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Expat Surfer VPN: Is this the best UK VPN?

Expat Surfer VPN started its business mainly for providing UK IP to those who are used to living in the UK and love to access websites and content streaming in the UK when outside the country. Only UK-based servers are operated by this company, making this a VPN only for UK specific customers.

What is Expat Surfer?

UK expats and other country nationals who are used to UK websites and are now relocated to a different country can make use of Expat Surfer to regain access to all their favorite content. Let us examine a bit more about the whole package.

Is My Privacy Protected with Expat Surfer?

The Privacy Policy of Expat Surfer ensures fair confidentiality to a subscriber. Their official statement is very simple, but you could expect a decent level of privacy from them. As stated by the company, “We value your privacy and undertake not to share your data with other companies. We will only share your data when we are compelled to do so by law to a relevant body. We will only monitor your data amount usage and connection and disconnection times, we will not actively monitor the sites and services you visit from your account except when compelled to do so by law by a relevant authority. We will store some private data only to provide a service to you.”
The details collected by the company are not sold or traded to any third party for marketing or revenue purposes, which is commendable. However, the company does share subscriber details with law enforcement officials and the government if asked for it. Your timestamps and data usage details are still monitored but your website activity is not, which is good. As with many VPN companies, private confidential data such as username, email and so on are collected and the company states that they do so just to deliver and improve their overall service quality and performance.
Unfortunately, you do not get a kill switch feature like you would with some of the leading VPN companies, which means you don’t have privacy during network terminations. All factors considered, we have to say that privacy with Expat Surfer is good.

How Much is Expat Surfer? Is There a Free Trial?

Expat Surfer VPN is one of the pricier service providers around, which is one of the major setbacks for this VPN service. The two different subscription plans available are -
• Monthly - This plan is offered at £6.99.
• Yearly - £70/year.
A setup assistance service is also offered by the company for a price of about £35, wherein the technical team of Expat Surfer will remotely connect with your PC and setup the connection for you. This would be perfect for a non-technical user, but the price you pay for this service is pretty high in our opinion. Credit/Debit card payments from all major banks are accepted and you can also make your payment using PayPal.
A 2-day free trial is on offer, but this particular option is not available for those who are planning on making the payment via PayPal. This is because you need to enter your card details at the time of signing up for this free trial. Cancellation should be made within 48hrs of signing up because after that, the payment would be automatically detected.

Expat Surfer Speed Test

As we mentioned earlier, Expat Surfer servers are all based in the UK and we ran multiple tests at different times of the day. We compared the speeds which we achieved without a VPN and with a VPN. In both cases, the speeds were underwhelming. We got varying speed figures on one single server at different times of the day. Some of this might be due to the fact that all their servers are located in the UK, which leads to data traffic. We experienced good as well as really bad speeds in one server on multiple occasions, which does not work well for a VPN service.

How is Customer Service at Expat Surfer?

With respect to customer support, we did find Expat Surfer to be one of the most transparent companies on the market right now. Under the contact section, you can find their registered contact address, contact number and email address. Regarding any VPN inquiries, you can reach out to them through the ticketing system - just enter your name, email address, subject and your question and send it to them. Customer response times were in line with the industry standards.
An FAQ section is also available with more than enough information. New users can check this section to understand more about the VPN in general. As you can see, there is no live chat support or voice support on offer.


The website of Expat Surfer is not fancy or attractive looking in any way. In fact, it is one of the most basic and unprofessional websites we have seen, but it does the job. We did not have any problem finding the required information on the website.

The signup process is also simple, but as mentioned before, PayPal users will not be able to get the free trial option. Select a plan, enter your username, password and country of residence to proceed further. Make the payment, and that is it, the signup process is complete. It took us a few minutes to complete the process.
The setup procedure is made user friendly by giving separate setup instructions for subscribers using different OS platforms such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and for iPad. Let us check out some of the features offered by the company:
• Free 2-day trial.
• Good privacy.
• Excellent customer support.
• Transparent service provider.
• Added security and encryption.
• No activity logs.
• Zero data limitations.
• 2 simultaneous connections.
• Multiple device compatibility.
Feature specifications, on the whole, are not extensive enough to rate this service provider as one of the best. The price at which all these features are offered is also not justified. We feel that the price is a lot higher when compared to what other VPNs are offering at a much lower price point.

Is Expat Surfer Safe?

Moving on to security - the most important factor that most of us check out first in a VPN. Expat Surfer servers run only on PPTP protocol with an encryption rating of 128-bit. This particular network is well and good for surfing the web at high speeds, but definitely not good in terms of security and privacy. The addition of OpenVPN and L2TP would have made the network more secure, but the company isn’t offering them right now. PPTP is also highly compatible with most of the OS platforms and devices. A user who just wants to unblock UK websites will have no problem using PPTP. As with all our reviews, we ran leak tests on the VPN connection, and since it is PPTP-based, we were not amused by the leaks that we detected. Leaks were detected in DNS, IP and WebRTC leak tests.

Bottom Line

Expat Surfer is not the service provider for those looking to achieve security, anonymity, multiple country access and everything else at the best price point. This particular service provider is purely for those who want to access UK TV shows, movies and other UK specific websites without facing any hassle. We recommend that our readers check out companies that are offering much better features at a lower pricing. Expat Surfer is a simple and basic VPN package suited only for UK TV shows, movies and sport enthusiasts living outside the UK.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

I love Expat Surfer because I can use it on my Windows computer, my Mac and my iPhone and log in with the same account on all. And with Expat surfer setting up everything for me, internet privacy is as easy as 123!
I tried This VPN service and though the speeds are good late at night, they reduce greatly in daylight hours. An okay service if you like browsing at night.
Expat surfer only allows for two simultaneous connections. This is few compared to other similarly priced VPN providers. I had hoped to share the service but it is impossible.
Because Expat surfer is based in UK, I can watch British programs very easily.
I subscribed to this using paypal as my payment option, on a trial basis. However, within 48 hours I was subscribed to the service. Users beware.
This VPN is good for the ultimate beginner. After I paid the subscription fee, Expat surfer connected to me and set everything up for me. It was perfect.
Many VPN service providers are open about privacy and logs. Expat VPN is open about keeping some logs to abide by the laws of he server locations.
Expat Surfer has relatively low level encryption. It also lacks OpenVPN and L2TP protocols.
This VPN service is very expensive but does not have many important features, such as a kill switch and no log policy.
This VPN is perfect for anyone who wants to stream content online. I watch as much internet television as I want without the limit of a data cap.

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