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The GeoSurf product suite is comprised of six solutions, including residential IPs, direct connection API, desktop VPN, mobile VPN, and the toolbar browser extension. Geosurf solutions feature multiple tools for maintaining safety and security online, including compatible solutions for all 3rd party solutions requiring proxies.

Is My Privacy Protected with GeoSurf?

GeoSurf network security provides users with the highest levels of safety and reliability. Owing to the fact that GeoSurf owns all servers on its network, users are assured of ironclad security online. This is facilitated by way of a global range of Tier 1 data centers. As such, all users are privy to the most secure browsing process. These security elements are especially useful when using residential IPs for SEO and data mining purposes.

All browsing activity with GeoSurf is guaranteed secure and private at all times. To this end, GeoSurf signs agreements with customers, providing guarantees for the integrity of their data and communications. The privacy policy indicates that GeoSurf does not require users to provide Personal Data, although activities may still be logged. The types of data collected include the following: user account, contact us, usage data, data from third parties, purchases, cookies and tracking, services integrations, analytics and log files.

GeoSurf will share Personal Data with selected third-party service providers outside the EEA, business partners and affiliates, governments, and comply with specific legal requests. Note that GeoSurf does not have a kill switch. Whether you’re browsing on PC, Mac, mobile or browser extensions, GeoSurf provides you with anonymous browsing sessions. The GeoSurf product offerings are generally highly regarded among users. The GeoSurf IP rotation resource provides users with multiple requests from verified IPs, and geo-spoofing is their main focus.

How Much is GeoSurf? Is There a Free Trial?

Source: GeoSurf Pricing

GeoSurf pricing is based on the type of plan that is selected. The following proxies and residential IPs are available:

  • Starter Plan - $300 per month. The starter plan offers 20GB per month. The residential fee is $15 for every additional GB. There are residential IPs in over 130 countries.
  • Plus Plan - $1,000 per month. This plan offers up to 100GB per month and the residential fee is $10 for every additional GB. Users get to enjoy unlimited IPs. The residential IPs are available in 130 countries.
  • Enterprise Plan – This option offers 2TB per month. There are over 2 million IPs with unlimited online connections.

Note that GeoSurf offers monthly specials too. These are promoted on site through the GeoSurf pricing page.  According to GeoSurf’s terms of service, "Subscriptions to the BIS’s Services may be made available in free or paid versions and/or in different service levels." The free trial registration must be canceled before the expiration of the trial period to avoid being billed.

GeoSurf Speed Test

In terms of speed and performance, GeoSurf utilizes Automatic Bandwidth Optimization (ABO) technology. This is geared towards providing the quickest connection speeds from gateways in the proxy network. A speed test of the GeoSurf proxy network is dependent on the IPs being used. Various data center IPs are associated with quick connections but the residential IPs are somewhat slower. The connection speeds between browsers and remote servers are virtually instantaneous.

GeoSurf’s P2P networks allow users to seamlessly transition from one IP to another. This means that the "protective chain" is maintained at all times. This business-leaning service is predicated on ironclad security considerations and optimal connection speeds.  Overall, some of the GeoSurf response times are exceptional while others are slow. One of the oft-cited benchmarks with proxies is Amazon. GeoSurf’s connection time to Amazon is impressive and much the same is true of other connection targets.

The majority of status reports reflect "OK" and few, if any, failures were reported. Speed tests of GeoSurf’s residential proxies bearing large loads (connections) reflect strong overall performance. The high success rates are barely influenced by increases in concurrent connections.

How is Customer Service at GeoSurf?


GeoSurf’s customer service team is available through several channels. These include email and telephone assistance.

Customer service will typically respond within 24 hours. Various users have stated that support responses have taken considerably longer, but this is the exception to the rule. Customer support is available in English, but live chat is unavailable unless you’re using Skype and a representative is online.

Transparency and credibility are hallmarks of GeoSurf and you will easily find the company’s details online. The GeoSurf blog provides in-depth insights into data security, privacy, and VPN usage. Readers can post comments on site and connect with fellow readers and customers via social media channels too.


GeoSurf features include the following elements:

  • 130+ global locations
  • User-friendly API for quick residential IP network selection and proxy connections
  • Easily rotate and switch Residential IPs and Static IPs
  • Advertisement verification is possible with proxy servers
  • 2 million+ residential IPs.
  • Sneaker Proxy services ensure that GeoSurf’s users will not encounter 404 errors on top sites like Nike and EastBay etc.


GeoSurf’s proxies (over 2 million of them) are not detected as proxy connections because they use residential addresses. This form of proxy masking renders GeoSurf’s services undetectable.

With 130+ locations globally, GeoSurf servers are conveniently located in countries like Mexico, Argentina, the US, Canada, and Thailand. Additionally, the copy/paste nature of the API ensures that all programming languages are supported, and coder-friendly services are available.

GeoSurf’s user dashboards provide in-depth analysis of online usage for optimized data collection. Bandwidth usages stats, the range of available locations with port ranges, Gateway domains, and sticky IP addresses can easily be accessed too.

The fact that GeoSurf does not impose limits on the range of IPs currently available is equally encouraging. The unlimited coverage (countries, threads, and connections) ensures access to a large global pool of IPs.

Is GeoSurf Safe?

GeoSurf is highly regarded within the global community. Since GeoSurf owns all servers on its network, users can enjoy much greater peace of mind. The servers are all hosted in Tier 1 data centers. This premium proxy network is fully compatible with Linux, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

GeoSurf supports OpenVPN and PPTP encryption protocols. For the most impregnable VPN connection, users are advised to use OpenVPN since this offers the greatest security.

With well over 2 million IPs on a network across 130 locations, GeoSurf avoids many of the problems encountered by competing VPNs. With so many addresses in every location, the issue of shared IPs is a non-starter.  When you use the proxy IPs, there is no leakage and target websites recognize the IP address as legitimate.

Be advised that GeoSurf only supports HTTP protocol in its applications.  GeoSurf makes mention of DNS (Domain Name System) leaks, WebRTC leaks and the like on its blog.  By using a residential IP as opposed to a VPN, users are assured of a safer and simpler browsing option.

No known bugs have been reported vis-à-vis DNS leaks, WebRTC leaks, and related incidents at the time of writing.

Bottom Line

GeoSurf has been thoroughly tested and deemed to have a stable and reliable infrastructure. The company uses a global network of residential proxies as opposed to traditional VPN servers to provide secure, anonymous, and uninterrupted connections across networks.  GeoSurf has the added advantage of high performance regardless of the number of current connections.

Be advised that GeoSurf is geared towards business users, and its enterprise-level solutions excel. It offers greater security and accessibility than other business services. While the price is somewhat high, the quality of the service and the available features certainly compensates.

It promotes itself as having residential IPs (over 2 million) as opposed to a standard VPN server service. Each of these IPs is clean and reliable. The user-friendly interface is intuitive and metric options abound. Overall, GeoSurf offers top-tier support, reliability, and usability. This proxy provider is flexible enough to cater to all users requiring residential proxies.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

It's used by the SEO department to simulate traffic to the website from a variety of GEO locations and we're pretty happy about it. Pricey, but if you look at it from a corporate perspective, it comes down to pretty decent tool at a relatively fare rate that's used by a team of 7 :-)
My team of engineers use GeoSurf to test the features of our ad tech products and simulate their behavior in different world regions. In a previous role, at a mobile search company, we used GeoSurf as a proxy for web crawlers. It'...Read More
GeoSurf is being used across the whole organization in order to check our products in their local markets. Works like magic!

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