where I find all my interesting movies, like Netflix that have censorship and the great thing is I can access the websites without a VPN. this is an amazing feature.
IronSocket offers an undeniable proxy package that allows an individual to access websites securely. This is the best that I personally have encountered so far when I compare it to others that I have used before. That is why I decided to switch to this VPN.
Without this VPN viber was not connecting but when I use it, there was instant connection.
They offer a 7 day money back policy that helped me to check out the VPN first without beig worried if I had put my money to good use. It helped me to erase my doubts which I am so grateful for because some VPN do not have the mon...Read More
It protects my details by securing my internet activities even when I go out of my WiFi range or use a public connection like in the coffee shop. It also has optimized P2P that allows me to surf the web privately.
I found the application really easy to use. There is also a pretty elaborate FAQs section that helps with the few times that one may experience difficulties. however for a person who is not so experienced with VPNs it is a little tricky but when you get the hang off it it is the best
The encryptions on this VPN made it really hard for installation and getting around the features. I would not recommend it to first time users because it will cause confusion for them. I also feel like it is very prone to DNS leak...Read More
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