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Freedom-IP VPN is based in France.
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Freedom-IP VPN is a VPN that serves the purpose of offering you online protection against hackers and other digital thieves who may try to steal your personal information. Browsing with a VPN such as Freedom-IP gives you absolute confidence while you perform any online task without having to worry about an invasion into your connection.
As is the case with every VPN, features and pricing are among the things that matter the most and we shall examine these aspects in order to figure out whether or not Freedom-IP VPN is efficient and as reliable as stated on its website.

Is My Privacy Protected with Freedom-IP VPN?

Freedom-IP's Privacy Policy is one of the shortest we've seen, stated in under 100 words this VPN gives little to no information about its service. This inevitably means tat there's not much detail, but the company still gives us some key information.
Freedom-IP as with other services, states that it "does not record the content of communications".
The more questionable: the company does not perform deep packet inspection on your traffic "unless necessary for the operation of a user functionality." What ‘user functionality’ could possibly require in-depth analysis of your traffic? We would like to know more.
The Privacy Policy also references session data, explaining that the company logs the start and end time of sessions, the incoming and outgoing bandwidth used, and the ‘IP address of connection’, which presumably means the IP address you're allocated. This doesn't directly tell anyone what you're doing, but it's still creating a record which ties you to that VPN IP address at those times, which is more logging than you'll usually get elsewhere.
Browsing the terms of service revealed another interesting clause: "any customer who makes unreasonable demands on the service may be restricted." Use the service ‘too much’ and it sounds like your connection might be throttled.

How Much is Freedom-IP VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

With Freedom-IP VPN the monthly plans costs about €5.99, which is around $7.14. You can reduce the monthly price by paying in advance for six months or one year. When you extend your subscription to 6 months, you pay €4.99 per month (around $5.95) and if you opt for one year, the monthly cost is €3.99, which is about $4.76 at the time of writing. There is a free trial that lets you test the service for up to 72 hours. This is similar to many other VPNs out there where they charge you less to commit to their services for a much longer period. Keep in mind that with Freedom-IP no refunds are given. The good news from a privacy point of view is that Bitcoin is accepted as a method of payment.

Freedom-IP VPN Speed Test

Freedom-IP's performance was better than most I’ve tested. UK-UK connections gave us 30Mbps downloads at a minimum, nearby countries were the same or better, and switching to the US still delivered 20-25Mbps with no particular latency or other issues.
The service also has a lot of advanced features available on the web console. There's a ‘low latency’ mode; LZO compression enabling/disabling; custom DNS and DNS leak settings; network buffer configuration; port forwarding; finely-grained web filtering, and more.
The good news continued with our final privacy tests, where the service shielded our IP and kept us safe from DNS and WebRTC leaks.

How is Customer Service at Freedom-IP VPN?

Customer support with Freedom-IP is music to the ears of the French speaking users. Their FAQ section is written in French so if you don’t speak or understand French you could use Google translate. Aside from that there is an email provided where you can articulate all your concerns and support will get back to you. The time taken to respond could be anything between 2 hours to 24 hours or more.


• Number of Server Locations (countries) - 40
• Does VPN keep logs - Yes
• Includes Kill Switch - No
• Devices per license - 5
• Use on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android
• Faster loading of streaming videos
• Servers available around the world
• Open VPN and PPTP
• 256-bit encryption

Is Freedom-IP VPN Safe?

Freedom-IP supports OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. Each protocol will suit different purposes, but the best option is to use OpenVPN whenever possible. This is the safest option and it is also the most reliable one. If it is not available, you can opt for L2TP, while PPTP should only be considered as the last resource. To protect your connection, Freedom-IP uses AES-256 bit encryption, which offers a high level of protection for your traffic. It is also worth noting that Freedom-IP offers anti-DDoS protection and a personal firewall that will protect you from those who try to intercept your information. The firewall doesn’t require any additional setup and it is activated once you connect to the servers.
Freedom-IP doesn’t keep logs of your online communications or your browsing history. However, they keep records of the start and end time of your session, the IP address used and the amount of data sent and received. The information is collected for troubleshooting purposes and to prevent misuse of the service, but it should be noted that France is part of the 9 Eyes spying alliance. As such, it is likely to cooperate with known privacy enemies like the NSA and the GCHQ.

Bottom Line

Freedom- IP does not offer much compared to other VPNs. I mean sure, it will offer you some sort of online protection, but for the most part you will not enjoy any perks different from what other VPNs offer for less. In general, Freedom-IP is great for those looking for basic protection.
I do wish that they would upgrade their privacy settings to something more substantial and comprehensive and perhaps offer an FAQ section in English at the very least. I had very high hopes after looking at the basics of this VPN, but after digging deep, I found that there was nothing particularly impressive about them.

Max Ostryzhko

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