oVPN.to Review

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oVPN.to Review


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Written By: Adam Dagan Cyber security & Privacy expert

oVPN.to Review

OVPN is an impressive online privacy service that operates mainly from Sweden. The service offers a list of amazing benefits to users like multi–login, clear-cut privacy and logging policy. Moreover, the service is striving hard to become one of the most influential players in the VPN industry.

Is My Privacy Protected with oVPN.to?

OVPN has a very short and straight-forward Privacy Policy which states as follows: “We do not create or store any log files or any client identifying data and we will not share any details with anybody.” Keep in mind that most services do however log connection times and duration even though the traffic or the content itself is not monitored.

Privacy Policy
“We don’t create or store any logfiles or any client identifying data.
We didn’t and we wouldn’t and we won’t share any details with anybody.
We are unable to identify yourself and we have nothing to handout about you.
We encrypt your Login eMail. Your Password is hashed with SALTED CRYPT_SHA512 and 50k to 500k rounds.

Usage of oVPN.to Anonymous Services
You should not send Spam, (D)DoS, Floods or any other unwanted traffic to any destination / person.
We will block connections from our servers to any abused / targeted host to keep our servers healthy.
If we see the attack still running: you could lose your account as we could lose machines.

Account Sharing
We have no logfiles and we are unable to detect sharing of accounts: but heavy sharing is not calculated within our price.
If you want only the best, steady anonymous service with good pings and available bandwidth on your service you paid for: don’t share your account.
It is not a problem to you use your account on every computer or device in your home with your family: we appreciate that.
You can even protect your GranMa and Pa at their home, but keep an eye on your total traffic consumption.

There is no traffic limit for you, but please contact us if you need 100M+ many hours a day for longer time. Peaking for a moment is no problem.
Run traffic intense or low latency apps on your nearest anonymous oVPN.to Server to reach best performance.
Please avoid traffic intense apps over multi-HOP SOCKS5-Chains.
We could enable speed limits on our SOCKS5 / HTTP-Proxy once we notice extremely high traffic for longer time.

File sharing
Illegal sharing of copyright protected materials is prohibited on our servers: share only what you are allowed to!
Port forwards lead back to your account. We’ll remove port forwards on DMCA abuse and send a notice into your account, nothing more…

Server Availability and Uptime
We can’t guarantee any uptime for any anonymous oVPN.to Server, but we do our best to prevent downtimes.

Keep in mind: you are not alone in using our service: we serve a wide range of customers and we want the best Anonymous Service for all!

How Much is oVPN.to? Is There a Free Trial?

With the wide variety of pricing plans that oVPN has to offer, it’s very likely that you will find a suitable plan for your needs. Having so many options that include a short period of subscription always denote a quality product that the provider has no problem sharing for a shorter period of time for testing purposes.
There are also quite a few payment methods and various crypto currencies accepted, which is always nice, especially if you are concerned with your privacy and want to opt for a more private or anonymous payment method. Note that PayPal, Paysafecard and UKash are not available.

The payment went through almost instantly and we were able to convert the funds into a paid service in no-time. Keep in mind that you have to top-up your account with a certain amount of money and then select the desired plan from your account page.
We couldn’t find anything about their refund policy, if there is any at all.

oVPN.to Speed Test

We can’t really say that the speed test results were astonishing, but they were decent and using the service was a breeze. There were no delays or disconnects, the browsing was done smoothly and the connection speed was stable.

How is Customer Service at oVPN.to?

The support team was very efficient though we have to say that it was quite the endeavor to get in touch with them through the IRC channel. It’s not that the setup is complicated, but the parameters are explained in an ambiguous manner and for someone that is not necessarily technologically inclined it might be a bit of a challenge.
They do offer the option of PGP encrypted message communications and ticket submission but again, it’s not exactly easy to understand the information as it is explained on the website.
This aside, the support team was very helpful, and they were able to answer and resolve our submitted issue in a matter of minutes. Even though it was not a very difficult question, it was a sensible manner that a company might choose to postpone answering, but oVPN was very clear and concise with their answer.


• Number of Server Locations (countries) – 13
• Number of servers – 52
• Does VPN keep logs – No
• Includes Kill Switch – No
• Devices per license – 1
• No Logging or Data Retention
• Provides Free Usenet Access
• Secure Proxy Servers
• Accepts Several Digital Currencies

Another very interesting feature that we liked is the News page. It shows updates and a list of current events that may be of interest to the users such as maintenance announcements. The website also includes a page with information about their servers, such as their online/offline status, total bandwidth used, uptime and more.
One connection per each server is possible simultaneously, meaning that with a single account you can connect to all 50+ servers at once. With their proxies/SOCKS5, there is no limit on the number of simultaneous connections. This concurrent connections policy is interesting and better than most we’ve seen so far.
We also have to mention the fact that the FAQ page itself is well-made and filled with relevant information. We had to mention it because it is very adequate, especially since the website itself lacks in the structure department and we found most of the required information on the FAQ page.

Is oVPN.to Safe?

OVPN supports only the OpenVPN encryption protocol and (rightfully) states that PPTP protocol basically outlived its usefulness. OpenVPN is by far the most secure protocol on the market, so we can honestly say that we’re glad the company chose to make this move.
OVPN uses AES-256 encryption with RSA-2048 handshake and SHA-1 authentication. This is a very solid encryption setup in our opinion even though some reviewers claim that RSA-2048 is outdated at this point. The company provides two add-ons at this time, a multihop and a static IPv4 address. A multihop basically routes your online traffic through 2 data centers, which means your connection is encrypted two times. This drastically reduces the danger of timing attacks since hackers have to simultaneously tap into two different data centers in two separate locations. A public IPv4 address is offered to circumvent the sub-optimal shared IP addresses assigned when you purchase the standard service. Your IP address will be unique and assigned to you every time you connect to the service. Note that, by default, you’ll be assigned an IPv4 and IPv6 address every time you connect to OVPN, which can cause issues with devices that don’t support IPv6. In this case, you’ll have to disable IPv6 assignment on the official website.

Bottom Line

OVPN.to is a great service that works well and does exactly what it advertises. However, functionality is not everything, and ease of access, comprehension and fluidity of navigation is very important, and I have to say that this was one of the more difficult websites to comprehend. This and other reasons mentioned before make us give oVPN a very indulgent average score, with the hope that they will make the service more user-friendly and that the software will be more approachable by newcomers as well as tech-savvy users.