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They have servers in 47 countries. 83% of user reviews who used ibVPN are positive.
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What is ibVPN?

The internet has many pitfalls and it is impossible to get rid of them all, but we can definitely overcome some of these flaws using the services of a virtual private network. We need to look at many factors before putting our money in one of these services.

ibVPN is a Romania-based VPN service provider and it has plenty of positives to be talked about. Fully loaded feature packages with some attractive options are offered at low prices, which makes it one of the best services available in the market.

Is My Privacy Protected with ibVPN?

The official statement released by the company on logging policy states that “ibVPN does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network service. We cannot relate any specific activity with any specific user. If any legal notices are forwarded to our legal department we will comply with that notice. However, we cannot be compelled to hand over information which we do not have.” This sounds great and the privacy quality we could expect from ibVPN is simply amazing.
The company is committed, and respects the fact that every individual’s privacy is very important and it doesn’t want them compromised. No connection and user logs are maintained, and similarly, the company won’t sell or trade, or even advertise the requirements or data of their subscribers in any form. The only contact information that is required is a valid email address, which is used to communicate or subscribe for an account with the service provider. Name, contact number and other details are only optional.
Payment is handled by third party providers and so the payment information of the subscriber is not stored in the company database. The payment providers supporting the payment platform of ibVPN are also found to not track or keep log of the data and internet activity performed by the subscriber. All of these are really good signs and you get to achieve the best in class privacy.
A kill switch feature is also provided, which is another important privacy feature that a VPN must have in order to be the best in providing privacy to its subscribers. Your VPN connection will be cut off as soon as the connection with any of the servers terminates. Your original IP address, internet activity and data will not be leaked at any stage whatsoever.

How Much is ibVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

ibVPN service provider is celebrating its 8th anniversary and they are offering an exclusive membership plan at a price of $58.06 for a 2-year membership of the ultimate plan, which translates to just $2.42/month. The Ultimate VPN plan is offered at 78% discount to celebrate their anniversary. The Standard VPN package is offered at a discount of 69% and is priced at $1.54/month, with an annual membership fee of $18.48. The Torrent VPN plan is also offered at a discount of 69%, resulting in a price of $.54/month if you make an annual payment of $18.48, just like the standard plan. An IBDNS/SmartDNS subscription plan is also offered for the same price. All these are for individual subscribers.
Business-specific users can sign up for the Ultimate VPN plan, which offers multiple simultaneous connections at a price of $8.32/month (for annual payment), and is valid for 5 simultaneous connections. If you want to use 20 simultaneous connections, then you need pay $3.32/month (discounted exclusively for one-time annual payment). ibVPN also offers a 24-hour free trial, which can be unlocked by signing up for any of the membership plans mentioned above. 15-day money back guarantee is also offered.

ibVPN Speed Test

Speed test results will give you an idea on the overall performance of ibVPN. OpenVPN USD protocol connection was used in the testing process. Performance results may not be the same across all the servers operated by ibVPN. Free internet server connections generally tend to mean that there are no connectivity options. Download speeds were not that good, and as a matter of fact, ibVPN is not the fastest around and you cannot expect to get fast speeds. Frequent VPN disconnections were also experienced for some reason or the other.
By enabling DNS protection in the client software, there were no evidence of DNS, IPv6, IPv4 and WebRTC leaks. Leak protection is a good sign that your original identity and internet actions will not be revealed online. Bandwidth capabilities of the servers is not exemplary, so you cannot expect to stream movies in HD and download torrent files at the same time. Speed of the internet connection was found to be better but needs improvement.

How is Customer Service at ibVPN?

Customer support will be exceptional if the VPN service provider is transparent, and with respect to ibVPN, they are indeed transparent. You can find the mailing address and contact info of the company on their support page. This shows their commitment towards delivering the best service for their customers. A 24/7/365 live chat support is offered on the website, which can be used to solve all your minor issues and doubts. You can expect immediate response from their support staff. But, this support is available intermittently at times, which is a letdown.
Email support and a support ticketing system are also available, which can be used for a more detailed resolution to a problem. Apart from this highly reliable form of support, users can also get answers to many questions posted in the FAQ section of the website. As far as customer support is concerned, ibVPN has all the features to make it one of the best, but everything is a bit basic and the company needs to make some improvements.


ibVPN does have an extensive line of features on offer and we have listed out some of them:

  • P2P sharing is allowed.
  • 3 simultaneous connections.
  • Servers operating in more than 45 countries.
  • Proxy servers are offered in all locations.
  • Multiple protocol support.
  • Smart DNS service access.
  • Tor over VPN.
  • Double VPN.

ibVPN uses DHE and encrypts the tunnel using 128-bit Blowfish encryption, giving you the best forward secrecy. The company also has more than 2000 dynamic IPs on offer to its subscribers. The internet kill switch is one of the most advanced security features provided by ibVPN and one you’d definitely like to have the next time you surf online with a VPN. Along with this feature, an auto-reconnect option is also available. You need not worry about interruptions and connection terminations anymore.

A server switching option is also available and the subscriber is not limited to the number of switches he or she could make. You can jump from one server to another in no time. DDoS protection is ensured across all the servers operated by ibVPN across the world, which is quite remarkable. Server load balancing is ensured in order to limit the effect of internet traffic. Fast and secure connections are offered and there is an option of choosing Smart DNS for achieving even greater speeds.
Simultaneous connections are also allowed based on the type of membership plan you choose, so check it out. Ultimate plan allows 3 simultaneous connections, whereas all other plans allow only 1 connection. Multiple language support is another feature that allows customers from different parts of the world to understand the services better. ibVPN add-ons and browser extensions are also available to make the job easier for the subscriber.

Is ibVPN Safe?

Security features offered by ibVPN are also quite good and you will certainly appreciate the quality of security parameters on offer. A 256-bit AES encryption is used to secure the internet connectivity and transactions, which is really good. However, the company uses RSA-1024 handshake, which is open to hacking. A 2048 key would have been even better. Multiple encryption protocol support is also offered by ibVPN.
Windows, Mac, DDWRT router and Android users can make use of the high security OpenVPN protocol connection. An all-in-one VPN connection provides automatic connection for Mac and Windows subscribers. SSTP, L2TP and PPTP protocols can also be set up automatically on these devices. PPTP might be faster, but is not the most secure one, so you better avoid it. SSTP protocol is supported even for Linux and is only the second most secure protocol next to OpenVPN. L2TP also does the job, and try to keep PPTP as your last option.

Bottom Line

The price at which ibVPN offers a highly secure and reliable network connection is quite remarkable. Installation and setup is very easy for a beginner. With only a limited number of servers spread across 10+ countries, ibVPN still has to do a lot in terms of widening its access range. Unlimited bandwidth is offered, which should be good for those streaming HD movies and torrenting. The presence of the kill switch and lack of IP-leak detection are some of the strong points of ibVPN. There are many positives in ibVPN, but we think that the company can still improve a lot to reach the top of the pack.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

Provides their services at low prices that are manageable. I get a discount on the suscriptions because I have used this VPN for long. These discounts help me pay for the months after. Best VPN.
I did not like this VPN because there was no free trial to help me ascertain if this is the service I want I think they can improve on it
Was able to access HD streaming of videos, P2P sharing and torrenting which was very impressive but the speed kept flactuating sometimes to very low speeds.
This vpn has encryption which boosts the security of internet avtivities and transactions within but the encryption they use is open to hacking
A kill switch has been provided to protect data, IP addresses and internet activity in case of emergency.
They have a mailling address and contact Information on their page. They also provide 24/7 live chat support which is fast and reliable. The staff was friendly and polite.
They send a portion of your IP adress to google analytics. If you do not want this to happen, you have to install a browser add on which is a lot of work.
They do not store your IP address, name or phone numbers which provides me with the privacy I need, nut they do not produse a kill switch which is available in other VPN providers.
Ib vpn has a limited number of servers. I could not find some that I need. I think they should try and increase the number so as to provide people with variety
Allowed me to access netflix and video streams without struggling. It has many server locations that you can connect to from many countries
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