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b.VPN review

When it comes to looking closely into the variety of VPNs out there, it is very crucial that we leave no stones unturned. We must be vigilant enough if we are to get the best VPNs, from the best providers, at the most affordable prices.
If not, you will be the only one complaining about not being able to access restricted content while everybody else is busy streaming their lives away and enjoying the best content in the world. As always, the best VPNs are the ones that provide a good balance of all its major features, and I am excited to see what today’s VPN has to offer.
Of course, we can’t expect all VPNs to have overly generous features, even though that would be really great, but I am excited to see which VPNs in particular are preceding with their best foot forward and serving their customers without holding back. In today’s review, we take a close look at B.VPN, its perks, its cons and what sets it apart from all these other VPNs so far.
B.VPN is a Dutch-based VPN that I have found to be quite impressive. The name, not so much but most of its features are in place. B.VPN offers a highly professional service, with great customer support and very effective anti-censorship technologies.

Is My Privacy Protected with bVPN?

B.VPN offers open VPN protocols and L2TP. They do not offer PPTP, however, Microsoft, which invented the protocol along with other companies, has deemed this to be insecure. B.VPN also offers SSH, which is used to connect the remote server from the command line and is not a VPN protocol. B.VPN does not keep any Logs on user activity, which is a great way to enhance security and privacy. However, they do keep some connection logs.
“We keep no logs whatsoever of users’ activity (we don’t inspect or log user traffic) we keep infrastructure needed logs which is (Connection IP, time, Duration, bandwidth usage).”
This level of log keeping should not bother you too much. However, the truly paranoid should be aware of the fact that this type of log keeping could be used to identify a user, should the situation call for it. So, it all comes down to how much privacy and anonymity you require as a user, but for the most part this is not a deal-breaker

How Much is bVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

When it comes to pricing, some might not really be pleased with this VPN as it pretty much offers a one size that fits all type of pricing plan which starts at $9.99 per month. However, the yearly subscription comes down to $7.5 per month. As the annoying banner on every page of their website tells you, they currently have an offer that allows you to pay $36 for an annual subscription. This translates to about $3 per month, which is really great.

B.VPN can be downloaded off of their website for a one hour free trial that does not require you to submit your personal details. One hour is not that long, in fact it is rather strict, but it should be enough to help you check the software out and figure out what works and what doesn’t work for you. It should be noted, however, that during this one hour free trial, you will not be able to access all servers, although most of them will be at your disposal.

bVPN Speed Test

B.VPN has a variation when it comes to speed, which depends on the protocol and the server you select. The fastest speed comes from B.VPN’s UDP based SMOKE tunnel. This tunnel was developed specifically to bypass firewalls. This feature allows you to hide open VPN connections. The SSH tunnel is also a custom protocol that helps to add that extra obfuscation for every packet. B.VPN insists that SMOKE can get this VPN in countries such as Russia, Iman, China, Oman and Turkey and access websites which are usually censored.
“It’s a polymorphic UDP tunnel that has much wider range of capabilities to go through DPI. It’s the only thing that works stable in China now unlike Obfsproxy which doesn’t work already for almost a year. Smoke has defense tactics against GFW (Great Firewall of China) that throttles packets and can jump across big range of network IPs and ports without disconnections. Also, it has packet backup mechanism for restoring corrupted packets by the GFW. We are very confident it’s the only thing that work stable as we have a test team out there.”

How is Customer Service at bVPN?

A great way to check the efficiency of any VPN support service is to shoot them a question on their website, which I did. I am proud to inform that B.VPN have quite an active and fast-responding customer support. Very respectful too might I add. Although their live chat support is very active and reliable, their email support is a bit poor, because you have to create an account first, and it takes between one to four hours to get a response out of them. When it comes to BVPN customer service, I would say, stick to their live chat on their website or Facebook, because the email option will frustrate you a little bit. B.VPN does claim to provide 24/7 customer support, which is great too.


  • B.VPN is based in the Netherlands but that does not limit them in any way, which is contrary to what most people think about Netherlands-based VPNs.
  • B.VPN has about 32 servers in 15 countries all over the world including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Russia, India, Singapore, Japan, and Ukraine
  • The website is available in Chinese, Russian, English, Arabic, Turkish, Turkish, Urdu and Farsi. B.VPN has an Android app that is available in English and Arabic.
  • You may connect two devices at once, but only one using OpenVPN and one using L2TP
  • OpenVPN via SSH tunnel
  • SMOKE tunnel features to block firewall is available
  • 24/7 customer support, which is really great and reliable as per my testing
  • P2P  is permitted

Is bVPN Safe?

BVPN allows Open VPN users to choose between two levels of encryption.

  • Normal (Blowfish-128 cipher with SHA-1 hash authentication)
  • Strong (AES-256 with SHA-256 hash auth).

All OpenVPN connections use RSA-2048 and Perfect Forward Secrecy and I detected no IPv4 DNS leaks or WebRTC leaks while using the B.VPN Windows client. B.VPN, like I mentioned earlier, is based in the Netherlands which is a nine eyes NSA spying partner where the Dutch government conducts a fair amount of its own surveillance. However, this should not discourage you, because VPN providers in the Netherlands are not by any means required to keep any logs, but B.VPN does keep some connection logs
The encryptions used by B.VPN are believed to be really good, and another perk is that B.VPN has no problem with torrenting while using its service. So generally, we can conclude that B.VPN has great security, but it’s all a matter of individual preference at this point because some people want absolutely no digital footprint left as soon as they close their servers.

Bottom Line

I’ve seen numerous VPNs so far. When it comes to providing excellent features, it can be really hard to get an impressive VPN. However, B.VPN has totally changed my perspective. The prices are not very encouraging because you can get another VPN for less but B.VPN is totally worth it. I do wish there were more servers, but I guess having a few servers with great quality is better than having millions while providing poor quality service.
The speeds on B.VPN are quite decent, but I am particularly impressed with their SMOKE tunnel feature. This seems to be a VPN that has committed itself to giving with both hands.
I do wish, however, that it was possible to have more than two simultaneous connections. This was a bit stingy on their part, but given all other perks, who cares about such minute flaws.
If you are looking to get your money’s worth this is most definitely the VPN to go for.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

Good speeds, different protocols, and good customer care support. BUT. Their price is not friendly at all. Their price tag is way too high compared to what I got from other VPNs that had similar features.
The free trial feature is limited even though it helped me a lot in finally choosing B.VPN as my ultimate VPN provider. I wonder whether other users will find the time to be limited or just enough to help make a decision.
I noticed that the B.VPN speeds varied depending on the protocols that I chose. I think this is a great feature as it is easy to switch between protocols to get the best speeds to surf with.
B.VPN is my all-time VPN whenever I am at home in Saudi Arabia. The fast browsing speeds never disappoint when I am streaming HD videos over the internet.
I love traveling and it scares me a lot that B.VPN has a few servers globally. I am sure this will be an issue when travelling to nations where they do not offer their services. An improvement is therefore expected on their end concerning this.
I was greatly disappointed with the limited free trial period that B.VPN provider offers. In a matter of just an hour they disconnected me from their services. This is not good at all.
The offer that B.VPN provides annually fits my budget. In between I get to enjoy good downloading speeds as well as on time customer care response. This provides me with a seamless experience over the internet.
The B.VPN customer care is doing a great job so far. They respond promptly to queries and ensure that a customer gets answers to what they seek for. I am always eager to talk to them when I get stuck.

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