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Encrypt.Me VPN: Does it Encrypt Everything?

Free and open internet and data protection are two of the most important features that every individual and business user should possess. Virtual private network service providers offer exactly that, only features and quality differentiate one company from another. Let's take a look at the Encrypt.me VPN service provider.

The Encrypt.me VPN service provider was earlier known as cloak VPN, and we hope some of you might be familiar with it. The specialty of this particular service provider is that it automatically protects your network when you connect with an unsecured Wi-Fi.

Is My Privacy Protected with Encrypt Me?

The service provider collects some of the valuable information possessed by the subscribers. When it comes to data collection and retention policy, the official statement of the company is very clear. The email address of a free subscriber is collected by Encrypt.me, and details such as name, billing address, and payment details of the paid subscriber are also retained. Personal data collection is not something VPN users like, so that's a negative. Usage logs and connection logs are also collected and stored to a certain extent. When subscribers connect with their desired websites using the Encrypt.me VPN servers, data pertaining to the number of bytes sent, received, connection time, original IP address, virtual IP assigned to the subscriber, source connection port, and login and logout times are collected. All such data collected by the company is stored for a period of 16 days, after which they delete it permanently. From the official statement of the company: Encrypt.me is owned and operated by StackPath LLC, a legal entity which is headquartered in Dallas, TX, USA. We are subject to federal, state, and local laws and we will absolutely uphold them. Should it ever become necessary to respond to a legal request, we will do so. We will always strive to both protect our users and uphold the law of the land. Encrypt.me is one of those companies based in the US, so users must be aware of the threat to privacy and anonymity. Any legal request from the concerned authorities will lead to data exposure and this is not something users would like to experience. Data sharing is not done with third parties and e-commerce platforms. There is no kill switch feature, either, so your data and activity could be exposed.

How Much is Encrypt Me? Is There a Free Trial?

This is one of those service providers that offers varying pricing plans and with so many different plans on offer, some of you might get confused. This is also a benefit because you have a wide range of options to choose from. Before we start to discuss the different pricing plans, we have to tell you that Encrypt.me offers a free trial plan, which can be tried totally for free without disclosing your credit card information for a period of 14 days, which is exciting.
Pricing plans can be broadly classified under four different categories - passes, subscriptions, families, and teams. Passes are offered as weekly, monthly, and yearly options, and you get unlimited data access on all the passes. A weekly pass is $3.99. A monthly pass is $9.99. And an annual pass is $99.99. Subscriptions include unlimited and annual membership plans, which also provide unlimited data access with no limitations. The unlimited plan costs $9.99 a month and the annual plan is $99.99. A family membership plan allows five users to enjoy unlimited data and device access. It's priced at $2.99 a month and $49.99 a year. Team subscription plan is a customization plan that allows users to select their desired plan based on the number of team members they want to be included.

Encrypt Me Speed Test

Speed tests were conducted on varying servers operated by Encrypt.me. These results are not permanent and could change with time, so you might get a high speed or low speed connection depending upon the servers you choose at any given time. Traffic may lead to slower network connection speeds, which is unavoidable. The test results were pretty good, considering the feature specifics and overall package of the VPN, when compared to other companies that offer a similar plan. Network speed was lower than usual due to encryption, which is quite understandable. The reason for this is the additional security that the servers provide when using extreme or high-risk network conditions. Download speeds came around 23.51Mbps, upload speed was 11.57Mbps, and pink was 89ms. This data shows that you could experience a speed loss somewhere in the range of 5-10%. Leak tests of DNS, IPv6, IPv4, and WebRTC also turned out positive, which is good for subscribers.

How is Customer Service at Encrypt Me?

Let's get the ball rolling by saying that there is no live chat support, which is an excellent feature to have for those who are looking to provide the best quality of support. Customer service is not one of the strong points of Encrypt.me. Support ticketing-based customer service is also not on offer, another drawback. The only form of customer support on offer is the FAQ section on their support portal, and this is quite extensive. Email contact customer support is the most viable form of communication you could have with the company directly. The FAQ section has lot of information, which speaks a lot about the extensive knowledge base on offer. Subscribers will be able to find answers to most of their queries fairly easily in this section. It covers all the basic problems of the network connection split under different categories such as general, application specific support, billing, technology queries, and there's even a separate section for advanced subscribers. On the whole, customer support is average at best and could use improvement.


Encrypt.me VPN has a lot of features on offer, which is one of the main advantages of the service on the whole. The service provider has servers operating from more than 20 countries and the server number is constantly growing. Servers in regions such as Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America give varied options for the subscribers. Encrypt.me is known to be one of the best options available for Android, Mac, and iOS users. The Mac software interface is excellent and the interface is intuitive and easy to operate.
Subscribers have the option of selecting vulnerable networks in the interface, and using this feature, Encrypt.me servers automatically secure and protect them against online risks and threats. Security and anonymity features offered by the company are fairly good and they give maximum protection against all kinds of security threats and risks, such as eavesdropping, browser leaking, and broadband spying.
Simplicity is one of the most important benefits of Encrypt.me, and the free trial and money back guarantee are some of the main selling points of the service provider. The company does not support P2P sharing and torrenting, which is a bad thing for internet users who are looking to get exactly that. Encrypt.me is tailor made for iPhone and iPad users, but you can also use it on your Windows, Linux, and other devices. The features list may not be extensive like some of the leading companies, but for a free trial plan, you get a lot.

Is Encrypt Me Safe?

The service provider offers only two types of protocol connections, which are OpenVPN and IPSec. The former offers great security, whereas the latter is easy to setup and operate. A 256-bit encryption along with OpenVPN protocol operation makes this network highly secure. Another layer of security is provided by the 1536 bit and 2048 bit DH ciphers. The mobile apps provided by the company offer excellent encryption for security. Both Mac OS X and Android smartphone software come with OpenVPN based Blowfish 128 protection for security. A IKEv2 AES 128-sha256-modp258 based encryption delivers maximum security and data protection. Built-in firewall security of Encrypt.me is also responsible for ensuring security. The network uses SSL encryption, which offers ultimate protection from hackers, snoopers, and other fraudsters. Automatic VPN connection will be established as soon as the subscriber connects to an unsecure Wi-Fi or public hotspot, which is one of its main highlights. On the whole, it offers decent security features.

Bottom Line

Considering all these factors, it's very clear that Encrypt.me is perfect for beginners and new subscribers. Pricing plans are a bit all over the place, which might be confusing, but a free trial is certainly attractive. Tunneling protocol features on offer are also very limited. The support system is also lackluster, but the simple setup and connectivity makes the job easy for the subscriber. Privacy provided by Encrypt.me is also not up to the mark, which is a disappointment. Encrypt.me is considered to be the best option for new users and perfect for Apple device users. Windows based users will not appreciate the interface and feature specifications. On the whole, Encrypt.me is good but not exceptional, and it needs great improvement.

Adam Dagan

User Comments

There was no kill switch in case the connection is low or something goes wrong. It can cause exposure of your details.
I was excited because I used this VPN free of charge for 14 days before paying a subscription. I was able to understand the features, speed and their privacy policy before paying.
I would recommend this VPN. I have been looking for a VPN that can help me access YouTube in china but my efforts have not paid off until I came across Encrypt.me. I'm happy I did.
I did not esperience any difficulty using it. They explain things with simple language on their page for new VPN users like me.
Has a lot of features compared to some other VPNs I have used. They make the use of this VPN really easy and worth the money. I would recommend it to users who are looking for a VPN with many features.
Was happy with this vpn's speeds. Downloading was easy and fast but there was traffic sometimes and the speed would slow down abit. Not sure of security though.
Automatically connects to your wifi when you switch it on. I found this feature helpful since it secured my internet activity at most times. Really recommendable.
It is an overall good VPN. Great prices and many features but they do not provide P2P sharing and torrenting which are important for me in a VPN.
Encrypt.me vpn provides an email contact so I was able to contact the. Their page also has a FAQs section that is informative. They however, do not provide faster means for contacting customer care like live chat.
It collects valuable personal details which I found to be threatening to my privacy. I wouldn't recommend it because it collects your original IP address.

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