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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert Can you enjoy online privacy and anonymity with this provider?

Online privacy and anonymity are highly important these days, especially with the increasing number of fraudulent activities taking place online. This is where VPN services come to our rescue.

Established in 2012, is unlike any other VPN service provider that we have come across. This is a non-profit company run by individuals located around the world, with everything carried out digitally. Without even a physical location, this VPN service has managed to gain a lot of positive reviews over the years.

Is My Privacy Protected with

When it comes to the company’s privacy policy, things look good, but only at the start. states that they do not “collect or log any traffic or use of its proxy technologies including virtual private networks”.
The information that the company does collect includes your email address and the payment type you choose. In addition, they also collect some general information, like Contact Us page submissions, the emails they receive, web-server logs, and Google Analytics data. Although this is something many service providers also do, for reasons such as: to manage payments and cancellations, to send subscription information, to improve their services, etc., it is the separate DISCLOSURE section from that makes us concerned.
The points given in this section are:

  1. If under subpoena, may release data in order to comply with legal obligations or in order to enforce the Terms of Service and/or other agreements. nonetheless does everything it can to hold no data that could compromise the privacy and anonymity of its users.
  2. may release data in order to protect the rights, property and/or safety of, its constituents, and/or other visitors and clients.
  3. may release data in order to follow the ethics of the Service owners, associates and employees. See our “Ethical Policy” for more details.

The first point here is something many VPN services do, in order to abide by the law in their state or country. However, the other two points simply mean that could use users’ data for the benefit of their company and those associated with the same, which we don’t welcome.
The one positive aspect that we do like about the service is that it offers a kill switch feature.

How Much is Is There a Free Trial?

The pricing plans offered by are categorized into four different types: Quick, Basic, Solid, and Pro.

The Quick plan is the cheapest, priced at $2 per 72 hours, and is designed specifically to enable users to test the service. The Basic plan is priced at $5 per month, which reduces to $3.33 per month if you choose to subscribe for a whole year. The Solid plan will cost you $10 a month, reduced to $7.50 per month for yearly subscribers. And finally, the Pro plan is $20 a month, reduced to $16.66 per month for annual subscribers.
Obviously, the features you get to enjoy from each of these plans will differ in accordance to the price.

What’s new about is that it offers add-on features for an additional price, which is something we have seen only with one other VPN service providers so far. These are named Boost and Multi-Hop and are priced at $1 and $5 extra per month, respectively. In addition, there is also an Anonymous Token add-on that is offered for free, which basically converts your “VPN credentials into anonymous hash”.
The VPN service accepts many payment options, including PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Skrill, WebMoney, and more.
Overall, the pricing of cannot be termed affordable, and the fact that the VPN service charges extra for features that other VPN services include in their standard packages is certainly off-putting. Speed Test currently has more than 300 VPN servers located across 57 countries, and the company states that they are adding new servers and IP addresses every single month. The VPN service performed well in our speed tests. As a matter of fact, it was a top contender in terms of DNS lookup times. However, the service was not as fast when it came to connection speeds, but certainly not slow either. As with most VPN services, speeds varied depending on the servers we connected to, and the company’s US servers always delivered great results. allows P2P and torrenting, and with its decent speeds, you shouldn’t have any problem using those services or streaming.

How is Customer Service at

The customer support options offered by are highly disappointing, because the service extends support only via an online ticket system. And although they promise 24/7 availability through this system, we did not receive an immediate response from their team, and it was a few hours before we got a reply.
However, the VPN service’s Knowledge Base is one of the best and most extensive that we have seen so far. It has categories like FAQ, Troubleshooting, Changelogs, Tutorials / Guides, and more, and you are most likely to find answers for your doubts or queries right here.
Nevertheless, the lack of more customer support options, like live chat, phone, etc. leaves us disappointed.


The website’s home page is extraordinary. It is kept simple yet striking with just a Get Started button, clicking on which will take you to a more extensive menu. Everything on the Menu page is laid out clearly, making navigation to other pages or links easy.
Signing up for the VPN service is also an easy process. You need to choose a pricing plan that appeals to you, add it to your cart, click on Checkout, enter your details like email address and preferred password, and choose a payment method to complete the process.

The service’s proxy technologies are designed to work on different operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, BSD, Unix-based operating systems, and GoogleOS. It allows you to use its services on up to three devices simultaneously.
The features offered by include everything you would expect from a VPN service. From enabling you to unblock restricted websites or web services to encrypting your connection to protect you from online frauds, the service is able to excel in all of its features.

One thing that is unique about this VPN/proxy service is its VPN client, named Safejumper. This is an open-source OpenVPN client from the provider that is designed to be compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows devices.

Is Safe?

Security is one of the strong aspects of Although the service supports PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols with 128-bit and 256-bit key encryptions respectively, the major protocol that it supports is OpenVPN with 256-bit AES/CBC, SHA-512 and 4096-bit RSA as hash/cipher/control. As we know, this is the highest of encryption standard in the industry. In addition, also offers XOR, ECC, obfsproxy, TOR, and SoftEther.
An amazing aspect in terms of security is that provides checks for almost all types of leaks you can think of, from WebRTC and DNS to GPS and IPv6 leaks and more.

Bottom Line

Everything considered, is an amazing VPN/proxy service in terms of features, speed and security. However, the company needs significant improvements in its privacy policy, and it would also make a big difference if they offered additional customer support options.