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Cryptohippie VPN review

Over the years, we have seen all sorts of VPNs. Some of which offer great features at high prices, others which offer the bare minimal for overly high prices. Some which are free and others that are just straight up mysterious. Cryptohippie is one of those mysterious VPNs, which are not very transparent about how they go about things. Let’s see the good, the bad and the ugly of this VPN.
This is a very simple, OpenVPN standard technology with a small server network in just one country, the Netherlands. Cryptohippie appears to be less than honest about the technology of its server network and other claims.
Allegedly, the service began way back in 2007, but management claims it has been around since back in 2003. The CEO himself claims to be a well-known author, but cannot be found in a Google search, according to some passionate critics. Cryptohippie Management is based in the USA and the server network in the Netherlands, which is a little weird. The service appears to have many similarities to another VPN service, such as Xerobank.

Is My Privacy Protected with CryptoHippie VPN?

“Depending on the product specifics, Cryptohippie Inc. has different client identification and usage logging policies. These policies can only be modified on a per contract basis and on client requests. Any such modification must be communicated to the actual users of the installation.
Identification and usage logging policies are necessary to limit abuse of our products and services as well as to fulfill legal requirements. Usage logging is stored for maximum of 14 days, client identification information is deleted four weeks after the end of the contract.”
CryptoHippie has very strong policies when it comes to privacy. They believe that as human beings we deserve to live a passionate life, and that having privacy is one of the ways to about it.
Cryptohippie’s mission is to protect individuality and privacy on the Internet – to prevent all transgressions against privacy, from whatever source. This is much more than pretty talk for us. Every person on our management team has a successful professional life outside of Cryptohippie. We do not have to do this – we do it because it matters.
We believe that human beings should live by reason, as individuals, with integrity, and with passion. Privacy allows for that. Furthermore, we demand from our clients what we demand from ourselves: To demonstrate honesty and to show respect for the dignity of man, privacy, and for sound economic principles. All others need not apply.”

How Much is CryptoHippie VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Cryptohippe takes several different payment options, including credit cards, Bitcoin, wired money, and cash. You can contact them to use the other payment options if you do not want to use a credit card. Because there is no single entity that is handling all the information, it means that there is no way that anyone should be able to track your activity or even know that you are using a VPN for that matter.
Crytohippie also provides a paid OpenVPN service with a 30-day money-back guarantee, as long as you don’t exceed the 2GB data limit. This service costs $275 for 15GB per month of traffic for one year (no other payment plans) and makes claims as to its technologically secure network (CHAVPN Network) and separation of US and Panama administrations. In fact, Cryptohippie only has servers in the Netherlands and all server activities are in this one jurisdiction. The OpenVPN technology is the standard open source fare and the server network claims are unsubstantiated.

CryptoHippie VPN Speed Test

Crytohippie provides the OpenVPN standard with a browser-based login page. The OpenVPN application literally has no features and you are not able to switch servers (there are no servers to switch anyway). Regardless, the speed seemed pretty decent, but I wouldn’t recommend it for torrenting.

How is Customer Service at CryptoHippie VPN?

Customer support with Cryptohippie was average. There is no live chat option, but support seemed decently responsive via email.


  • Easy to use software takes about 15 minutes to install and get started
  • Adaptive firewalls
  • Jurisdiction aware routing
  • High quality encryption
  • Number of servers - 12
  • Does VPN keep logs - Partially
  • Includes Kill Switch - No
  • Devices per license - 5

Is CryptoHippie VPN Safe?

Crypto hippie is the type of VPN that offers military-grade encryption, anonymous access to the web, protected closed group networks, dynamic IP assignment, jurisdiction aware routing, adaptive firewalls, and secure data storage and processing. The goal here is to provide you with a truly safe location where you can surf the web anonymously, whether you are at home or away.

Bottom Line

This is one mysterious VPN that gives its users little to no information on its service and users must literally bend over backwards to get the slightest bit of truth about this VPN. There seems to be a whole lot of confusion on this VPN, I would urge users to seek another alternative.

Max Ostryzhko

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