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HideMyAss VPN Review

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have too many uses to count: geographically accessible content, network restrictions, and online security are a few that come to mind, but whatever your reason for a VPN, you need to ensure you find the most reliable provider.

HideMyAss was one of the first VPN providers in the industry way back in 2005. It now serves more than 400 million people around the world, one of the largest global market shares, and it has garnered a reputation as one of the most trustworthy VPN providers in the market, scoring high user approval across a number of criteria:

Is My Privacy Protected with HideMyAss VPN?

HideMyAss had a bad reputation among VPN users who had privacy as a top priority, and HideMyAss provided police with information on at least one of its customers. The unfortunate incident took place in 2011, and, to further disparage the VPN's privacy reputation, HMA played an important role in the arrest of the user.

A lot of questions about the company’s privacy policy were raised, and while HideMyAss did address the issues in question, many users still find it unacceptable that the company released the identity of one of its users. HideMyAss is headquartered in the United Kingdom, a jurisdiction with mandatory data retention laws, so there is certainly a possibility that the VPN service stores user information.

HideMyAss states on its website that it collects information such as your username, IP address, amount of data transmitted, and things like this. The stated purposes are to prevent or detect fraud and improve service. This data is stored for two to three months on the company’s servers. They also mention that while they don't sell or rent your personal data to third parties, they will share your personal data with third parties when required by the law or to complete a legal process.

They have a kill switch but it doesn't block the whole system like most other VPN services, and it requires you to manually set up everything. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that HideMyAss might not be your best choice if your major focus is privacy.

How Much is HideMyAss VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

The HideMyAss VPN services home and business users. Home users have three pricing plans: a one-month plan that requires you to prepay $9.99 on a monthly basis, a 6 month plan that requires you to prepay $47.94 every six months ($7.99 per month), and a 12 month plan that requires you to prepay $59.88 every year ($4.99 per month). HideMyAss had its subscriptions priced quite high before. This price revision makes them quite reasonable. No free trial is offered, so you can't test drive their service. Some VPN providers offer at least a 24-hour free trial. This is a sore point with potential users. HideMyAss does provide a 30-day money back guarantee, though, but there are a lot of conditions to this as well: less than 10GB of bandwidth should be used, no more than 100 sessions, and not applicable to purchases made through the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play.

Business users are priced based on the number of licenses they wish to purchase. 10 licenses are $23 per month on a monthly plan and $156 prepaid annually. 20 licenses are $46 monthly and $314 for an annual prepay. 30 licenses are $69 monthly and $469 annually.

HideMyAss VPN Speed Test

HideMyAss promises ultra fast speed to its users. It isn’t the fastest VPN around, but its speed is quite impressive. With more than 760 servers located across 190 different countries, they deliver decent upload and download speeds, though they vary depending on your connection and the VPN server you choose. Streaming video content is no problem.

How is Customer Service at HideMyAss VPN?

The customer service representatives from HideMyAss VPN are available 24/7 to answer your queries by chat. If that's not enough, you can submit a request by online form available on the website, but there's no response time mentioned by the company, and there's no phone support, either. They prefer to let you help yourself with a comprehensive Knowledge Base that answers all questions you might have, and there's a separate Community page where you can gather news and get advice from the company’s user community.


It can't be ignored that HideMyAss has one of the least detailed websites in the VPN space. Navigation is easy. There isn’t a lot of information the company provides on its website, no explanation of its features, and you must do quite a bit of searching to find something specific.

HideMyAss offers three different modes: instant mode requires just a single click to secure your connection, perfect for using public Wi-Fi networks; location mode allows you to choose your location, perfect for accessing your local websites abroad. and freedom mode , meant to be used in regions with restricted access to the internet, perfect for circumventing restrictions and using the internet securely.

HideMyAss VPN has over 760 VPN servers located at 190 locations around the world. With so many servers at its disposal, the company allows unlimited server switches and unlimited bandwidth. In addition to supporting multiple VPN protocols, such as PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN, HideMyAss also supports multiple platforms, and it has apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows PC. With just one license from HideMyAss, you can connect up to five devices simultaneously, a decent number when compared to some other VPN services that support only three. The list of features remains the same for business users as well.

Is HideMyAss VPN Safe?

Like all leading VPN service providers, HideMyAss uses AES with 256-bit keys for its encryption. This allows peace of mind in your online activities like internet banking and file sharing, without fear of losing your valuable data to cybercriminals.

When it comes to DNS or other IP leaks, HideMyAss provides no information about DNS leak protection, but they do provide information on how to prevent DNS leaks from happening. Though you're unlikely to detect DNS or WebRTC leaks with the service, you can use this information to learn more about the topic.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of positives to recommend HideMyAss VPN service, the easy to use app, great list of features, great speeds, and reasonable pricing, but it can't be overlooked that the company is *not* the best when it comes to its privacy and security features. If you are just looking to access video streaming websites from abroad, this VPN service could be sufficient. If, however, you are after top online security, privacy, and anonymity, you might want to look elsewhere.

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User Comments

Its so cool that this VPN has a Kill switch and can handle DNS Leaks. I am quite satisfied with this website. Good work guys.
The customer care is not very good. I had an issue but they took too long to respond. Finally I was able to handle it through the community page they have that had news and various advices. I was able to learn a lot from this page.
Finally I can download and stream my movies from netfix without a problem.HideMyAss is great to use. It not affected easily if I download many items at the same time.
I like the services offered , the speed is great, a variety of servers to choose from and the price is reasonable. Tho I feel like its too risky and strict for me to use.
The customer care is not very good. I had an issue but they took too long to respond. Finally I was able to handle it through the community page they have that had news and various advices. I was able to learn a lot from this page.
OMG! This VPN is so damn expensive. I can't afford this rates. At list the website could have provided a free trial to test whether the quality matches the prices.
Personally, I cant risk working with this VPN. I don’t want a third party accessing my information at any point.I need privacy that’s why I am using a VPN in the first place.
Thanks to HMA, My blogging experince is super great. I was at first worried if I would access my blog page and google while in Russia.Turned out great!.I had various servers and locations to choose from.
what! This website allows unlimited server switches and unlimited bandwith. Who wouldn’t go for this? Gaming is so on.
I found it easy to connect this VPN to my laptop. Using the app on my phone was also stress free. The problem was locating specific features in the website. In general this VPN is okay for me.
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