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ChillGlobal VPN review

You could live in a country where censorship is completely non-existent, but when it comes to the Internet, there will always be a restriction or two which you can’t get past even though you so badly want to. This is where a VPN comes in.
ChillGlobal is very similar to VPN a service, and it offers more or less the same types of services that you would expect from a VPN. There are, however, some very notable differences that make the company a much better solution than the typical VPN services available out there.
One of these very notable differences is the fact that ChillGlobal is not actually a program that you have to install. It is instead a smart plug-in that you could use, and it is much easier to install than any VPN service specifically because it does not take up any space on your PC. Everything happens on the browser toolbar.

Is My Privacy Protected with ChillGlobal VPN?

ChillGlobal has made it very clear on its website that out of respect and value for your privacy they keep no logs and all your digital prints are left completely anonymous. This is music to the ears of anyone who values privacy over anything. ChillGlobal uses proxies to unblock restricted content and keep your IP anonymous, which makes it practically impossible for other people to track your online activities.
This smart plug-in for your browser lets you stream movies, TV and access online content from its 15 participating countries without any geographical restrictions. It has proven to be a reliably easy solution for everyday use and it is faster to install than a typical VPN client.

How Much is ChillGlobal VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

One of the best things about ChillGlobal is its affordable rates and the fact that it offers a free trail that lets you test out the service for about 20 hours without having to provide any payment details. What makes this free option even better is the fact that you get these free 20 hours for free every month, provided you use ChillGlobal. If you are not a frequent user, then these 20 free hours will serve you very well and this might actually be the ideal plan for you.
If you need to use ChillGlobal without any time restrictions, or any other restrictions for that matter, then you might want to subscribe to any one of their plans that work for you. These subscriptions start from as low as $1.50 for three days. This is mostly great for users who are travelling abroad but would appreciate being able to bypass content and geographical restrictions to access their content from home.
You can also choose to go for the one-month service that will only set you back $7.50. Or you can choose to pay one year in advance and save yourself a few coins, because the monthly cost reduces all the way to $5.70.
With their plans ChillGlobal offers its users a 7-day money-back guarantee should they not be impressed with the service, and this gives them the option to opt out of ChillGlobal should they want to.

ChillGlobal VPN Speed Test

Since ChillGlobal is actually not a VPN, it does not have any encryption. This makes it faster than a VPN. This is because for every layer of encryption on a VPN, the speed drops significantly. With ChillGlobal you don’t have to worry about this, so the speeds are significantly high.

How is Customer Service at ChillGlobal VPN?

ChillGlobal not only provides a great experience to their users by providing them with a great tool which is constantly helping them bypass online restrictions, but also provides great customer support. ChillGlobal customer support uses the ticket support system to help their users solve any technical difficulties, but can also be contacted through email should any question concerning this service arise.
With ChillGlobal, expect nothing short of a well-explained, prompt, and professional response about your question, which is one of the many impressive aspects of this service.


  • No logging
  • 20 free hours each month
  • ChillGlobal doesn't save your data
  • Service in countries all around the world including the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom
  • No geographical restrictions
  • Number of Server Locations (countries) - 15
  • Number of servers - 43
  • Number of IP Addresses - 200
  • Does VPN keep logs - Partially
  • Includes Kill Switch - No
  • Devices per license - 1

Is ChillGlobal VPN Safe?

Using ChillGlobal is safer than browsing Internet all willy-nilly without any protection, and since there is no encryption involved with ChillGlobal it can be faster than using a VPN.
It is a great and practical solution to avoid being targeted by unwanted ads and unsolicited marketing campaigns that can negatively affect your browsing experience. In addition to this, ChillGlobal has a Privacy Policy that ensures that your data is not tracked or logged. Your online activities are not monitored under whatever circumstances and the company has made it clear that it is committed to protecting your privacy.
One of the things to keep in mind about ChillGlobal is that the service operates from Germany, which is a country that has very strict measures against the infringement of copyright. ChillGlobal’s stance regarding torrenting is not as clear as it ought to be, but it is advisable that you only use the service to stream content legally. With that being said, I think the service mostly focuses on helping customers have access to content from official channels and paid services to which they already have a subscription.
ChillGlobal’s response to the issue of copyright and torrent use:
“As our service is only usable through the Add-On for Firefox or Chrome and cannot affect other programs on a user’s PC (for example a torrenting-client) we do not expect our service to be used with Torrents.
We do impose a few restrictions on the kind of usage of ChillGlobal, but those mainly concern cases which ChillGlobal was not intended for and might affect our network negatively – for example opening up lots of simultaneous connections (many more than the usual amount during browsing). This could be the case for torrenting or extensive use of download-managers which open up many connections. Even if cases like the ones mentioned happen, the situation can easily be solved by contacting our support.
Regarding copyright, we do not monitor or protocol the activity of our users (except for anonymous statistics for internal traffic management of our servers). We do not have much relevant information we could give, even in case of a legal order. Nonetheless, we do not condone the use of ChillGlobal for illegal activities. Our aim is to protect the identity of the individual online and allow freedom of access for media content world-wide.”

Bottom Line

ChillGlobal may not be a VPN, but it has surely provided a much better service than some of the VPNs we have out here with all these perks and the very affordable rates, so sign me up! Not really though, because I am big on torrenting, but I think if you want a service that is simple, light, and serves the purpose of privacy, then you are looking in the right direction.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

Although they have various platforms available for customer interaction, their response is relatively poor. It took me quite some time to get a feedback on a simple issue I was seeking a clarification on.
Yes you read right, I get a 20 hours free browsing every month whether I make a subscription or not. No other VPN has such an offer. I will recommend for light internet users since you might find yourself not paying anything at all.
My login prints are made completely anonymous. I am therefore not worried about the security of my data since I value the privacy of my data.
Unlike other VPNs I have interacted with, ChillGlobal VPN requires do not need to be installed in your device. Its toolbar is available in my browser. I love the fact that it does not take any space in my device.
This is probably what I love most about ChillGlobal VPN. I am able to stream movies or any other online content without any restrictions or limitations.
I have constantly gone through their terms and the one thing that is not clear about ChillGlobal VPN is their stand on torrenting. I feel the company should come clear about this issue.
In many occasions I have found myself unable to use this service because is unavailable. ChillGlobal VPN is only available in 15 countries which is relatively low compared to other VPNs.
In many occasions I have found myself unable to use this service because is unavailable. ChillGlobal VPN is only available in 15 countries which is relatively low compared to other VPNs.
I mean I can only access official channels and paid services. This is a a restriction that puts me off.

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