Spice VPN Review

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Spice VPN Review


Servers in
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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

Spice VPN Review

Spice is a strong word for a VPN. Most VPNs offer basic things like privacy and security, but using the word spice makes it sound like there is more to it than just a VPN. I really hope that this is the case with Spice VPN, so let’s see just how spicy it can get.

Is My Privacy Protected with Spice VPN?

Spice VPN assures us in their Privacy Policy that they do not keep any logs whatsoever. This is great to ensure that users have absolute privacy and anonymity, which is the whole point of buying a VPN. So many VPNs nowadays keep some logs and are not very honest about it, so to have a VPN that is honest about not keeping logs is really refreshing.

Privacy Policy
Here at Spice.io we believe in anonymity and are empowering our users to take charge of their online security not only through the product we put forward, a reliable, strong encrypted VPN service, but also through a rigorous procedure of storing minimal data securely, with the sole purpose of keeping our VPN service to operate and run smoothly. We conduct our business on a zero-logging policy, we do not keep records of your browsing activities, the websites you visit, or the content you access.

Spice’s systems, processes and servers do not retain any sensitive/ personally identifiable data, by design.

Data we collect at signup.

The purpose of this data is to complete the order.

The reasons we collect this data are as follows:

  • to complete the order
  • to process your transactions
  • to operate and maintain our services
  • to communicate with you, for customer service purposes or for debugging
  • to keep you updated about any relevant information relating to the service
  • for marketing and promotional purposes
  • to find and prevent fraud
  • for compliance purposes, or other legal rights
  • to improve or personalize our Services

Data associated with Payments

Our billing platform is WHMCS and we have 3 payment gateways that we use in order to process payments.

Intuit (which we only enable if you can’t complete the order with any of the traditional payment methods mentioned. We then disable it and do not keep your information in our files.

Information included in Connection Logs
We keep a bare minimum set of data, like the date you connected and from which IP. We collect that data through Radius ( GDPR 2018 Compliance Statement of Radius ).This minimal data is necessary for us to help you in case of a technical issue, solving connection problems, or if you need to overturn a region-specific problem like accessing a website that has Geo-restrictions.
We do not keep logs of your browsing activities, websites visited, outgoing traffic or content accessed.

Information about bandwidth
All Spice.io VPNs come with unlimited traffic as a feature, irrespective of how that bandwidth is used. We only keep a record of the total bandwidth consumed by you to make sure every Spice.io user gets the same high level of speed and experience with his/her service. If there is a reason to suspect abuse of our service by any user where the user is found consuming an unnatural amount of bandwidth we reserve the right to contact that user and ask them to explain what is going on.

Information included in DNS Queries
We do not keep records of DNS queries of our users.

Information included in Stats & Diagnostics
We collect minimal statistics to ensure superior performance of service and customer assistance. All data collected for the aforementioned does not include personally identifiable user data. We monitor crash reports in order to have a clear understanding of the service and events that may occur in the application.

Cross Border Processing
The data that travels through your Spice.io VPN travels through our global servers, which might or might not be in your country of residence. When we transfer information through 3rd party service providers we do it in a secure manner. We have data protection agreements signed with them, so that they can’t use that data in any way, shape or form without consent.

Access to Personal Data – Internal Security Procedures
Access to personal data is limited even within the company and we document any actions that the data security responsible is taking. In case of an unlikely data breach, we inform customers about the incident 72 hours from occurrence.

All public and private keys and passwords are secured using strong cryptographic algorithms where necessary.

If the processing of personal data is necessary and there is no statutory basis for such processing, we generally obtain consent from the data subject.

How Much is Spice VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

You can choose between four different packages with Spice VPN. The Single plan is $0.50 cents per day and includes access to more than 10 servers, as well as server switching. The Double plan offers better privacy and comes with the rest of the same features as the Single plan.

The Dedicated IP plan is $0.80 cents per day and features port redirection as well as a dedicated IP address. You could also use their Connected Time plan, which charges a quarter per hour of use.

Right away, you will notice that the pricing structure for these plans is different from most of the other VPN services out there, which charge by the week, month, or annually. However, the options provided here might be more suitable for some customers. In addition, when you look up those different plans, you can see that they do have options to buy that type of plan for a month, six months, and a year. This gives you far more freedom when it comes to how you buy. Buying is very easy. They will take Webmoney, as well as Bitcoin and Perfect Money

Spice VPN Speed Test

The speed on Spice VPN was not as impressive as I expected. After testing, Spice VPN registered very slow speeds to a point where streaming was practically impossible. The constant buffering was horrible and very annoying, especially when streaming. I think that Spice VPN should do better on this front and I also hope that for the speed to be this bad, there better be a solid encryption.

How is Customer Service at Spice VPN?

Spice VPN does have a live chat, but generally I would say that this VPN’s customer service is not the best. The live chat is literally dormant and there is never anyone online to help. It seems to me like the live chat feature was just placed there for optics. After contacting them via email, it took a couple of days to get a response so I think the customer support needs to pull up their socks.


  • Number of Server Locations (countries)                 6
  • Number of servers                                                        6
  • Does VPN keep logs NoIncludes Kill Switch          No
  • Devices per license                                                       Unlimited
  • Several pricing options
  • Multiple protocols available
  • Free server switching
  • Very fast connections

Is Spice VPN Safe?

It is unclear what type of encryption is used to secure users on Spice VPN because the VPN providers have not given out this information to the public. This makes me lose confidence in this VPN because I firmly believe that any competent VPN should be able to assure users of the type of protocol and the type of encryption used to provide security. So as far as the safety of Spice VPN is concerned, it is unclear.

Bottom Line

I honestly don’t like this VPN, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. There is a whole lot of work that needs to be done before users can even commit to spending money on this VPN. I didn’t find anything spicy about this VPN, but I do hope that they do something about it within the next few months.