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Anonymous VPN Review

Staying anonymous online is now one of the most important requirements for internet users. From being able to access geographically restricted websites to preventing various online threats, online anonymity plays a major role in the life of netizens.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is by using a Virtual Private Network, and today we are going to discuss the potential of Anonymous VPN, a company that provides you with such service.  Anonymous VPN establishes itself as a privacy protection service and is a VPN service provider that is constantly improving to live up to the expectations of users. But, in terms of protection and privacy how much can you actually rely on this VPN?

Is My Privacy Protected with Anonymous VPN?

Named Anonymous VPN, it would be a shame if the VPN service didn’t provide its users with complete privacy and anonymity online. Fortunately, this VPN service promises a “No Logs” policy and establishes to be, as it says on the page, “ dead serious ” about its users’ privacy. Although some of the content posted on their site does not look all that professional, we decided to give it chance.

Apparently, Anonymous VPN does not store logs of users’ online activities, including their online traffic, browsing activities, and other information. The VPN states that it doesn’t store “ details of, or monitor the date sent over our network or websites you log into while using our VPN service ”. As a result, they do not have any information that can be shared with third parties.

Email address and other personal information that the VPN service collects from you will be stored on their secure servers. While Anonymous VPN guarantees that it “ will not sell, trade, or transfer this personal information to third parties ”, it also includes that it will do so if they are “ trusted third parties who assist us in giving you the service we give you and these third parties have committed, ahead of time, to keep your personal information which was handed to them, confidential ”. This statement reveals that your information could be passed on to what they call “trusted third parties”, which, despite their explanation, is quite alarming. This just shows that as a VPN service, they are not that transparent with their customers, but unfortunately it’s something that we see with almost every VPN service.

Other information that the VPN service does collect include your server location choice, data transferred, etc., which is quite common, and the service offers a kill switch feature as well. They have servers in 25 countries, providing you with some basic geo-spoofing.  Overall, the level of privacy offered by Anonymous VPN is certainly decent, but it also has place for some improvements.

How Much is Anonymous VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Anonymous VPN offers three different pricing plans. The first is a 3 days trial plan and is priced at $2; second is a monthly subscription plan priced at $12; and third is a yearly plan priced at $69. It is clearly noticeable that the pricing is not the cheapest in the market. Also, instead of offering a free trial, like many other VPN services do, Anonymous VPN provides a paid trial to users, which isn’t something we’re fond of, even if it is for a low price.

When it comes to money back guarantee or refunds, Anonymous VPN is again not the best in the industry. The VPN service states that users can request a refund during the first three days after their payment, and no later than 14 days, if they are not satisfied with the services. There are a few conditions for the refund as well. And, as expected, there will be no refund for the 3 days plan. When it comes to the means of payments, they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners and Discover credit cards.

Anonymous VPN Speed Test

Like any other VPN service provider, Anonymous VPN also promises “blazing speed”. It would be surprising if they wouldn’t, as every competitor in this industry tries to offer the best features, in order to stay in the game. Unfortunately, many fail to deliver this. Anonymous is just one example.

The company says that it uses cutting-edge hardware and software custom built for them to achieve this goal. In addition, Anonymous VPN does not limit bandwidth.

However, having performed the speed test, we have to say that we have nothing but bad news. Regardless of the servers we connected to, which are actually quite low in number, the speeds were so low that it was difficult for using even some of the most basic websites, such as Facebook, Gmail, etc.

When this is the case, you obviously cannot use the VPN service for streaming, torrenting, and other similar activities because you will only end up getting disappointed.

Although it’s a quite often problem with VPNs, the lack of speed certainly is a big disadvantage when it comes to competition. All in all, it’s safe to say that Anonymous VPN fails to score in terms of speed, and if you are not the most patient person, we would not recommend it.

How is Customer Service at Anonymous VPN?

Moving on to one of the most underrated aspects of a VPN service – customer support. No matter the features and pricing, if a VPN does not offer a good customer service, it’s immediately rated as unprofessional and goes lower on the list.

Anonymous VPN extends support via its online contact form, and that’s pretty much it. Yes, the VPN service doesn’t have any other means of contact, like a live chat or phone call facilities that enable users to get prompt answers to their questions. The response time after the submission of the contact form can be anywhere between 23 and 48 hours, which is actually quite long. Though the service has a Knowledgebase on the website, it has to be noted that it isn’t the most comprehensive of the many that we have come across. They should definitely work on fixing this issue, and offer more ways of communication for their customers.


The Anonymous VPN website is as simple as it gets when it comes to the official website of a VPN service. Though a bit cartoonish but catchy to the eye at first sight, the website has very few menus, and all the important ones like Pricing, Network, FAQ, and Contact are laid out right at the top of the main page, which makes access easy. The bottom of the page contains links to other pages, such as Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and more.

Signing up for the service is pretty easy. You need to choose a subscription plan of your liking, register by entering your email address and a preferred password, and move on to making your payment. Anonymous VPN client is available for Android, Mac, and Windows, and it works well on all these platforms.

Moving on to the actual features offered by Anonymous VPN, do not expect anything fancy or exclusive from the service, because it offers only some of the basic VPN features, such as unlimited bandwidth, security, ability to bypass censorships, and the aforementioned no logs policy. However, on a more positive note, the fact that they utilize dynamic IP addresses is an excellent feature and as mentioned before, they also offer a kill switch, which is something that not all VPN companies offer, but it is a good advantage.

In conclusion, it is a fact that the VPN service doesn’t excel even in these limited number of features that it does offer, but we have seen worse.

Is Anonymous VPN Safe?

If you are just a visitor to the website and looking to learn more about the VPN service before actually subscribing, you will be taken aback to see that there is no proper information on the security features offered by Anonymous VPN. The VPN service doesn’t not even provide details on the types of protocols it uses and the level of encryption it implements, which are the basics to online security.

After contacting the customer support team, we were informed that the VPN service uses IPSec and OpenVPN protocols, as well as 256-bit AES encryption, and that’s all the information we could get in terms of security. However, we must point out, that this type of encryption is actually among the most secure ones. It’s considered as one of the top chippers as it’s almost uncrackable. Furthermore, unfortunately, it was impossible to get information about DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 leaks, due to the slow speed of this VPN service.

Bottom Line

Having analyzed the VPN service, we came across a lot of issues that need to be addressed in order for users to consider it as a reliable VPN. Starting with updating their website will all necessary and relevant information, Anonymous VPN should move towards providing great speeds and more set of features to survive in this highly competitive industry. The company should also focus on providing more customer support options. Overall, Anonymous VPN is not a VPN service we would currently recommend.

Adam Dagan

User Comments

The site comes wih a kill switch feature. Therefore hacers or cybercriminals were not able to access my IP address. Also I was able to access a secure internet connection. Good work.
I was overjoyed that I was able to stream matches and videos using this VPN. Though the internet speeds were low the restrictions are quite awesome.
Unlike most VPN services, I was shocked to realise that they provide a paid trial. Although cheap, It is very unsatisfactory since I was unable to test the features they offered. They should provide a free trial to allow users know more about them first before deciding on using the VPN.
Being a VPN service, I expected that the speeds provided were fast. Well that was not the case here. The speeds were slow that I could not be able to access even a social websites including Facebook and Instagram. Streaming videos...Read More
The site provides simple how to follow instructions on how to use it. Utilization of a dynamic IP address is also mentioned which is a special feature. They got the score on this one.
The site is quite easy to use. The important menus are layed well out at the main page for easy access to the user. Nothing complicated about signing up for the VPN which is advantage.
After contacting the customer support, I was informed that they use a 25-bit AES encryption. This is the most secure type of encryption among all others because it is uncrackable. Much convincing.
The site promises not to store logs of users activities. However, they also include that they provide your personal information to trusted third parties who assist in giving the service. I found this risky and unconfidential. I therefore do not recommend it for users that prefer complete privacy.
Being a VPN service, I expected that the speeds provided were fast. Well that was not the case here. The speeds were slow that I could not be able to access even a social websites including Facebook and Instagram. Streaming videos...Read More
The pricing plans offered by the VPN are affordable. However, they state that users can request a refund during the first three days and not later than 14 days. Conditions are also provided for the refund which is annoying.

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