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Arethusa VPN: Is this a decent VPN service you can trust?

Arethusa is one of the most basic VPNs and the website looks as if it was created by a huge fan of VPN rather than a company. Its HQ is Seychelles, and they have been in the business since 2010. Is there anything that makes this a reliable VPN service?

Arethusa is based in Seychelles, but all the jurisdiction it must follow comes under the Netherlands, since Seychelles does not have any kind of Internet laws and restrictions. How good (or bad) is this VPN provider?

Is My Privacy Protected with Arethusa VPN?

The privacy policy of Arethusa VPN hasn’t changed a lot since the company revamped its entire feature package. The official statement from Arethusa with respect to privacy states, “We do not monitor or store your traffic. We only know your email address and the reference numbers of your payments. All passwords are stored as non-reversible hashes. For maintenance and anti-abuse purposes, servers have 7 days of system logs in RAM. These logs might include your username, VPN IP and/or real IP. Traffic data is never stored. If we have to reveal data to third parties, we will inform our users about it. We have received no secret requests.”
From the statement, it is clear that the company follows a strict no-logging policy. Since the company is supposed to abide by the Netherlands’ rules and restrictions, there is nothing to worry about for the subscriber. Netherland has no real Internet laws or regulations which would force the service provider to reveal some of the confidential details, so there is really nothing to worry about in terms of privacy.
However, a kill switch feature is not available, which makes your data and activity vulnerable to hacking during network connectivity terminations. Other than these, we could not find any technical details of the VPN’s privacy settings.

How Much is Arethusa VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

The Arethusa VPN service provider used to offer v1 and v2 subscription plans, but now they have changed it altogether and are offering v3 membership plans alone. Existing v1 and v2 members can still make use of the plan, but all new subscribers only have the option of v3. There is only one subscription model on offer and that is the 3-month subscription model, which is offered at a price of 15€, which means that the monthly subscription plan is just 5€.
Considering the price point and the features on offer, we do find the pricing to be on the higher side. When compared to other European service providers offering top notch services at an attractive price, this is still a letdown. There is no free trial or money-back guarantee, which is again a disappointment, because this has become an industry norm these days. However, unofficial reports suggest that the Ukraine server is offered as a test or trial for a month to those who want to try out the service.
Accepted payment methods include PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and Bitcoin. Payments once made are non-refundable, and any billing issues you might be facing should be escalated within 10 days of making payment.

Arethusa VPN Speed Test

Arethusa VPN has servers operating from the UK, the Netherlands, France, the US, Ukraine, and Luxembourg. One of the key benefits for those using their servers is the high-speed Internet connection. Unlimited bandwidth and high-speed network connection parameters make it one of the best service providers with respect to performance and reliability. Although the server count is pretty low, we did test the speed of these servers and found them to be amazing. Good latency, upload speed and download speed are mandatory for torrenting, P2P sharing, watching videos, and so on. Unmetered traffic across all of its servers is a huge plus point for subscribers. With a traffic quota of around 10000 GB/month, users are sure to enjoy surfing with the VPN even during peak traffic.

How is Customer Service at Arethusa VPN?

The contact section on their website is the only form of communication you could possibly have with the company. An email ticketing system is used to resolve all the queries and problems faced by subscribers. You can raise a ticket under general questions, abuse and billing category. Type the subject and fill in your message on the support you need and attach supporting documents, if any. The forum section also has all the latest information and any updates on the connection. We did experience quick response times and the feedback was precise as well.


The Arethusa VPN website interface isn’t good, to be honest, with no information whatsoever. This is designed by an individual rather than a company, so you cannot expect great design elements or features on their website and user interface. Information is spread all over the place and you might get frustrated searching for the details you need.
The signup process is simple but not sophisticated. Let us look at the different features:

  • Servers in 7 different countries.
  • OpenVPN protocol for maximum security.
  • Ticketing support system.
  • 5 simultaneous device connections.
  • Traffic quota of 10000 GB/mo.
  • Semi-dynamic IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Multiple device support included for Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu.
  • No logging policy.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • High speed Internet connection.

Arethusa is not for new Internet users and non-technical individuals, because the whole process of setting up and using the VPN server is quite complicated. Documentation is available, but it does not have enough information on every single step. Similarly, there is no setup manual either, so new users will definitely have a hard time setting up Arethusa on their device.

Is Arethusa VPN Safe?

Arethusa VPN offers OpenVPN 2.3.4+ with 256-bit AES encryption and RSA 4096-bit encryption, delivering good security and data protection. All the blocked websites can be unblocked with ease and also the super speed Internet network helps in surfing through the web seamlessly. Even though there are no multiple protocol options on offer, users are sure to get excellent security using this protocol. Leak tests conducted on IPv6, IPv4, WebRTC and DNS leaks came out positive with no visible leaks detected.

Bottom Line

Arethusa VPN service is basic and does not offer multiple server options like some of the leading VPN companies. The servers that are offered to the customer deliver superior performance, which is remarkable. Arethusa is one of those companies that does not place many restrictions on the VPN usage. Speed and security are good, but the user interface and setup should have been made simple for a normal user. The final verdict is Arethusa is for those who are looking to access only these 7 servers throughout their lifetime and also for those who want security and speed. We would not recommend it to other users.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

I am not complaining about Arethusa VPN services but honestly, they should offer for a money-back guarantee like other providers do.
The speeds are good and all but with no free trial, it is a huge risk to depend on their services without knowing exactly what their package covers. They should think of providing for testing alternatives.
So far so good, it has been a year and a half relying on Arethusa VPN and they are simply the best when it comes to their speeds. I have never been disappointed since I began using their services.
I love watching TV over the internet. Good thing is that I have Arethusa VPN as my backup plan. It never disappoints when it comes to speeds of streaming content over the internet.
After recommendations from a friend I was quick to sign up for the Arethusa VPN services but I was greatly disappointed with the sign up process which was somewhat complicated process.
With the good torrenting speeds that they offer, Arethusa VPN should find a way of making their services slightly affordable. Discounts is what I expect in my next subscription to their services.
I can use Arethusa VPN in all my four devices that I use in my home. The best part is that there is an unlimited bandwidth connection in all these devices I chose to use.
Besides the good speeds that I get when using Arethusa VPN, I also benefit from its robust security that it offers. Its been over a year now with now leaks experienced when using their VPN services.
This is so far my best provider for remarkable speeds when watching HD videos on YouTube. I never find a reason to get bored as I stream almost everything online thanks to Arethusa VPN.

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