ShadeYou VPN Review

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ShadeYou VPN Review


Servers in
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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

ShadeYou VPN Review

Today we’ll take a closer look at ShadeYou VPN to uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly. It has extremely attractive pricing, but does that mean you only get what you pay for? Is this service worth its salt, or is it another lemon in an industry swarming with competition? I’ll help answer these questions (and more) to help you make an informed decision before subscribing.

Is My Privacy Protected with ShadeYou VPN?

The Privacy Policy of the service is quite clear that it keeps no logs at all. This would explain why the company has enough confidence to allow P2P downloading on servers in the USA, the UK, and Canada. These countries have proactive law enforcement agencies that are prepared to take file sharers to court and they also assist copyright holders in pursuing those who access entertainment without paying.

People who download files illegally take risks. Although downloading a movie may seem like a fairly harmless activity, it is still breaking the law. Torrenters need to cover their tracks and a VPN is an ideal tool for that kind of identity protection. However, if the VPN keeps logs of connections and the activities of their customers, those records can blow your cover. It doesn’t matter if the staff of the VPN company declare that they would never hand over those records, because if they are presented with a court order, they have to.

The situation that ShadeYou VPN has created is ideal. If copyright lawyers or the police come knocking at the door, there is no information to seize. So, your identity is protected effectively by this VPN service.

Privacy Policy

This policy is about privacy of your personal data

Your privacy is very important to us.

We will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information obtained in the process of an order will only be used for the correct provision of service. will never sell, distribute or transfer the information. does not collect information about the activities of our clients on the network. We do not keep logs, so we simply do not have data that could be transferred to third parties.

Software of ShadeYou VPN works in such way that only the login and password are necessary. Using the client application ensures that the personal information of users cannot be obtained, intercepted or used. When a user connects to ShadeYou Virtual Private Network, the cookies are not stored in our system.

How Much is ShadeYou VPN? Is There a Free Trial?

This service offers a standard and a premium package. The standard package is available through three pricing plans. All pricing plans include the full function set.

  • The 1 month plan is available for a flat rate of $3.95 per month
  • The 6 month plan is available for a total of $16.98, which comes to a monthly average of $2.83 per month
  • The 12 month plan is available for a total of $25.92, which comes up to a monthly average of $2.16 per month

The Premium package on the other hand, is a bit expensive but it comes with few additional features. This package is also available through three different pricing plans.

  • The 1 month plan is available for $7.95 a month
  • The 6 month plan can bought for total of $20.98 which makes the monthly average $3.5
  • The 12 month costs $27.99 a year which means that the monthly average of this plan is $2.33

The best part is that ShadeYou VPN offers all of these pricing plans with unlimited speed and traffic without any data caps.

ShadeYou VPN Speed Test

The raw speed test results didn’t come anywhere near my quoted speeds when connecting to foreign speed test servers. In the US tests, my latency increased a bit, while my download rate was choked by about 3 Mbps. However, I lost nearly 60% of my upload rate. I care most about my download rate, and in both tests, the download rate was more or less preserved through the VPN tunnel. ShadeYou may not be the fastest VPN service (far from it), but I was reasonably pleased with its speeds.

How is Customer Service at ShadeYou VPN?

I didn’t really like the ShadeYou customer service. Usually (but not always) services that are as inexpensive as ShadeYou VPN have limited customer service. I felt tricked a little bit on the website. I went to click on the live chat feature to pester support staff with questions to see how knowledgeable they are, but there is no live chat feature.

Instead, all I got was a little pop up window that displayed a web form. You can enter your email address and a message into the form, and the website will send an email to the support staff. Support is reachable 24/7, but I wish there were more ways to contact the support department.

Interestingly enough, the support section of the website includes real-time network status reports. The data will show you how busy any given server is, expressed as a percentage of total capacity. I absolutely love it when VPN services provide customers with this information, and it’s useful for ruling out a busy server if your connection is running a little slow.


Unlimited Bandwith & Traffic
ShadeYou VPN doesn’t limit the Speed of your connection or the Traffic. You truly receive Unlimited Bandwith, Speed and Traffic.

Full Compatibility
Service supports platforms like PC, Mac, Tablet Mobile and works great with all Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android.

Several Protocols
You can choose to use such protocols as PPTP, L2TP (universal and very fast) and OpenVPN (most stable and extra secure).

Simple and Reliable Client
Developed to be the most Convenient and Stable methods. Simple intuitive user interface lets you connect to the VPN and switch between servers in just a few seconds.

2048-bit Key Encryption
Even SuperComputer will need more than 1 million years to crack this key. This type of encryption can guarantee 100% protection of your personal data.

100% Anonymity
All Technologies of ShadeYou VPN make your surfing anonymous and let you experience true freedom on the Internet. Also we DON’T KEEP LOGS of your activity and don’t request your personal information.

Is ShadeYou VPN Safe?

The ShadeYou clients give users access to L2TP and PPTP protocols, but we are going to focus on OpenVPN, which is the best of the three VPN protocols that you can use in the app. (PPTP is considered insecure, so you should stay away from it.).

A great security feature built into the client is the ability to turn on a kill switch. A kill switch stops data from traveling outside of the VPN tunnel: which stops any unencrypted data from leaking to your ISP. It also means that your real IP address is always concealed.

ShadeYou VPN’s website claims that the RSA encryption for the Standard plan uses a 2048-bit key and the Premium members get a 4096-bit RSA key. However, while using the standard service, I checked the log file, which showed that the connection used was a 1024-bit key. This is a problem because a 1024-bit key is no longer considered secure.

The AES encryption for data uses a 256-bit key. This is very good and matches the level of security used by the best VPNs. However, the weak security used for the control channel’s RSA encryption, means that anyone who can crack the session establishment encryption key will be able to capture the AES key as it is sent to the client, making all of the transmissions accessible to snoopers despite the seemingly strong encryption used for the data.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, ShadeYouVPN is a cheap service which delivers just that: a cheap service. The quality doesn’t come close to where the standards are. ShadeYou VPN is a low-cost provider that seems to have designed its service to be simple and easy to use. It doesn’t come with a lot of extra features, and instead has a rather basic yet streamlined service. As far as speed is concerned, I do wish the connection was running a little faster, but overhead is to be expected with any VPN service.

Overall, ShadeYou exceeded my low expectations. I tend to associate price with quality, and thought that, since this service is so cheap, it would be terrible. That didn’t turn out to be the case, though. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who wants a low-cost VPN. There are certainly better VPNs, with more features and faster speeds, but with those benefits comes a heftier price tag.