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They have servers in 11 countries. 67% of user reviews who used HideIPVPN are positive.
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HideIPVPN Review

This is a hard sell website. As soon as the landing page appeared in my browser, a JavaScript pop-up window showed up offering a further 10% reduction in price if I acted before the five minute countdown clock ended.

It's like a Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise as Ethan hunt the moment you hit their website. I found it somewhat cute, but upon further ponderance, I was annoyed. Why try a hard sell with limited time to decide, the time, in fact, required to peruse the information that would solicit consent to purchase. It's yet another example of bad marketing in the VPN marketspace.

Is My Privacy Protected with HideIPVPN?

Well, if we believe them, and I do, then they have the highest security possible. The VPN market is savvy, so to make a bold claim and not back it up; you'd be outed as a fraud in a millisecond in the digital universe. Here's what they say:
You can browse with confidence while you’re connected to public Wi-Fi and other untrusted networks since our VPN provides the highest security level with DNS-leak protection.
And as far as logging is concerned, the company states the following:
We don’t keep logs with your activity We do NOT keep logs related to any IP address because we care about our customers’ privacy. Therefore, no third-party can match user IP to any specific online activity.
An Internet search revealed no voices contesting their claims.

How Much is HideIPVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

First, it must be stated that Hide IP VPN does provide a free trial. In their words:
Free trial for everyone
To make your decision easy, we give you a 24-hour free VPN trial and a 7-day free Smart DNS trial package. Give it a try now – what do you have to lose?
A single turn of the earth doesn't seem like a lot of time to test out a VPN. There are a lot of things you might want to look at. You'd have to set aside a day.
They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so, in a sense, that is an extension to the 24-hour free trial.

Pricing is broken down into region, which is something new in the VPN marketspace. They have a ninja power purchase, for which if price and features are the measure, appears to be a high-end product. It gives no geographic limitation and sells for $9.99 a month, with that rate reduced to $7.66 a month if you pay quarterly, and $5.83 a month if you pay annually.
Next, they offer a trio of regional VPNs, one for the United Kingdom, one for the United States, and one for Poland. They are $5.99 a month, $4.33 if you pay quarterly, and $3.33 a month if you pay annually.
They don't give the lump sum payments in the quarterly and annual packages but instead break out your calculators and do the math.
The major difference in the plans is the number of VPN servers. The ninja plan offers 29, the United States plan offers six, the United Kingdom seven, and Poland three.
The same security and protocols operate on all plans.
Curiously, they also sell a standalone BitTorrent VPN for $3.33 per month, and a Smart DNS for $3.25 a month (both prices make up the monthly total if bought on an annual plan).
The payment methods are robust and include cryptocurrencies:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Discover
  • JSB
  • American Express
  • Dinners Club

HideIPVPN Speed Test

They boast speeds of up to one gigabit per second (1GB). That is impressive. Home users will not experience anything slower than their normal download capacity based on their Internet plan, so it's safe to say that for 99% of users there will be zero loss of speed when using this VPN. It would be a breeze to continue to stream television or films in high definition. They do allow peer to peer downloading, commonly referred to as torrents, but they caution that it should only be done with copyrighted adherence, but it's basically on the honor system, so let's just say yes to torrents.

How is Customer Service at HideIPVPN?

Customer support is both decent and predictable when it comes to VPN services. They have a handy Live Chat available 24/7, with response times of about 24 hours. However, before you reach out for the chat, make sure to check their FAQ page first. They have evidently done their best to include as many questions as possible and have provided both customers and interested buyers with everything they need to make a final decision on their purchase.


The features are simple. They deploy on Mac, Windows, and Android. No offering for Linux, which is typically a browser extension for Chrome and/or Firefox. The application itself is straightforward and easy to use.

Is HideIPVPN Safe?

Hide IP VPN boasts the following:
Use OpenVPN, SSTP, SoftEther, L2TP/IPsec or PPTP with all VPN servers included in your plan.
They offer DNS leak protection and an application killer, often referred to as a kill switch in VPN industry jargon. Their plans offer three simultaneous connections, and access to smart DNS for unlimited devices at the same time.

Bottom Line

Hide IP VPN is a decent offer that has excellent speeds, at least in the sense that you won't find any speed reduction in your normal Internet connection. The functionality of the main application is easy to use, even for beginners.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

It prevented me from accessing Netflix which is one of the main reasons why I use VPNs. This was disappointing since I had already made the payment before I found out. I would not recommend this VPN, especially to movie enthusiast. totally not worth the money i paid.
This VPN provides a free package that really helped me a lot because it came with a free proxy that enabled me to access websites that have been blocked. However, in order to access more features I had to upgrade to a payment plan...Read More
They offer a DNS-leak protection. Thy do not keep records of the user's activities. They also do not transfer their users' information to any third party. This would be an excellent VPN for someone who is particular about privacy issues.
Downloading and streaming for me was a breeze which is always important for me in a VPN. I did not experience buffering during streaming and it supports torrenting. Best VPN I have come across.
Unlike other VPNs that I have come across that only provide a few options for means of payment, this VPN provides numerous options for payment. I feel this is excellent because they provide modern means of payment like cryptocurrency. this is effective because it covers everyone and every situation.
When making a payment, I noticed that my credit card was being billed even after I have already made a subscription. I tried reaching the customer service but they have not responded to me yet. I did not require a subsequent subsc...Read More
I was able to access a free trial that helped me test out the VPN's features before committing myself to the monthly fees, which was amazing but the free trial was only for 24 hours which I feel like was not enough for the test run. I feel like they should definitely improve on this.
They provide 24 hour customer care. The operator on the live chat was so polite and patient with me and took their time to review all my questions. I was able to understand everything that was explained to me. The only sad part is...Read More
I was able to work around the censorship of twitter and I was able to smoothly use it through the help of this VPN. The feeling is just unbelievable.

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