Vypr VPN Review: is it really that good?

VyprVPN is a virtual private network that has an impressive array of features. It is trusted by over 2 million users worldwide and is known for having decent speeds. It’s comprehensive and reliable, with over 200,000 IP addresses in over 70 locations.

Available on:
Servers in
64 Countries
30 Days
$1.66 Per
Plans & pricing

Vypr VPN Review: is it really that good?


Servers in
64 Countries
30 Days
$1.66 Per
Plans & pricing
Available on:
Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

Check out our “What is a VPN?” page to learn about how VPNs work and why so many internet users are starting to use them.

A VPN is a network of servers spread across various locations around the globe. Through the use of a VPN, online users can hide browsing history, internet activity, IP addresses, and personal data. That extra level of security is important to many users. Additionally, VPNs are often used for streaming and torrenting (also known as peer-to-peer or P2P, this basically means sharing files between groups of users). The main goal of a VPN is to increase a user’s privacy and anonymity so that internet users can rely on security.

VyprVPN is impressive for a lot of these elements as well as its educational information. It has over 30 tutorials online to help users understand how to install and operate the VPN.

Pros & Cons

It’s important to weigh the positives and negatives of any VPN before deciding which one to choose. We’ve collected our thoughts on VyprVPN for quick reference.

  • Underwent an independent security audit in 2018
  • Decent sized server network
  • High configurability
  • Military-grade encryption measures
  • Effective at most unblocking services for streaming sites
  • Decent price for longer-term subscriptions
  • Uses WireGuard protocols for both desktop and mobile devices
  • Chameleon protocol available to mask VPN usage
  • Network-wide P2P support
  • Owns its own servers
    • Works with:
  • Some issues with the Windows kill switch
  • Not useful for unblocking Amazon Prime Video in the United States
  • Not the fastest speeds



Paying month-to-month costs you on the expensive side of industry norms at $12.95 per month. A year’s subscription is only $3.75 per month, though. Also, there is currently (at the time of this writing) a special for three-year membership that runs you at $1.66 per month. That’s impressively low and is well worth the money.

VyprVPN also regularly runs specials for holidays, seasons, etc. That means you’re likely to get long-term subscription deals for super cheap.

And from what we can tell, these rates are straightforward and don’t come with surprise renewal increases.


“Very Good”

When you use the internet, you don’t want to be bogged down by slow speeds. Unfortunately, VPN networks can often have spotty speeds or rates that are difficult to predict, since the speed may depend on the location you connect to.

VyprVPN’s speeds vary based on the location of the server you connect to and your own IP address. When using WireGuard, speeds are the best. They run at around 200 Mbps, but some servers have significantly higher or lower speeds when using WireGuard (the highest reported is over 600). Still, using OpenVPN is suboptimal and produces slower speeds than many competitors.


VyprVPN is a smaller VPN service as far as its server network goes. While 700+ servers sounds impressive, keep in mind that industry leaders have anywhere from 3,000-6,000 on average. Plus, the absolute outliers like PIA boast an incredible 24,000+ server network. In comparison, 700 isn’t all that much.

Generous connection limits connect up to 30 devices under the same account
Simple installation one-click instant set up
No logs VyprVPN was audited in 2018 to back up its no-logs policy
Apps iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, routers, Blackphone, smart TVs, QNAP, Anonabox
Security measures uses 256-bit encryption
Many protocols OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2
Decent server network has 700+ servers
Highly robust plenty of customizability for veteran users
Subscription packages monthly, yearly, and three-year intervals
Money-back guarantee up to 30 days
24/7 site support round-the-clock availability and on-site live chat

However, VyprVPN makes do. Its servers are all torrent-friendly and its speeds are pretty good when using the WireGuard protocol.

User Experience

VyprVPN provides extensive assistance with installation and set up, with an easy to use interface and over 30 guides for new users. Its desktop and laptop client are streamlined so well that they almost feel like mobile apps. There is a simple Connect button and a list of available server locations. You can switch between four different protocols as well, including WireGuard, Chameleon, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.

The only real issue is that its Windows client has some problems with its kill switch. If you disconnect from the server manually or stop the protocol, it’s not always clear that you’re working off your usual server. That’s a very small issue, though, and we should note that the client does display a warning in most cases.

The mobile apps at VyprVPN are pretty good and should feel familiar to anyone who uses the VPN on desktop or laptop. Its interface is simple to use and involves a connect button and location information for various available servers. There are some disparities between mobile apps, though. The Android version retains URL blocking features and a kill switch, while the iOS app has neither.

Overall, we think VyprVPN is pretty serviceable in the mobile app arena. even new users should be able to feel at home using it on their smartphones or tablets. For the techier among us, the apps have gotten rid of some of their previous offerings, but it still has plenty of configurability.


  • English (US)
  • English (UK)
  • Japanese
  • English (AU)



VyprVPN has a no-logs policy that is substantial. It was audited in 2018 and confirmed not to keep any logs of users’ data or activity. That external audit is something most other VPNs have yet to do, however, we still think it’s been a bit too long for VyprVPN and it should submit to another one. After all, we’re in 2021 now. 2018 was 3 years ago, and we’d like to see that it still abides by its strict no-logs policy.

Split Tunneling
Split tunneling is a feature many VPNs offer that allows you to hand-select which apps or websites will go through the VPN’s services and which will use your usual ISP. Often, many veteran VPN users like this feature as it provides a measure of control over data and speeds.

VyprVPN provides split-tunneling options on desktop as well as mobile versions, using MacOS, Windows, and Android. It looks like the iOS version doesn’t include split tunneling, which is one area with room for improvement.

VyprVPN uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. There are several other protections that it uses, including its Chameleon protocol that masks the fact that you’re using a VPN, DNS and IP legal protection, and more. For reference for users unfamiliar with encryption procedures, a 256-bit key would take even the world’s fastest computers millions of years to brute force, so your data should be quite safe for at least the next couple eons.

It doesn’t appear that VyprVPN offers dedicated browser extensions for ease of use, so you’ll need to connect to the servers via the VPN client.

A kill switch cuts you off from the internet if you lose connection to a VPN server. It’s a standard feature among most VPNs, as it prevents your computer from reconnecting to the internet via your ISP when you think you’re still protected by the VPN’s server’s security measures. Thus, it keeps you from being exposed to outside threats without being aware.

VyprVPN has an effective kill switch that is available not just on desktop and laptop but also on Android mobile devices. It isn’t yet available for iOS, which is a shame. And there have been some reported issues with the Windows client, but even those issues are minor, since the client sends the user a warning when it isn’t connected to the VPN server.

Some VPNs have upgraded their servers to RAM-only disk drivers. This means that any data stored about user information or activity is stored as Random Access Memory, which is automatically erased whenever the server is booted or taken offline. In theory, this should prevent any collection of logs whatsoever.

While VyprVPN has not upgraded to RAM-only, it is one of the few VPNs whose privacy protocols and no-logs policies have actually been verified. So we won’t count it against them, but we expect them to upgrade in a year or so.



VyprVPN is based in Switzerland, which is a notoriously privacy-friendly state. While most of the parent company Golden Frog’s employees work in an office physically located in Texas, the United States, the company’s official headquarters in Switzerland means that it can abide by more privacy-friendly laws.

Again, its no-logs policy has been verified by an external agency and the company is not part of the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance. You should feel quite confident that none of your user data will be handed over to third parties, whether that’s governments or corporations.

As we’ve stated above, the firmware you use for your router needs to be able to support WireGuard, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 protocols. Typically, you’ll need a DD-WRT router. More information about the firmware required can be found by contacting the company’s 24/7 support system. However, most typical routers should work just fine.

VyprVPN has been audited by external entities for its privacy or security measures. That is somewhat rare among VPNs, as only a handful of the most popular companies have done so. External audits mean that an outside entity comes in and evaluates whether or not the company abides by its promised no-logs policy and other security and privacy policies.

The only issue with VyprVPN is that its external audit came back in 2018, and we’d like to see another or perhaps a yearly audit plan. Still, it is impressive that the VPN has been verified to abide by its strict no-logs policy.

ExpressVPN is a competitor of VyprVPN that has developed a new protocol called Lightwave. It is reportedly more secure than OpenVPN or WireGuard, but some users have suggested that it tends to be slower on average than VPNs that use the older protocol. Regardless, only ExpressVPN is using Lightway at this time.



How to install

VyprVPN is easy to install and simply requires you to download the program and click install. Once it is complete, you’ll be prompted to enter your login credentials that you receive when you purchase your subscription. You can then go in and customize the protocols you want to use and additional features if you are particularly configuration-minded. New users can simply click download, click install, and then click connect.


Customer support is available around the clock by phone or email, and VyprVPN also provides users with an on-site live chat system for troubleshooting problems. We don’t anticipate that you’ll have many problems, though.

Service Agents

There are plenty of educational resources available through the company’s blog, and it performs well on all metrics. Still, it’s nice to have the option of speaking with a real person whenever an issue arises..


Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

VyprVPN is a very good value. While pricey on a month-to-month basis, its long-term plans are actually quite cheap. The VPN provides in-depth security features, including its own Chameleon protocol for DNS protection, and it uses the same 256-bit encryption that modern militaries and banks often use. In short, it is very effective at keeping your connection secure. Plus, it’s one of the only VPNs that has been verified through an independent audit to keep no user logs.


We’d like to see some improvements in the future, though. For starters, it’s time for VyprVPN to upgrade to RAM-only servers, expand the number of servers available, and get audited on a more regular basis. We’d also like to see the company provide a kill switch for iOS devices.

If you’re looking for a VPN to browse the internet, torrent files, increase your security, or stream shows that are blocked in your area, VyprVPN is a perfect match for you. If we had to give it a score, it’s a solid 85-90/100.

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Does VyprVPN help unblock Netflix?

VyprVPN effectively unblocks most streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and some others. However, it has some problems unblocking Amazon Prime Video specifically in the United States.

Is VyprVPN free?

VyprVPN is not free. You pay for a subscription on a monthly, yearly, or multi-year basis. Usually the company offers a two-year deal, but it is running a three-year special at the time of this writing for less than $2.00 per month. That’s serious value for the number of features and the stalwart security it provides. Even better, it allows users up to 30 days to get their money back if they don’t like the services.

Is VyprVPN good for torrenting?

VyprVPN’s servers are torrent-friendly. Plus, the company has been audited by external entities to ensure that it abides by its strict no-logs policy. We’d like to see it move to a RAM-only storage policy, though, as that would add even more torrent-friendliness to the mix. In short, yes, this is a good VPN for torrenting.

Is VyprVPN legal?

VPN services like VyprVPN operate legally and are legal services. However, some countries restrict or ban the use of VPNs, so its legality for you is largely based on where you live. You’ll need to check your local laws regarding the use of VPNs and internet privacy to be sure, but VyprVPN as a company is doing nothing illegal.