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What is GooseVPN?

Once you get over the bizarre title -Goose VPN- you can have an objective look at the products and services on offer, but it took me a couple minutes. I would start to write, then stop, and I would just say goose a few times, and then start to write again. Okay, let's deal with it.
Why Goose VPN? I mean what could geese possibly have to do with a VPN? As a Canadian, the country that hosts geese in its appropriate weather, I like to think I have a special relationship with them, like an Indian up near the Pakistan border might have a special relationship with the tigers that inhabit the mountains. So, does this VPN go south in the winter? No. Can it fly in a V formation, quacking all the way? No. So why Goose VPN? There is no answer. Let's move on, for real this time.

Is My Privacy Protected with Goose VPN?

They market themselves as safe and easy, though what they mean by safe is anybody's guess. The one thing that absolutely jumps off the homepage right from the start is the price, $2.99 per month. That's a great price. You couldn't make a one-way trip on most western public transport for that money. It's an afterthought, like a cookie with a five-dollar cappuccino. So right away they have got me there .
They list the operating systems they operate on the homepage as well: Apple, Microsoft, and Android, so, if you're a Linux user looking for a browser extension, they have that, too. This VPN is for you - literally. Let's dissect this offering some more closely.

How Much is Goose VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Did I mention in the introduction that this bad boy is only $2.99 per month? I did? You need to hear it a few times. GooseVPN keeps it simple. A simple tool. A very simple price. No big marketing pitches. No hundred and one add-ons to look at for antivirus or malware. No complicated bundles that require a calculator and a protractor to figure out which one is really the best value. Just a straight up offering. You need a VPN? I got one here for $2.99 a month. It's so economical and straightforward, it's like buying stolen goods on a street corner from a known burglar. If you haven't clued into my dry wit yet: I like the price.
However, it wasn't until I started clicking through the pricing pages on the main landing page that I was informed that the $2.99 price was for one month with a restriction of 50GB. data restrictions do not play well in the world of VPNs, even at a low, low prices. The actual price for the service in its unlimited download capacity is $12.99 a month, like more than 500 percent more. Hook, worm, reviewer reeled into the boat by the homepage. But still, let's look at the various services on offer here, inflated prices and all.
The main package is a whopping $12.99 per month, but remember, they provide unlimited connections and devices and unlimited data. The big plus is the huge savings you get if you buy annually, some 62% in savings for an annual price of $59.88.

Paying for GooseVPN is done through credit/debit card or PayPal only. No Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. A bit lame for a VPN, but not unusual. You'd think companies that sell privacy would be at the forefront of a currency utilization that also promotes privacy, but no. A synergistic moment lost by callous or prejudiced chief financial officers no doubt. So, if you want the Goose, pull out a card or type in your PayPal details. That’s it. Let's move on.

Goose VPN Speed Test

Okay, here we go. They promote the following on their Why you need GOOSE VPN page:
One subscription, unlimited devices, no contracts.

Catchy headline on the why question, as I personally have two smartphones, four computers - spanning Windows 10, Ubuntu, and an iMac (relax, I bought it second hand for a great price, and it had been tricked out by an advertising company doing graphics) - and an iPad, so that's a lot of coverage for me. And they say we can use it on all our devices. The unlimited option is quite attractive. You could buy this and sublet it to your little brother or sister if you wanted to get all Montgomery Burns about it. But seriously, that is a nice touch, unlimited devices. Only a few VPN service providers do that. Device limitation is a typical upsell in the VPN world. GooseVPN breaks the habit. I like it. And you should, too.

The data integrity is good with Goose if a look at the customer comments can be trusted. The big minus is that they don't have a kill switch.

Is Goose VPN Safe?

They say they don't log anything. Don't believe me? Listen to them:

  • Encrypted data
  • Browse safely
  • Different IP address
  • Zero-logging
  • No Bandwidth Throttling

A quick look at the user forum reveals that they have leak issues on the Chrome browser extension, but they fixed it. This, of course, is quite common in the VPN world. It's like the coyote and the roadrunner the way some companies work to crack the use of VPNs and the way the VPNs counter these attempts, so no biggie with Chrome. The forum itself is nicely put together and you can search through already existing topics or ask a question of your own and start a thread. Turnaround time on answers is quick, so I would have to say support is solid.
Their privacy policy is clear and direct:
Does GOOSE VPN give personal information to other organizations ? GOOSE VPN does not hand over any personal information to other organizations (no personal or non identifiable information which are collected via our website, software or has been sent to us. GOOSE VPN does not support any other organization which supports any type of copyright claims. Like every company, we do have to comply with the rules of public bodies. If a public body suspects a GOOSE VPN user from criminal activities (terrorism, for example) we can keep a log on this specific user. GOOSE VPN never works with copyright
Sweet. That's what a potential customer wants to hear. It's as clear as mountain river water. Let's move on from privacy. They've got it locked down and there are no issues to raise.

Bottom Line

A good VPN for beginners and heavy users with many devices. It has no kill switch, but other than that the security is top notch. If you go with the annual package, your savings are astronomical.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

This VPN is so easy to use. I thought I'd need help installing but it was just easy and I enjoyed the service
I migrated from a previous VPN due to issues with speed but I had grown used to paying with cryptocurrencies, a payment option that GOOSE VPN does not offer. Regardless however, they do offer the option to pay using a credit/debit card or with your PayPal account.
I couldn’t understand a thing when I read the refund policy of this VPN. I just needed some assurance that should things not work out, I could be refunded but at one point I was assured of the same while a few paragraphs below I w...Read More
I was going to pay for a monthly subscription when I saw that the annual subscription was actually much cheaper. GOOSE VPN offers amazing discounts of up to 62% in total savings, I couldn't miss that.
If you have different devices running on different Operating Systems, then GOOSE VPN is the right app to use. I was amazed that it can run on competing OS including Apple, Windows, Android and even Linux.
I used this application for a few months now and I am more confident when I use public wifi hotspots.
Small price, fast servers, and great support. My choice is made.
Provides me peace of mind that my data is protected while offering accessibility to anywhere on the web.
I was not going to settle on merely what GOOSE VPN's privacy policy says about securing my privacy. A careful review of previous users and upon performing my own tests, I can to confirm their claim. My time of using GOOSE VPN was ...Read More
I like that no logs are kept so i can browse confidently.
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