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Doublehop VPN: Does it deliver a truly limitless VPN experience?

Doublehop is a relatively new and small VPN service provider which focuses on changing the way users perceive VPN services. The company has been successful in delivering simple, hassle-free VPN solutions.

What is

Established in 2014 and based in Seychelles, Doublehop VPN uses encrypted multi-datacenter interconnects and double VPN hops to provide unique and efficient VPN solutions to their users. Has the company managed to achieve the same?

Is My Privacy Protected with

Doublehop VPN, to our surprise, has one of the best Privacy Policies we have come across so far. When it comes to logging, the company maintains a strict no-logging policy, which they state as follows:
• No traffic logging
• No DNS request logging
• No timestamps logging
• No bandwidth logging
• No IP address logging
As a result, they “have nothing to share with authorities, even if we felt compelled to”.
When it comes to collecting information, the VPN service collects only your email address, which will be used to “a) provide order/payment confirmation, b) let you know in advance when your service is nearing expiration, and c) hook you up with sick promos during holiday events”. This again shows that Doublehop VPN cares about their users’ privacy and makes sure that user details are not taken for granted.
In addition, to further enhance the level of privacy that users enjoy with them, the VPN service accepts only Bitcoin payments. Though this might be troublesome for many users who prefer other payment methods, this is a good option for those looking for an extra level of privacy. However, Doublehop VPN doesn’t offer a kill switch feature.

How Much is Is There a Free Trial?

Doublehop VPN offers only one VPN package but with two different billing options: you can either choose to go for a monthly billing cycle at $9 per month, or have your subscription billed annually at $33 a year.
As mentioned before, the VPN service accepts only Bitcoin payments to make user activities more anonymous and enhance the level of privacy achieved. The lack of any other payment option could be disappointing for many users, especially for those who are not looking for such extensive privacy and anonymity online. The pricing, however, seems quite reasonable for the annual plan. Speed Test

Being a small VPN service provider, Doublehop VPN does not offer many different server options for users to choose from. Currently, the company has only 6 servers operating from just 5 different countries around the world. As we know, this small number is more likely to have a negative impact on the speeds you experience when using the VPN service. During our tests, we experienced the same. However, the speeds were sufficient to perform some basic browsing and streaming, and we had no problems bypassing restrictions and accessing Geo-restricted websites. However, it doesn’t look like the servers support P2P capabilities.

How is Customer Service at

Though Doublehop VPN offers customer support in different ways, such as via WhatsApp, email, and Twitter, the service has a response time of 24 hours, or sometimes longer, which is actually too long for a VPN service. This prevents users from getting answers to their queries at the earliest. The company doesn’t offer a live chat support. Moreover, there isn’t even an FAQ section or a knowledge base where users could find useful information about the VPN service and setup instructions, which isn’t very impressive.


Firstly, the Doublehop VPN website is basic, nothing like what you would expect from a professional VPN service. But, at least they have an official website, unlike some of the other services that we have reviewed before. There is very little information on the website and therefore, learning more about the service and its offers was difficult.

The signup process was quite easy. You need to enter your email address and a promo code if you have one, and choose either the monthly or yearly billing cycle. Once you make the payment, you may have to wait for around 15 minutes to start using the service.
As discussed earlier, the VPN service has a very limited number of servers located across five countries: the United States, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, and Spain.
Doublehop VPN can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices.
The key feature of this VPN service is its double hop technology, as the name suggests. With this feature, your Internet traffic is routed via two servers located in different regions, thus significantly improving your privacy, security and anonymity.
Other than that, the features offered by the VPN are basic, such as: bypassing censorship, no content restrictions, access Geo-restricted websites, access restricted social media websites, high security, zero logs policy, and great privacy.

Is Safe?

When it comes to security, Doublehop VPN uses “AES-256 encryption between clients and nodes with RSA-4096 for key exchange and certificates”. The encryptions are combined with the famous OpenVPN protocol, making sure that users get the highest level of security when using the VPN service. The additional use of double hop technology further improves the level of security you attain.

Bottom Line

Doublehop VPN should be a great VPN solution for you if your focus is on achieving high levels of privacy and security when using the Internet, provided you find the server locations appropriate for your needs. However, there are a handful of negatives that the company needs to work on in order to become a preferred VPN service provider.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

I am Russian and well this is the best VPN I can recommend for everyone who is in a country which has blocked sites. The privacy offered is incredible and there is no way one can be traced down. Tho there is little information about the vpn and doesn’t have a live chat.
Bypassing restrictions and accessing Geo-restrictions was no issue at all the problem came when the servers could not actually support P2P.Browsing tho and streaming was not bad.
I like the features offered in this website. Its very simple to understand and work with. The speed seems good too but I don’t use bitcoin so there is no way I cant access this vpn.
I love getting promos during holidays from this VPN. Using Doublehop VPN just is great. My privacy is sort. I especially love the part where the VPN collects emails only for payments and reminders for expirations.
when I have company around, I can share this vpn with upto 5 people. It covers my torrenting needs and also gives me access to watch Hulu and Youtube which I love so much.
.l Have been looking for a completely secure server until I came across this amaizing vpn. I can 100% say that the privacy policy is off the chain. I don’t have to worry when I am working on different websites since no logging is ...Read More
I tried using the VPN, shockingly it only offers about 6 servers with only 5 countries around the world. The speed is also way to slow for me. I have experinced a lot of buffering while watching youtube.
Choosing to use has worked for me. Its simple use and doesn’t compromise on one's privacy.its really affordable and I can use public wifi with no stress.
Doublehop VPN doesn’t offer a kill switch feature. This is very scary due to the work I am doing. I can not risk my work as it very sessitive to any leaks.

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