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They have servers in 32 countries. 100% of user reviews who used ActiVPN are positive.
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ActiVPN: Truly a leader in the industry?

ActiVPN is based in France and has been offering VPN services for the past 7+ years. The experience of this company might be lesser than that of some of its competitors, but it does offer a decent set of features.

ActiVPN is one of those companies which is growing steadily with consistent improvements in the server count and feature specifications.

Is My Privacy Protected with ActiVPN?

The privacy statement of ActiVPN is really good, and from what we are hearing from customers and technical reviewers, we can certainly vouch for the good level of privacy offered by them. It is hard to find a VPN service provider that delivers decent a level of privacy. As far as loggings go, the company does state that, “We do not log, No traffic data logging, No IP address logging, No DNS request logging, No bandwidth data logging and No connection timestamp logging.”, all of which simply means that a zero-logging policy is followed by the company.
The company is also very strict when it comes to preventing its subscribers from performing illegal activities on the Internet using their server. They have a strict service usage policy which states, “The user consents to respect the rules mentioned Policy of Use (PoU). If any violation of those rules is observed by ActiVPN, the user account will be suspended or cancelled. The user must not use the service for performing or facilitating illegal activities. ActiVPN will not be held responsible in case of an illegal use of the service, nor account responsible in case of legal offenses. Any illegal use of the service (including but not limiting to piracy, hacking) will be prosecuted. It is forbidden to connect to the service from a Tor exit node. Spamming via our service is forbidden. Piracy and hacking are forbidden.”
Service monitoring is carried out for a period of 24 hours, recurring on a regular basis, but no logs are maintained. The usage policy might be strict, but in reality, the company does not block P2P sharing, torrenting, file downloads, and so on. A kill switch feature is also provided, which is one of the important privacy features to have. The company is based in France, hence there is no influence of FBI and other national intelligence agencies. There is no need for the VPN to abide by these rules either, which is very good for users.

How Much is ActiVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

The pricing plans are not complicated, and all the feature specifications are kept standard across all these membership plans.

  • Monthly - $14/month
  • 1 Year - $49.99/year one-time payment which relates to just $4/month
  • 2 Year - $59.99/year one-time payment which relates to just $2/month

The one-year membership plan is offered at an attractive discount of 73%, whereas the two-year plan comes at a discount of 84%. Spring sale offers are going on right now so prices may vary at the time of your subscription. Unfortunately, no free trial is offered at the moment. No money-back guarantee or any other kind of refund policy is offered either. Different payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit and Debit cards are accepted. The option of selecting their desired payment option is appreciated by many VPN subscribers.

ActiVPN Speed Test

The ActiVPN service does deliver excellent speed to its subscribers. The performance offered might not be the best in the industry but should be more than enough for streaming all your favorite movies and videos. There is no bandwidth or speed restriction in place, which means that you will have no problem accessing your favorite video content in HD. The speed is fast enough for video downloads and large file downloads. Encryption and security features do slow down the VPN connection a bit, but this is the same for all VPN companies.
The download speed, upload speed and latency differ from one server location to another. Subscribers can also experience a difference in the connection speeds with respect to the location of the server that they connect to. If you connect to a long-distance server then the speed will automatically slow down. Subscribers might not be able to test the speed of the server by themselves because there is no free trial.

How is Customer Service at ActiVPN?

ActiVPN does not provide live chat support 24/7, which most of the leading service providers are offering as a standard. The Contact Us section is the only form of customer support you can get from the company. PGP Key communication protection is offered, which makes sure that your communication with the company is safeguarded. The only drawback of this particular system are the lackluster response times. It might take two business days to expect a positive response from them. They need to make a greater emphasis of providing the best in class customer support for their customers by adding in more support options.


Sign up process for becoming an ActiVPN subscriber is very simple. Go to the ‘My account’ section on the main page and click on register to sign up for a particular plan. Select any of the membership plans on offer and make payment. All major software platforms are supported by ActiVPN. The software application is also compatible with smart TVs, gaming consoles and routers. This enables the subscriber to connect with multiple devices at the same time. Setup tutorials, guides and instructions are also available which lets you connect with the servers quickly. OS and device compatibility is one of the strong aspects of ActiVPN.

Web layout is customer friendly and all the information you need is well laid out for reference. The website supports 11 different languages, which is ideal for some region-specific customers. The company has around 55+ servers spread across 30+ countries worldwide. They are regularly adding new servers as well. Let us now look at various other features on offer.

  • Multiple protocol support.
  • Good security features.
  • OpenVPN protocol support.
  • Zero log policy.
  • Unlimited bandwidth range.
  • Unlimited server switching.
  • Multiple device and OS support.
  • Multiple membership plans.

Unlimited data transfer, downloads, P2P sharing and torrenting can be done hassle free. The low ping internet network allows internet users to play multiplayer games and watch high quality videos. Software application is compatible with most of the smartphone and tablet OS platforms. Feature specifications are not extensive but are more than enough according to the price at which the service is offered.

Is ActiVPN Safe?

The SSL 2048-bit encrypted network delivers superior protection against all kinds of threats online. OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec and PPTP protocol connections are offered by ActiVPN to the subscriber. The secured tunnel through which your internet traffic travels ensures that your activity and data stay secure. A 256-bit AES encryption ensures that your data is safe and secure even from the toughest situations around. PPTP should be used only for unblocking videos and TV shows. For security reasons, we would suggest you to use OpenVPN protocol.
Leak tests are the best in determining the security level offered by a VPN. We conducted multiple leak tests on the servers operated by ActiVPN. DNS, WebRTC, IPv6 and IPv4 leak test results were positive. No leaks were detected during our tests, which is good.

Bottom Line

Overall, we would highly recommend ActiVPN for an everyday user. It offers a decent package and is highly reliable. Security and high speed internet connectivity are two of the major plus points of ActiVPN. Limited number of servers is an area where the company needs improvement. No log policy is highly commendable, especially considering the fact that they are fairly new to the market. The presence of a free trial or even a money back guarantee would have given the opportunity for a user to try and test the service beforehand, which is non-existent.

Max Ostryzhko

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I do love a VPN with affordable prices and this VPN does it for me. Its definitely not the fastest in speed but it's worth a shot.

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