VPN4All Review

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VPN4All Review


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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

VPN4all: Is it really a VPN for all?

VPN infrastructure delivers high quality features for an Internet user, no matter where they are, or whatever their purpose might be. Finding the best VPN to deliver exceptional service quality and performance is very important.

VPN4all has a HQ in Netherlands, but the business operates out of Seychelles, East Africa. The VPN service has mixed reviews from the crowd; so, to get a clear picture on its quality, let us find out more about the service as a whole.

Is My Privacy Protected with VPN4All?

Privacy should be the main focal point for every single person looking to subscribe for a VPN service. The policy statement can be read through to understand what the service provider is offering to its subscribers in terms of privacy. VPN4all states, “When you are using VPN4ALL service Web Broadcasting Ltd gathers information about actual bandwidth usage per license number. Web Broadcasting Ltd does not track, collect or store any personally identifiable information at the servers on the VPN4ALL server network”. This is a great sign because the company claims that it does not cache or store a user’s original IP address, or the servers connected to the user at any given time. In addition, usage logs are also not collected or stored anywhere, and it does not monitor or store Internet activities, emails, etc. either.
There is nothing to worry about even with respect to law enforcement concerns because, “Web Broadcasting Ltd is located in a jurisdiction where Internet logs, personal information, account data and any client information is not required to be logged or cached, therefore any requests by law enforcement can be met without providing any information about clients or their data. Even a court order would not provide any personal data about users.” Privacy is assured even under the disclosure to third parties, “VPN4ALL Ltd is granted secure access to the bandwidth usage per License Number information in the Web Broadcasting Network Management System. Web Broadcasting Ltd does not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any information to any third party.
All of these make VPN4all an attractive prospect for Internet users who are looking to achieve ultimate privacy and anonymity. An automatic kill switch feature would have been furthermore exciting in terms of privacy, but it is non-existent, which does bring down the overall privacy score of VPN4all. Since the company runs offshore, it is not affected by any Internet rules or regulations, making it one of the most reliable service providers. On the whole, solid bullet proof privacy offered by the service is pretty good considering the competition.

How Much is VPN4All? Is There a Free Trial?

Like most VPN service providers, VPN4all also offers 3 different subscription plans, which include:

  • VPN4all 50GB regular use plan – $11.95/month, but if paid annually, you just have to pay $7/month.
  • VPN4all Unlimited movie junky plan – $24.95/month, but if paid annually, you get it at just $11.83/month.
  • VPN4all Mobile on the go plan – If paid annually, you can subscribe for just $4.08/month.

All 3 subscription plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee, but unfortunately, there is no free trial. The mobile subscription plan is offered exclusively for smartphone users with Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Android OS support. 5GB bandwidth/month is offered under this plan. Subscribers can connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. 128-bit AES encrypted PPTP/IPSec/IKEv2 protocol-based connection is offered, which gives you the option of selecting a particular security level. The only difference between the regular use plan and the Unlimited plan is the bandwidth limitation per month, with the former having 50GB/month and the latter unlimited bandwidth usage per month.

VPN4All Speed Test

Speed is one of the major factors that determines whether you are able to surf all the content you are looking for at lightning speeds. A VPN server provided Internet connection is definitely going to be slower than your home network, but it is necessary to find a VPN that offers good speeds.
The download and upload speed results were inconsistent across different servers operated by VPN4all. We tested the speed 5 times to rule out inconsistencies and also conducted it using Windows client on OpenVPN protocol. The Netherlands server gave around 53Mbps download speed and 10Mbps upload speed. UK servers gave 78Mbps download speed and 10Mbps download speed. The results of US based servers, including New York and Dallas, were pretty impressive, and we had no problem streaming live videos in high definition.
VPN4all has servers in 80+ cities across 50+ countries and this should give enough access range even for extreme users. Even the inconsistent speeds are not as alarming as some of the leading companies around, but are certainly more than enough. DNS, IPv6, IPv4 and WebRTC leak test results were positive, which is a good sign. Overall, performance is pretty good, but there is room for improvement.

How is Customer Service at VPN4All?

Customer support offered by VPN4all can be rated highly, mainly because of the multiple customer support platforms on offer. Live chat support, email support and a ticket support system are the 3 different customer service platforms available for subscribers to get their queries answered. Apart from these 3 exclusive support options, users can also have a look at VPN setup instructions, basic troubleshooting, the knowledge base and FAQ sections in order to find out more about the VPN process in general. VPN4all calls their customer support to be rapid responsive, but we did find flaws in the live chat support.
Live chat support is not available 24/7 as mentioned on the website, and when it is available, the support tends to be more or less towards the sales end rather than the technical. The company is transparent and subscribers can find the contact number and mailing address of their Netherlands office on their website. The knowledge base of VPN4all is not as sophisticated and informative as some of the top companies.


VPN4all has been in this business for a little over a decade, and they have plenty of features lined up for their subscribers. Let us highlight some of their key features before going in detail:

  • Servers in 80+ cities across 50+ countries.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Simple software setup.
  • Easy IP changing capabilities.
  • Forced IP change or Timed auto IP change.
  • Excellent security features.
  • Multiple OS support.
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connectivity.
  • Unlimited connection speeds.
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage.
  • Dedicated fixed IP.
  • Unlimited server switching.
  • Strong encryption.
  • Multiple protocol options.
  • Double VPN.
  • Smart routing.
  • Deep packet inspection shield.

These are the features that subscribers can enjoy by signing up for the Unlimited membership plan offered by VPN4all. If you subscribe for any of the other two plans, you might experience certain limitations, but it shouldn’t be of much concern. It is excellent and easy to use, and the interface is one of the major highlights of this service provider. The company has managed to implement the one-click functionality method across different devices and OS platforms.

The servers are also incorporated with anti-virus or malware software, so you get enough protection against those threats. The firewall is well implemented with total functionality. With more than 500 servers all over the globe, subscribers have the option of connecting with more than 10,000 IP addresses. Thus, in terms of features, VPN4all is definitely one of the best.

Is VPN4All Safe?

VPN4all delivers a good level of security to its subscribers. OpenVPN, SSTP, IPSec, PPTP and IKEv2 are the different types of protocol connections available for subscribers to choose from. Enhanced OpenVPN protocol structure delivers maximum protection and thereby, users can experience the best in class security. In addition to this, 128-bit AES encryption and 256-bit AES RSA 2048-bit encryptions offer maximum security. The former is applicable for smartphone users alone. DNS lookup is secure, fast and super reliable, and as mentioned earlier, in our leak test results, there were no visible leaks detected.
Furthermore, additional security features like dynamically assigned shared IPs, hardened VPN server security, server anti-virus protection, data tunneling, and decryption provide an extra level of security to subscribers. Connection and usage logs are not maintained by this company. Enough security and data protection are offered for smartphone users as well.

Bottom Line

VPN4all can be rated as one of the best VPN service providers around. The whole package offered by them is quite exciting for an everyday user, but the only bummer is the pricing. It is a bit higher when compared to the competition. VPN4all is the best option for those who are primarily looking to connect with North American and European servers. On the whole, this is a mid-range VPN service provider, perfectly suited for everyday users with realistic expectations.