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They have servers in 18 countries. 80% of user reviews who used FrootVPN are positive.
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What is FrootVPN?

FrootVPN is a relatively new Virtual Private Network company founded back in 2014, with its headquarters located in Sweden. This VPN service provider offers pleasant experience and fair service for all those who seek basic privacy while using their daily dose of internet. FrootVPN lacks some features which they overcompensate with the low prices and the decent security services. However, let’s go into a more detailed review.

Is My Privacy Protected with FrootVPN?

Basically, like every relevant VPN service, your privacy is protected, that’s the whole point of using it. However, the question is to what extent?
At first glance, FrootVPN looks promising, mostly because they highlight the fact that they offer 100% protection. Although, most times that was true only on paper, but never in reality. I don’t believe that it’s even possible to offer protection to such extents, but you can surely get close to it. However, keep in mind that with each VPN you should always be careful and pay attention to details.
On their page, they state that FrootVPN doesn’t log user activity, meaning your info, bandwidth, IP address, timestamps, DNS queries, and session logs are anonymous. However, although they guarantee no logging of your activity at all, they do record the bandwidth usage by session. This created a little spark of doubt in me, however, if this is the only thing they keep, then it’s not such a big problem for your privacy.
FrootVPN provides protection from hacking, surveillance or identity theft assaults. Unfortunately, they don’t offer one of the most important features for me, also known as the kill-switch option. So, if something unexpected happens, you might be put in an unpleasant situation. For example, if the network connection drops, you are back to the default IP address, meaning you will be exposed and your activity can easily be tracked.
Moreover, this VPN doesn’t have a many options of total servers. It offers around 30 servers across 18 countries, including Russia, Brazil, Israel, Japan, Isle of Man etc. It’s not the best for geo-spoofing, but I must admit I find the different and unusual locations to be quite an advantage.

How Much is FrootVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Considering they have a limited offer of features, by also lacking some of the most important ones, they come at a very cheap price. It’s almost a bargain and it’s affordable for those who look just for the basic things in a VPN. Monthly, you get to pay less than 5 dollars for using their VPN services, while for a longer subscription there is a certain discount. If you get a 3 months subscription the total price would be less than 12 dollars, meaning $3.99 a month. Moreover, their offer for a yearly subscription is around 35 dollars or just $2.99 per month.
The downside is that they don’t offer a free trial nor a free plan. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can get a refund. They offer a 30-day refund policy, however it comes with certain terms and conditions. A lot of the bad reviews I saw for FrootVPN were regarding this issue.
In comparison to other brands, it really is cheap. However back in 2014, their service was for free, and after gaining popularity and customers thanks to ThePirateBay, they put a price on their service. You can use a variety of ways to pay for if you need to use this VPN.

FrootVPN Speed Test

This provider offers a decent speed in some of its servers, especially the closest ones, but when it comes to a more distant location, I couldn’t say the same, for example, US speeds are much lower. Also they vary a lot, sometimes going from 40 Mbps upload speeds for EU servers, which is perfect, to only 9 in Asia. For many of its users sometimes even in Europe you can’t get the best upload and download speed. Unfortunately the brand still hasn’t offered something that will help in resolving this problem, but I hope they will as soon as possible.
While P2P torrenting is allowed, with this speed it would rather be difficult and annoying to use this feature.

How is Customer Service at FrootVPN?

Not the best. In the beginning, I gave it a score of three out of five, as this might be one of the main things that got this company some of its bad reviews and scores. The customers, in general, are dissatisfied with the customer’s care, for many reasons.
But, first of all, it’s important to mention that on their site you can find an email address where you can turn to for help, also the part “Support and FAQ”, but I personally didn’t find this useful at all. They also provide 24/7 service and a live chat available during working hours.
However, many times the service is slow, and when it comes to the refunding policy, users are complaining that there was no answer at all and they struggled with getting their money back.
Their page is modern and eye-catching, however, it needs a more detailed description of their features. I will, of course, mention their not-so-transparent way of selling their product, again. They should have provided the information that FrootVPN collects the bandwidth usage of their users. Overall, it needs improvements, yes, but I wouldn’t say it’s that bad.


One of the best features that FrootVPN offers is the number of simultaneous connections. You get up to 5, meaning that you can connect more of your devices at the same time, which is a great option.

They support Spotify, Netflix, Hulu etc., which is also a good thing for their customers and the potential ones.
Additionally, they offer connection support for PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP, as well as IPv6 when using an OpenVPN connection.
It not only works on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc., but also on routers, meaning you can officially use up to 5 connections at the same time, but in reality you can expend this. Their installation guide has tutorials for all of the named operating systems. The installation is simple, but the setup is a bit challenging, however their detailed guide will help you to easily finish this.

Besides anonymity and no logging of your activity, they offer a strong encryption policy, meaning all your data will be secured with a 2048-bit encryption as well as encryption with PGP Key. For the price you pay, FrootVPN also protects you from Network Address Translation, which is a router feature that helps to avoid third-party intervention.
While some of the features look good, FrootVPN doesn’t have many servers compared to other players in this industry, but they do include some countries that are not so common. They offer an unlimited bandwidth but the speed is not their best feature. Unfortunately, their service does not include a kill switch.
Last but not the least, FrootVPN supports P2P traffic and torrent activity.

Is FrootVPN Safe?

It depends on what exactly you are searching for in a Virtual Private Network. It is not the safest VPN, but on the other hand, not everybody requires such protection, including every possible feature or a kill switch.
So in terms of simple protection and safety, FrootVPn is actually okay. They use 2048-bit encryption for its OpenVPN and L2TP connections, which is not bad at all, and in addition they have a PGP Key available, but also support TLS1.1.
Luckily there were no leaks of any type, which improved the overall review of this product. Nevertheless, they do have some disadvantages regarding their security issue. First of all, they don’t have significant configuration options. Also, there is no DNS setup, nor anything on WebRTC leaks.
They are still relatively new to the market, so they have to work hard if they want to gain a bigger base of customers, although they are doing just fine currently.

Bottom Line

While I wouldn’t give this VPN provider the highest grade, I must admit that with the low prices they offer, the service is decent at most. The number one thing that bothers me is that they are not completely transparent with their clients, and this is a must when it comes to privacy and security services. The poor speed problems and the low number of servers is not that bad, what is worse according to me is their lack of a kill-switch in their features.
Keeping in mind that they have not been in the market for long, if FrootVPN starts working towards creating this option for its customers and also change some of the approaches, such as the customer service, they can easily become a decent competitor.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

Although they guaranteed me no logging of my activity. They did record the bandwidth usage by session. It created some spark of doubt in this feature.
FrootVPN secured my data with a 2048-bit encryption as well as encryption with PGP Key. I trust that this is one of the safest ways to stay anonymous and safe. It is a wonderful deal.
I found the price of FrootVPN to be very economic in terms of price. I liked it very much. It is a great deal, thank you FrootVPN.
Customer services: I experienced a good customer service during my session. Infact, their policy is clear. FrootVPN provide 24/7 service and a live chat available during working hours.
It is very unfortunate they did not offer me one of the most important features in the industry (the kill-switch option). Without the kill switch, the vpn is not up to par in the modern world. For instance, when the network dropped I was taken back to the default IP address.
While I was on a business trip in the US, FrootVPN speed prooved to be a hard nut to crack. It real affected my video downloding. Please do something about this issue.
FrootVPN provides protection from hacking, surveillance or identity theft assaults. I felt so safe when I used this vpn. This is a great deal. Thank you FrootVPN.
In most cases it always only true on paper and not in reality. I don’t believe that it is possible to offer protection to such extent. One can only get close to 99%.
FrootVPN has very limited servers of just 30 servers located in only 18 countries. It is not the best for geo-spoofing. I was scared that it might have given up my Identity.
When I used FrootVPN, there were no leaks of any type, which means that they are living up to their word. I prefer the real trueth than a lot of theoritical praises yrt you are given little reality. It is a fantastic VPN.

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