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Ananoos VPN: Can you enjoy complete online security and anonymity?

Ananoos VPN is a UK-registered company that seems to take users’ online security seriously. The VPN service strives to secure the communications of its users by preventing spies from accessing the same.

Based in the UK, Ananoos VPN has been around for just over 8 years, which makes it one of the relatively new VPN service providers on the market. The service seems to care a lot about users’ privacy and security. But, can it help achieve the same?

Is My Privacy Protected with Ananoos VPN?

Unlike many VPN service providers in the industry, Ananoos VPN doesn’t have a full-fledge Privacy Policy. When it comes to privacy, the service only addresses the issue of maintaining logs, with the statement, “Ananoos does not keep any logs regarding communication data flowing through their service.” That’s pretty much everything the VPN has to say about protecting their users’ privacy. Having a no logging policy is a plus for Ananoos VPN.
When it comes to information sharing, there is no statement on the company’s website addressing the same. However, they do mention that they are “a UK registered company, and the servers obey to local laws where they’re hosted”. This statement leads us to believe that the VPN service might share user information with the authorities when they are legally obliged to do so. This is actually something almost all VPN service providers do. And since Ananoos VPN doesn’t store logs, there wouldn’t be much information for the service to reveal. Also, for those not looking to use the service for illegal purposes, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.
Overall, we are quite satisfied with the VPN service’s Privacy Policy, but, we do wish that it was well-written. There is, however, no information on the availability of a kill switch.

How Much is Ananoos VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Ananoos VPN offers three pricing plans to its customers: a 3 months plan, a 6 months plan, and a 1 year plan. The first plan is priced at €15, the second plan at €28, and the annual plan at €55. Although the company mentions that their pricing is actually pretty cheap and that they collect just the right amount “to pay bandwidth and server hosting”, we do think that the pricing is a bit high, especially taking into consideration the limited features and other aspects of the VPN service.
The VPN service doesn’t offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee. Another drawback with regards to the payment is that Ananoos VPN accepts payments only via credit cards, and there is no option to make payments anonymously.

Ananoos VPN Speed Test

Much to our disappointment, Ananoos VPN has servers located only in Europe, the Netherlands to be accurate. Also, we do not really know the exact number of servers being operated by the service in the location. Therefore, before you expect to experience great speeds from the VPN’s servers, know that this limitation in VPN server location and the limited number of servers will play a major role in the speed you receive from the service.
During our testing, the speeds we encountered were not extraordinary, to be honest. Since the only option we had in terms of server location were the Netherlands, we couldn’t compare the speeds of servers in different locations, like we would normally do with other VPN services. The speeds we experienced were quite good. There were inconsistencies in connection speeds as well as upload and download speeds. Overall, the speeds were decent enough to stream videos, at least in standard quality if not HD.

How is Customer Service at Ananoos VPN?

The customer support options offered by Ananoos VPN are not as strong and as comprehensive as some of the other VPN service providers. The two ways through which you can contact the VPN service are via email and Skype, the IDs for both can be found by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of their website’s main page.
It is a definite disappointment that the company doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support. Also, there is literally no other means for users to contact the team. What’s even worse is that there is not even a knowledge base, an FAQ section, or even setup instructions for that matter.


The Ananoos VPN’s website is one of the most basic we have seen over the years. It consists of only the main page, with all the information made available right there. Though very basic and simple, we really didn’t mind the design. However, the information that was available was not sufficient enough to obtain a clear understanding of the VPN service.

In order to subscribe for Ananoos VPN, you will be required to choose a username, provide your email address, and choose a preferred password to move on to the Activation step. Once the activation is done, you can download the app and start using the service.
As mentioned earlier, the VPN service has servers located only in the Netherlands, which means that you will have access only to Netherlands IP addresses. The total number of VPN servers operated by the service remains unknown.
The Ananoos VPN software is designed to run on Windows XP, Vista and Seven, and Mac OS X. In addition, there are configuration files and downloadable keys available for those of you with devices running Linux, Unix, and FreeBSD.
When it comes to the actual features offered by Ananoos VPN, there isn’t much worth mentioning. The VPN service enables you to get a new identity on the Internet, be anonymous during your online sessions, access some geographically restricted websites, get through some firewalls, and get access to an unrestricted Internet connection.

Is Ananoos VPN Safe?

If there is one major positive aspect for choosing Ananoos VPN as your VPN service, it would be that it uses OpenVPN protocol and the related encrypted methods to keep you secure online. As you are probably aware, OpenVPN is known to be the most secure of all protocols, and its encryption standards are known to be military-grade. However, the fact that this is the only protocol which the VPN service supports is again a disappointment, because not all devices support OpenVPN.

Bottom Line

Overall, Ananoos VPN is a decent VPN service made available in recent times. Although the service does quite well in terms of privacy, security, and features, we wouldn’t say that these aspects alone would make up for its relatively expensive pricing. It certainly must make improvements in different areas, including customer support and server locations in order to be considered a reliable VPN service.

Max Ostryzhko

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