PerfectVPN Review

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PerfectVPN Review


Servers in
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7 Days
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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

PerfectVPN Review

Perfect VPN is also known as VPN Seek. This company has been in the industry of security for the last six years. This VPN service allows you to watch and stream your favorite shows, bypass censorship on the web while you still remaining anonymous and safe. The Perfect VPN offers both shared and dedicated IP VPN services. The service also has a strict no-logging policy. They can make your Internet activities anonymous via their servers located in 11 different countries.

Is My Privacy Protected with PerfectVPN?

Perfect Privacy has a very short and clear logging policy: “We do not monitor, review, log or store your communication/connection data.”  There’s no logging of your activities online, or of any session data (times you’ve connected, bandwidth used and so on)

Privacy Policy
1) The service is provided on AS IS basis without any bandwidth guarantees.
2) Refunds will be given ONLY if your account doesn’t work at all. All refund requests must be filled within 4 days from the date of purchase. Refunds will be given within 1 business week.
3) This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information.
4) Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.
5) 7-day money-back guaranteed, if you could not successfully connect to a VPN at all. We will check your “send and receive” data by this link: Then your money will be refunded if you couldn’t have any “send and receive” data. You also can check your “send and receive” data by that link.”

How Much is PerfectVPN? Is There a Free Trial?

Perfect VPN service is different than its competitors. They offer their users a wide range of plans as you will confirm shortly. In my opinion, they try as much as possible to spoil their users with choices such that any user is accommodated in his or her plan of choice. All the plans are on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annual installments.

Static Plan
This plan has 26 different IP locations and comes with a bandwidth of 30 GB per month. The pricing scheme of this plan is as follows: $2.74 per month, $6.60 quarterly, $12.10 semi-annually, and $22 annually.

Dedicated Plan
Just like the Static plan, this plan has a bandwidth of 30 GB per month. However, it has just a single private dedicated IP. The pricing scheme of the dedicated plan is as follows: $5.5 per month, $13.75 quarterly, $26.4 semi-annually, and $45.1 annually.

Unlimited BW Plan
Unlimited BW plan has a total of 26 different IP locations. The fact that it has unlimited bandwidth is an advantage over the other plans. The pricing scheme of Unlimited BW plan is as follows: $6.6 per month, $19.25 quarterly, $35.75 semi-annually, and $60.5 annually.

Dynamic Plan
Dynamic Plan is also unique in its own way because it has a total of 50 US and UK IP locations. It has a bandwidth of 30 GB per month. The pricing scheme of this plan is as follows: 3.3 per month, $8.25 quarterly, $14.85 semi-annually, and $27.5 annually.
Perfect VPN offer new users with a strictly one-hour free trial time. You ought to agree with me that one hour is not enough to have a feel for all the features that this service entails. Perfect VPN also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. Currently, this VPN service is offering a 45% discount to their users.
A user has a couple of choices to choose from while making payments. The acceptable means of payment include:
• PayPal.
• AlertPay.
• Liqpay.
• Perfect Money.
• CashU.
• Credit cards.
• American Express.
• Maestro.
• Web Money.
• Online Naira (for African users).

PerfectVPN Speed Test

You get plenty of tweaks for the program, too. By default it shows the fastest servers on top, sorting them and everything else by name, but you can also place them in a single list, and sort them by country, ping or traffic levels.
The story is even better when it comes to performance, with Perfect Privacy roaring through all our tests at high speed. UK-UK connections gave us downloads approaching 40Mbps as a minimum. Switching to Los Angeles still allowed us to get 30Mbps or more. Even UK-Melbourne connections consistently achieved 15-20Mbps.
Finally, Perfect Privacy managed a perfect record in our privacy tests, protecting us from DNS, WebRTC and other leaks. And even if this doesn’t work quite as you’d like, no problem – the Settings dialog has a host of ways to tweak it to suit your needs.

How is Customer Service at PerfectVPN?

On their website, Perfect VPN claim to provide real-time and dependable 24/7 customer support. They also urge users to seek technical support and submit complaints to their dedicated team of experts. One is expected to open a ticket, and the technical support team will get to you instantly. It is unfortunate that I noticed that the live chat is sometimes offline.


• Number of Server Locations (countries) – 11
• Number of servers – 20
• Number of IP Addresses – 22
• Does VPN keep logs – No
• Includes Kill Switch – No
• Devices per license – 1
• Static and dynamic IPs
• Dedicated and shared VPNs available
• Seven-day money back guarantee
• Multiple payment options allowed

Is PerfectVPN Safe?

There are basically three different options for using Perfect Privacy with Mac OS:
• IPSec/IKEv2 – This is the native (built-in) Mac OS VPN configuration that offers a simple, stable, leak-proof setup.
• Third-party VPN clients – These include Tunnelblick and Viscosity. The drawbacks with third-party clients are that they do not offer any kill switch.
• Mac OS BETA client – You can download the BETA client from the forums. I’ve found it to work quite well, even though it is still in BETA (no leaks with the latest version).
IPSec/IKEv2 – The first option using the IPSec/IKEv2 encryption cipher is a good, simple setup. The advantage with this option is that it integrates the VPN directly with the Mac OS firewall. When you enable the “connect on demand” setting from your Mac OS Network Preferences, you get a 100% leak-proof, always-on VPN. All apps will be forced through the VPN, and if the VPN connection drops, nothing will get through the Mac OS firewall (very secure).
You can get step-by-step installation instructions here. While IKEv2 is not quite as strong of an encryption cipher as OpenVPN, it is still a great option because it integrates with the native firewall and won’t leak your data.
Third-party clients – Two popular third-party clients for Mac OS users are Tunnelblick (free) and Viscosity (one-time $9 license fee). Both of these clients work with the OpenVPN encryption cipher, rather than the IKEv2 option above.
The main drawbacks with these third-party OpenVPN clients are that they don’t have a kill switch. This creates a risk for data leakage any time you interrupt the VPN connection, such as with switching servers or your system going to sleep/waking up. However, you can create a kill switch with firewall rules or a third-party firewall/traffic monitor, such as Little Snitch.

Bottom Line

Perfect VPN is a great service, which is comprised of a set of features dedicated to ensuring total anonymity while you surf the Internet or work online.
However, unlike many other VPN services, the service does not come with a dedicated customer client or mobile applications. Most users would definitely prefer services with clients and those that don’t require a lot of configurations. Perfect VPN makes up for this by providing manuals on how to set up different protocols on their website.
Despite the few shortcomings, Perfect VPN gives a fast and secure connection with the clients and is assuming a crucial part in giving anonymous web and other effective features for the clients.