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GoTrusted VPN Review

GoTrusted is an old school VPN with minimal add-ons and a reputation for really fast speeds. They make the claim that they operate in the gigabits, so that's fast and a very large and secure network.
They were incorporated in 2005 by a gaggle of Symantec executives. Symantec was an old antivirus company, and that's a natural outgrowth in the technology market: antivirus to VPNs.

They further claim that they can unblock any website, including Netflix. They operate on the bare bones of the industry, desktops and devices, no Linux and no routers. Let's take a closer look at their offering.

How Much is GoTrusted VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

The first thing you will notice about GoTrusted is the price. They are much more expensive than most other VPNs out there, and their prices have increased quite a bit just in the last few years. Perhaps this is due to a supply and demand scenario that justifies the price bumps, but an informed user of VPN services that are available these days would have to think long and hard about a commitment to such an expensive VPN. I have to wonder what the clear and away benefit of this VPN is. Sure, the speed is astounding, but there are some fast VPNs out there that are not charging as much as GoTrusted is charging. But hey, business is business: if you charge and people come, keep charging it.
So, in depth, here are the prices.
One month is $9.95. There is no contract. This is just one month of the service for one device. You can renew this and have the annual plan at $119.40.
Next comes the annual prepay, which drops the annual price for one device down to $7.49 a month if you pre-pay $89.88. That's a significant saving, but the prices are so high to begin with that you have to wonder how much you are saving in the first place.
The final option is a bi-annual payment plan, so you pay $52.50 every six months, making the annual payment $105.00. And remember this is just for one device. If you want more than one device, then it's going to cost even more. We'll get into that in a moment.
The payment options are quite limited. You have credit card options and you have PayPal. They have a section where future payment methods are announced: Paymentwall and WebMoney specifically, but they do not seem operational at the time of this review. They do state that Paymentwall is coming soon, but there are several other options in other payment sections that don't seem to work, so for the sake of certainty, let's say that you can only pay with credit card or PayPal at this moment. Not a great selection at all. I would like to see some cryptocurrencies in the mix, but GoTrusted doesn't indicate they are going to be getting into it any time soon.

GoTrusted VPN Speed Test

GoTrusted makes bold claims about speed on their secure socket layer (SSL) platform. The actual language they use is: Blazing Fast.
After testing their claim, it is revealed that GoTrusted is in fact very, very fast. It’ll be as fast as your Internet connection. There is no lag, no hesitation, nothing held back, like a pedigree horse at a big race.
Speed is the big selling point of this particular offering, and they tax heavily for it, as you know if you have already read the pricing section of this review.

How is Customer Service at GoTrusted VPN?

The first thing I noticed about support is it's not easily found on the website, being the gambler that I am, I clicked Contact Us and behold there it was, the Contact Us & Support page, but they don't put that in their top menu. You don't realize until you start clicking.
The main form of support, as is the case with most VPNs, is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.
And it is true, most questions a person might have about a VPN are answered there. On the off chance that you might have a question not covered by the FAQ, they provide a form submission.

It must be said that the website is a joke. It's an exercise in futility. Every possible question, one that even a relative novice could have about VPNs, like how many servers do you have, what speeds have you clocked, and why is your service so expensive, what would be the justification for this? All these questions are unanswered. It makes it very difficult to say anything nice in a review and it raises suspicions. The only option to get more information is to email the support team and ask your questions. But that kind of defeats the marketing purpose of a website. I guess this is the reason, despite blazing speeds they make none of the top ten annual VPN lists.


The application client is easy to download and completely intuitive; if you can turn on a computer you can use this VPN. However, as previously mentioned in this review, they only deploy on Apple and Windows, so Linux users are left out in the cold.

Is GoTrusted VPN Safe?

GoTrusted uses the security protocols PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN. They use an encryption system up to 256 bit, so we can say your security is covered.

Bottom Line

Quite simply, this is not a great VPN for a home user. It might have some benefits for corporate users who need guaranteed speeds, but even these can be provided by other market players at a fraction of the price.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

The VPN has okay features, not the best by any means but the ones available are pretty useful.
The quality of the services they offer is impressive and its performance if nothing short of fabulous.
The internet speeds was great and just what I was hoping it would be. I wasn't going to settle for a VPN that would slow down by internet speed and GoTrusted matched by expectations with no lag and nothing held back. The speed was simply superb.

GoTrusted are everything but affordable. I subscribed to their packages because I was in a desperate need for a VPN but on a closer such later on, I came to realize they are more expensive than almost everyone else. A monthly subs...Read More
A lot of people seem to like this VPN. I have come to like it as well after using it for a while.
customer support with this VPN is very efficient. I was able to get help really fast.
If privacy and security are your main concern, then GoTrusted ranks up there in terms of ensuring you are covered. The security protocols used( PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN) with up to 256 bit encryption system , was enough to guarantee my security.
I love this VPN. Everything about it is just so impressive. The speed was amazing and customer support was very helpful.
As with most VPNs, the main form of support for GoTrusted is their FAQ page which was resourceful and suffices in providing an answer to some basic questions about this VPN. However, there are other questions that the FAQ page doe...Read More
You would think that the firts thing on a website besides the obvious product description is the customer support but that wasn't the case with this VPN. If you have a burning issue, you have to scroll and browse through the Conta...Read More
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