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BolehVPN Review

When it comes to finding a good VPN, there are several factors you need to take into consideration to make sure that a specific VPN service provider is the right choice for you. For this, you need a complete analysis of the VPNs, which is many times a hard task, considering the large competition in this industry.

With its address in Malaysia, BolehVPN was established with the aim of providing internet users with complete internet freedom, without being monitored or having their valuable data intercepted. Within a relatively short period of existence, this VPN service has gained quite a positive reputation among users. Let’s find out if all the hype is indeed worth it.

Is My Privacy Protected with BolehVPN?

The privacy policy of BolehVPN is, without a doubt, one of the most transparent ones we have come across so far. The VPN service takes users’ privacy seriously and guarantees that it will “ take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information ”. Based on the payment method you choose, all that will be collected from you by the provider during the signup process will be a username and your email address.

Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone unless required by law. We may use analytics on our website to help us to understand where our customers are coming from however no personally identifiable information is captured ”.

When it comes to logs, BolehVPN makes it clear that it doesn’t maintain logs of user activity, which includes “ user access, DNS requests, timestamps, bandwidth usage or user’s IP address ”.

Since the company is incorporated in Seychelles, there is no mandatory data retention laws that the VPN service has to abide to. Also, since BolehVPN doesn’t keep logs, there isn’t much information that the company can share even when requested by authorities. So, it is safe to say that BolehVPN excels in offering great levels of privacy, and is an excellent choice for those looking exclusive for this feature in a VPN service. The only downside when it comes to privacy, is that this company does not offer a kill switch.

How Much is BolehVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

The pricing plans offered by BolehVPN are quite different from what we usually see from other VPN service providers. You can subscribe for the service for a week, a month, 60 days, 180 days, or a year, based on your requirements. The pricing for these are $3.70, $9.99, $16.99, $44.99, and $79.99 respectively, which seems quite decent.

In addition, the VPN service offers a 1 day free trial for new users to evaluate the services and features. However, there is no money back guarantee.

Along with accepting payments with all major credit cards, BolehVPN also accepts Bitcoins and various other cryptocurrencies, including Dash, Zcoin and Zcash. This is something we absolutely love about the VPN service, especially with the increased need of anonymity on the internet at this time.

BolehVPN Speed Test

BolehVPN has 35 VPN services strategically located in 12 countries around the world. When you subscribe for the VPN service, regardless of which payment plan you choose, you get access to all these servers. This enables you to easily switch between servers depending on the speed you are looking for. While it’s not the highest number it’s also not all that bed, especially if the speed they offer is good enough.

Regardless, when we tested the speed of the VPN’s servers, we encountered more than decent speed in almost all the servers, except for very few in certain locations. Nevertheless, for the most part, we were impressed with how solid the speeds were.

Also, since the VPN service supports P2P sharing and torrenting, BolehVPN guarantees a more pleasant experience for uploading or downloading content. The speed will only make those features much faster and easier, and this applies to streaming as well.

How is Customer Service at BolehVPN?

Whether you are a new VPN user or you already excel at it, you would know how important it is for a VPN service provider to offer proper customer support features. With BolehVPN, this would probably be the one aspect that we are not entirely satisfied with. To contact the company’s customer support team, you need to submit a ticket by entering your email address, username, and the issue you need resolved.

Even though the VPN service mentions that it offers 24/7 online customer support, submitting a request is the only option you have and the response was not immediate in our case. However, on their page you can find Help Desk and Forum pages where you can get some basic information about the service. Nonetheless, the fact that there is no live chat or phone support does leave us a bit disappointed.


The layout of BolehVPN website is both attractive and easy to navigate. In addition to all the standard menus, like Support, Blog, etc., the VPN service also has a warrant canary, which some users may find useful.

BolehVPN can be used on Mac OS, Linux, and Windows desktops or notebooks, Android and iOS mobile devices, and also on router devices (OpenVPN supported). Installing the VPN did not require much effort and it worked well for all of these devices. Also after configuration of everything, you are equipped with the complete set of features they offer.

As mentioned before, the VPN service has 35 server in total, located in 12 countries across the globe, including Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, and of course, the US and UK. This allows you to easily geo-spoof your location, which is one of the things users want most when searching for a suitable VPN.

The features offered by BolehVPN are quite standard, like the ability to bypass geo-restricted websites and services, complete privacy, anonymity, etc. The VPN is optimized for P2P, which makes it a part of a surprisingly small list of VPNs that support the use of this feature. It allows a simultaneous use of up to 3 devices from a single IP address, doesn’t log user activity, has no bandwidth limits, and accepts anonymous cryptocurrencies.

Is BolehVPN Safe?

BolehVPN is based mainly on OpenVPN protocol, which is known to be the most secure protocol implementation available today and is extremely fast, stable, and flexible as well. However, for those of you with devices that do not support this protocol, BolehVPN also offers L2TP protocol, which is a less secure option.

The VPN service uses “ latest security and obfuscation technology ” to ensure utmost online security for its users. It implements 256-bit AES encryption, which is again the highest in VPN standards. The VPN further strengthens security by masking your traffic with an extra layer of obfuscation technology. All in all, the level of security you get to enjoy from BolehVPN is certainly high.

Bottom Line

BolehVPN is one of the very few VPN services that have impressed us from almost every aspect. The VPN service excels in the level of privacy and security it offers to its users and they are transparent about it.  Their features, although quite basic and standard, are certainly up to par with what a regular VPN user would expect from one such service. But, the company has a lot to upgrade and improve in terms of its customer support features. Overall, it offers an enjoyable service for a decent price.

Adam Dagan

User Comments

I am very satisfied with the VPN service and I am absolutely delighted with the very personal consideration that Bolehvpn have extended to me in the course of my renewal. In this era of digitally driven business models such a per...Read More
I’ve always been happy with the BolehVPN services, even when I’m using it during my business trips abroad without any problems.
I use their service since 2013 and never looked at other providers. They deliver a perfect service and a good infrastructure and I'm glad I'm with them :)
I hope I get the a two years offer in two years, too ;)
No issues when using it on my first trial. I upgraded my plan to a 6 month subscription. They accept Bitcoin and others too!
When my telco is having trouble login some sites, I connect to the VPN to view it. BolehVPN help me to let me login to the sites that was not able to load without the VPN. I thankful for BolehVPN for getting my internet line normal
I heard bolehvpn from a friend. They said its from Malaysia. I am able to manually bank in via the ATM machine anonymously to their account and uploaded a receipt without revealing who am I. This is good!
I couldn't connect to the VPN server at first, but their support help me with the issue. Turn out I had some setting wrong. After following their instructions, I can connect!
I was able to unblock Netflix US from Malaysia! Heard bolehvpn from a friend. Tried the trial and then subscribed!
I have been a customer for several years. Their customer support doesn't feel like talking to a robot like some other providers. Every time I run into any issues, ajay helps me to get it running! Great support and service!
BolehVPN has a no logging policy which is a plus for me when surfing the web. I can view USA Netflix with their BolehFlix servers. I am very satisfied with their service
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