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Fast Secure VPN: Is it fast and secure?

Fast Secure VPN is a service that is entirely operated by Beijing-based Cheetah Mobile and they claim to be the best and most reliable free VPN service on the market right now. The company is focusing mainly on Android-based customers.

Fast Secure VPN service was started with the main aim of delivering an excellent platform that allows users to bypass the Chinese firewall. Let us discuss in detail all the different aspects associated with this service provider.

Is My Privacy Protected with Fast Secure VPN?

Fast Secure VPN is only available for Android users (as mentioned above), which means that you can check out the Privacy Policy for yourself only if you have an Android device. You will have to download the app to know about the company’s Privacy Policy, but the easiest way to find out is from us. The BCC network is the official app provider and the Privacy Policy mentioned in the app is with regard to this company. With regard to data collection, “BCC Network does not perform deep packet inspection of your traffic, except where requested by the customer for firewall purposes. Does not perform shallow packet inspection of your traffic, except where requested by the customer for firewall purposes. Does not discriminate against devices, protocols, or application. BCC Network is network neutral. Does not throttle your Internet connection. Does not rate limit Internet connection.”
To simplify, they do not keep track of your Internet traffic or restrict your Internet connection in any way. Third party information accessibility is completely prohibited. The company also has a strict data revealing policy, wherein the company discloses the data only under direct court proceedings and to law enforcement agencies who come in with detailed information regarding a particular activity. The fact that it is based in Beijing does affect the overall privacy rating, because the government can intervene and ask for certain confidential user information. If you are a mild surfer then you will have no problem bypassing restrictions and accessing all your favorite websites. A kill switch feature is not available, which means you don’t have proper privacy, especially during VPN connection terminations.

How Much is Fast Secure VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Before we go ahead and talk about the membership plans, you need to know that Fast Secure VPN offers an unlimited free trial, which has some best in class features. It definitely has some exciting features on offer, which makes it a strong competitor against some of the top free VPN companies. Apart from that, you can also choose between two different monthly subscription plans.

  • VIP - $2.5/month
  • Pro - $8.35/month

Exclusive server connectivity privileges are offered to these subscribers. As always, free users will be limited to a certain number of servers. The Android application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store and so far, more than 5 million downloads have been performed.

Fast Secure VPN Speed Test

here are around 15+ servers on offer by Fast Secure VPN at the moment, and we expect this number to go up with time. The speeds that we are talking about are with respect to a VPN connection on any of the Android-based smartphones or tablets and this means you cannot compare this speed with the one you might experience using your laptop or any other high-performance gadget. With respect to smartphone and tablet level speed figures, Fast Secure VPN does provide enough upload and download speeds for its subscribers. Connection speeds across all servers were decent, except during traffic conditions wherein the speeds tended to dip.
The built-in speed test tool in their app allows the user to find a server they think is the fastest of all. All the speed information and stability metrics of different servers will be listed, making it easy for the user to select a high-speed server. We would not recommend this VPN to be the choice for subscribers who are looking for a strong and more reliable service for P2P sharing, torrenting, etc. You do not get a high speed Internet connection to make use of these features without any hiccups. There is no bandwidth limit, which does make things easier for the subscriber. Popular video streaming websites can be unblocked and viewed restriction-free using Fast Secure VPN. On the whole, the speed is decent, considering the Android only support it offers.

How is Customer Service at Fast Secure VPN?

To be fair to our readers, we could not find enough information on the customer support features offered by the company. If you need to get in touch with them, you can do so by reaching out to their app platform reviews or even Facebook and other social media handles that they have. Apart from that, there is not much of an exclusive support on offer. But, for a company that is rating itself as the best free VPN provider, you could hardly expect them to be the best in delivering customer support.


There is no official website for Fast Secure VPN, so we cannot talk about the design and layout of their website. What we have is only the free Android app, which is pretty simple and does not have all the information one might need. To be honest, the app design is mediocre and needs a lot of improvement to compete with some of the leading free VPN companies.
On the other hand, the sign-up process is very simple and as soon as you open the app, you will be redirected to the signup page. Enter the particulars and sign up for a free membership plan right away.

To start off, the company offers around 16 servers. You can check the status of live servers and other performance metrics in the app. It only offers Android support at the moment, which is a drawback since Mac, iOS, Windows and other OS users will not be able to make use of their network. For a free service provider, the feature specifications are a bit extensive, considering other free services offered on the market. Let us look at some of the features offered by the service:

  • PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SOCKS 5 proxy protocols are offered.
  • SOCKS 5 (Shadowsocks) works exclusively in bypassing the Great Firewall.
  • 256-bit encryption.
  • Unlimited free trial.
  • No bandwidth limit.
  • Zero traffic and time limits.
  • Easy to use Android app.
  • 1 device license per user.

From the outset, the features list might not look great, but an Android user will find these features more than enough for their day to day Internet activities. Additional rewards and bonuses are offered to those who use this app extensively.

Is Fast Secure VPN Safe?

Along with the multiple protocol options we mentioned earlier, the network also uses a 256-bit encryption which is perfect for protecting smartphone users. You can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots and free Internet connections without worrying about the risks. Internet activity, data and even sensitive VoIP communications will stay secure at all times. We did run multiple leak tests using different protocol connections offered by Fast Secure VPN. Using PPTP, leaks were detected in WebRTC and IP leak tests. With OpenVPN and SOCKSS 5 VPN proxy protocol, the leak test results were positive. No leaks were detected in IPv4, IPv6, WebRTC and DNS leak tests here, which is great.

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