UltraVPN Review

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UltraVPN Review

Updated on 07/01/2021

Servers in
0 Countries
30 Days
$2.99 Per
Plans & pricing
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Written By: Adam Dagan

UltraVPN Review


While UltraVPN is a relatively new entrant to the industry, being founded in 2018, it’s already managed to impress us with its comprehensive set of security features and ability to unblock streaming services the world over.

It might not be the cheapest option available, but you get reliable service, attentive customer support, and decent speeds, making it great value for money overall.

Pros and Cons


Specialist in unblocking streaming services
Dedicated server for specifically streaming Netflix USA
Easy-to-use interface
Up to six simultaneous connections
Fast speeds when torrenting
Strong security features
30-day money-back guarantee
Zero-log policy
Great customer support


A little expensive
A small pool of servers to choose from
The Android app could be better
The company is under US jurisdiction

Features at a Glance

Servers – The provider only has around 100 + servers, far fewer than its rivals
No bandwidth caps or throttling – This means you can enjoy unlimited internet browsing and downloads without your speed being affected or paying extra
Security – Among the platform’s many features you’ll find industry-standard 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and a firewall
Customer support – Get in touch 24/7 via live chat and over the phone



UltraVPN offers both introductory discounts as well as reduced pricing for those paying upfront for six or 12 months of the service. Full pricing is as follows:

Rolling monthly contract – $6.99 per month – Increasing to $8.99 after one year
Six months upfront – $29.95 – Increasing to $59.89 after your first six months
12 months upfront – $35.88 – Increasing to $89.99 after one year

As you can see, there are some significant price hikes after the initial discount period is over, but costs are still comparable to competitors like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, and you definitely get a lot of value for money here.

Speed and Performance

Fast vpn connection

Speed can sometimes be a little inconsistent. Some servers achieving lightning-fast performance while others lag behind other big names in the industry. However, it doesn’t take long to switch to another server if you’re having speed issues, and most of the time, you can expect some pretty respectable speeds.

This is something we expect UltraVPN to iron out and improve as it becomes a more established player in the market and expands its server pool. To help you out in the meantime, the platform provides a speed rating before you connect to any server, so if one is running slowly you can look around for another option, getting connected in just a few seconds.

The good news is that we never experienced any significant slowdown, and could stream, torrent and download with no noticeable impact on our browsing activity.

Unblocking Streaming Platforms

This is an area the platform really excels in and UltraVPN appears to be building a reputation as the go-to VPN for streaming fans. It has no issues at all unblocking Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, and even the notoriously difficult to access BBC iPlayer. Despite having a small server pool to choose from, the platform promises that all of its locations are optimized to provide the best streaming experience.

You’ll find something called the ‘Ultraflix’ feature which is basically a single server completely dedicated to unblocking Netflix in the US. If UltraVPN continues to differentiate itself as the streaming expert, we may see similar servers opened up for other geographic regions too.

The platform even offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, which are configured specifically for Netflix, meaning you’ll be set up and ready to watch the shows you want without having to go through complicated configurations. In fact, it sometimes feels like the whole interface is set up to assist streamers. This explains why it’s become such a popular choice.

Security Features and Privacy


UltraVPN has AES 256-bit encryption, which is one of the most secure methods in use today and has now become an expected minimum across all reputable VPN providers. When your data travels from one point to another, this security tool makes it almost impossible for anyone to decrypt and access your information.

Kill Switch

The kill switch is available on both desktop and mobile versions of the platform. It kicks in when the system detects the VPN has disconnected and immediately cuts your access to the internet. This stops both your internet service provider (ISP) and any other malicious parties from being able to snoop on your activities.

No-logs Policy

UltraVPN claims to operate a no-logs policy, meaning neither your data nor your browsing activities are ever logged or recorded. This hasn’t been verified by an external security audit, but it’s something we’re hoping to see in the near future given that it’s still such a new company.


UltraVPN is registered in the United States, which unfortunately doesn’t have a great reputation for privacy, making it one of the platform’s drawbacks. The US is a founding member of the ‘Five Eyes Alliance’, a group of five countries that cooperate to monitor communications for intelligence purposes.

Unfortunately, the government can request data and information, including access to servers, of any company under its jurisdiction as long as a warrant is presented. However, the risk of your data being compromised is mitigated by the no-logs policy noted above.

DNS Leak Protection

Domain name system (DNS) leak protection is a tool that hides your identity from your ISP. It’s an essential feature given the fact that UltraVPN is based in the US, where ISPs have broad powers to snoop on your activities. Leak prevention puts a stop to this, as your location will always be masked and your service provider will never know when you’re logged on or where.

Built-in Firewall

Expect an added layer of security to your browsing activities as well as filtering tools to block potentially malicious websites. If you feel the firewall is becoming a little over-zealous, you can simply turn it off with one click.

Server Locations

Another minor drawback is the small server pool you’re able to draw on. While many of UltraVPN’s larger competitors have thousands of servers to choose from, here you’ll find just over 100+ in 60 countries. Usually, this might be cause for concern, as a limited server choice can sometimes lead to an impact on speed, or trouble finding one that can unlock the services you want. You won’t find that here, though; the small pool of servers doesn’t noticeably affect the service.

User Experience

The interface is incredibly simple to use, and the dashboard makes everything easy for you. You can choose your server location in just a couple of clicks and can access and configure the various security features to your heart’s content.

However, one element that’s missing, and one that’s becoming more common at rival platforms, is the ability to auto-select the best server for popular activities, like streaming and torrenting. This might be something we see added in the future, so watch this space.

Device Compatibility and apps

L2TPIPSec (Layer Two Tunneling ProtocolInternet Protocol Security) 

The platform currently works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The apps across all four platforms are fairly similar to each other, although the mobile versions have had to drop a couple of features. In addition, some users might have some issues getting the Android app up and running, and it might take a couple of re-installs to get everything working perfectly.


Some VPN providers will try and force you to use certain servers and locations if you’d like to do some torrenting or downloading. You’ll find no such restrictions here, as UltraVPN has enabled person-to-person file sharing on all of its servers. Simply scroll through the list to find the one with the fastest download speeds closest to you, and away you go.

It’d be nice to have an auto-select feature to save you from manually searching for a server, but this doesn’t detract too much from the service.

Customer Support

Most customers will start their search on the website support page. Here you’ll find some basic answers to some common troubleshooting problems alongside some helpful articles and FAQs. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can use the 24/7 live chat to get in touch with a customer service agent. Response times are usually fast, and the service is efficient and friendly.

Whenever you raise a query, make sure to provide your email address in the initial message. This allows the agent to bring up your account details before beginning the conversation, making it a lot easier to deal with them.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a 24/7 telephone option, which some of the bigger industry names don’t even offer. You should bear in mind that phone support is only to resolve billing queries, so you’ll have to use another route with any technical questions.


Does it work in China?

Not at the moment. However, UltraVPN is working on a fix to this issue and we may see it working sometime soon.

Can it Bypass Censorship Blocks?

Yes, in most cases. One of the selling points of the service is its ability to unblock sites that might be restricted in your area. You can always use a little trial and error in server selection if need be.

What Are the Payment Methods?

You can pay using all major credit and debit cards or PayPal. Cryptocurrency methods, like Bitcoin, are currently unavailable.

How Many Devices Can I Connect Simultaneously?

You can have up to six devices connected to the VPN simultaneously. However, if you apply the software to your home WiFi router you can connect an unlimited number of devices.

Is There a Free Version?

No, but you can sign up for the 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the service you can cancel with no questions asked.

Is There an Ad-Blocker?

There’s no built-in ad-blocker, but the platform works seamlessly with third-party ad-blocking apps which can be added to your web browser.

Are Multiple Protocols Supported?

No, you can only use the OpenVPN protocol at the moment. This is recognized as one of the most secure VPN connection protocols in the world, however

The Bottom Line

If you’re planning on using your VPN primarily for streaming, then choosing UltraVPN really is a no-brainer for you. With servers specifically dedicated to unblocking Netflix, and easy access to multiple platforms the world over, it’s one of the best services on the market right now.

Some users might find the platform a little pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for. With excellent speeds, an incredibly intuitive interface, robust security controls, and top-notch customer service, there are few complaints from us.

You should keep in mind that this is still a new company and understandably, there are some kinks to iron out. UltraVPN has been very responsive to customer feedback in the past, first increasing the number of simultaneous connections available, and more recently putting increased efforts in to overcome tough censorship blocks.

This leads us to believe that even more features are on the way soon, and we might see offerings like split tunneling and increasingly impressive mobile apps. If there’s something you’d like to see, we recommend getting in touch with customer support as there’s a good chance your feedback will be listened to.